4 Best Websites For Uploading Videos To Earn Money

A good quality video is being always appreciated by the viewers. It is quite obvious that everyone wants to watch a video with high resolutions (High Definition).

Here we are going to list some best Web sites for uploading Videos. Videos Creator always looks for a good platform to upload their hard work.

So that they can generate enough revenue from those. Let us dig a little deeper to understand the features of some best quality websites for uploading videos.

As the new creators who are looking confused and looking for the best option.

Best Video Websites to Make Money

It is highly recommended to go through the whole article for the pros and cons to make up the mind and choose the appropriate one for your videos.

1. YouTube

YouTube is the Most Popular website for videos. In fact, it is in #2 in Alexa Global Ranking.

We can upload a video with any size, duration, and quality. Which is favorable for the video creators, and also for the viewers as they can watch full-length movies as well.

Any video formats are accepted and can be uploaded without any hassle.

No Subscription required on YouTube meant to so you don’t have to pay for uploading your own videos.

In fact, you can earn some great money through those videos by monetizing your channel with Google Adsense.

This is the Best video platform. It doesn’t have any limitations, except some of the bad quality videos are also available.

2. Metacafe

Metacafe has a big collection of videos like which cover up a large variety of music, Short Movies, Sports, Funny video etc are a few examples.

A viewer can go through good quality of videos, so it meant the uploader has to submit some good quality videos only.

Metacafe allows the users to upload good resolution videos up to 1080 pixels, it won’t accept beyond that.

Almost any video formats are allowed to be uploaded like MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, WMV, MOV, ASF, 3GP, etc.


  • More than 1080 pixels cannot be uploaded
  • The duration of the video cannot exceed 10 min
  • Earning money through Metacafe can only be possible after reaching 20,000 views for a video.

So after 20 k views, the uploader will be benefited for their videos. After 20k views, which is not a small factor, every thousand views will generate 5$ per thousand views.

For instance, if the uploader gets 21k views then he gets 5$, and if 22k more 5$ will be added, and this process keeps going.

Generating 5$ for 1000 views is great, a lot of earnings can be done through it. But yes a little disappointed initially as the views to be cross 20k.

If getting 20K views is not a big factor for the creator, then Metacafe is highly recommended.

3. DailyMotion

In Daily Motion we can create Title, Tags, Description, and playlists easily. All the video formats just like Metacafe are being accepted in DailyMotion as well.

And moreover, videos with any resolution can be uploaded, even 4k videos, which is very good for the viewer’s point of view.

The videos which are below 60 min duration can be uploaded.
video file size should not exceed more than GB

Now the Main point for the video creators earnings:

  • Advertise revenue can be generated
  • Paid content can be uploaded
  • If you have a website, and you want to Embed the Daily motion videos on your website.

And the traffic you get on your website and views the videos, then you will get the commission.

Which is quite decent enough, as you can have a double source of income. From the Metacafe website and also from your website.

4. Vimeo

It’s a very professional video platform, only HD videos are being allowed to be upload by the creators. So we won’t be able to see the low-quality videos at all, again which is a very good thing for the viewer’s point.

All the well-known video formats are allowed to be showcased in Vimeo. A video of 1080 px resolutions can be accepted. Which are quite decent enough to watch.

The creator of the videos needs to opt for some plans in Vimeo to upload videos. Follow are the plans

a) Vimeo Basic – 500Mb / week, up to 25 GB / year can be uploaded, you cannot earn after opting for this free plan (Vimeo Basic).

b) Vimeo Plus – 5GB / week, up to 250 GB / year can be uploaded. You cannot earn even after opting for this plan (Vimeo Plus, for which subscription 59.95$ has been paid for a year.
Which doesn’t sounds good for any creator of the video?

c) Vimeo Pro – 20GB / week, up to 1 TB / year can be uploaded. Earnings can be done in this plan, for subscribing to this 199$ to be paid a year.

I hope you made up your mind to choose the best one for you. Share with us about which you are opting for and why…!

As you might thinking of YouTube is the best option to go with, as it generates instant money without any investment.

Definitely a yes, but I would recommend uploading the same videos in all the four websites to create a proper brand. And once the brand is created, money will flow from all over.

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