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Blogging – Blog the Right Way

Blogging is not about writing anything. There is more to it.

It takes a lot to create engagement and drive more audience to your blog. Check out the useful resources which will let you do it the right way.

Don’t hide behind the curtain,

Affiliate Marketing

It is the most used term in blogging. Everyone knows it. But, making money from affiliates are not piece of cake if efforts are not at the right spot.

Not just beginner, many experienced bloggers who are good at many things, fails to create the content which sells without sound like.

BlogSpot Aka Blogger

Blogspot is one of the platforms which most beginners use. Even I used did for some time.

Hence I know the urge of getting things done initially which putting a lot of money. Here are the exact resources which I used and learned to make things simple even being on a free blogging platform.

Earn Money Online

Making money online sounds really easier. And trust me there are enough potential one could make too.

But, don’t get into the TRAP, where I have been and wasted a lot of money online.

But, trust me there are plenty of ethical ways to earn money online. You can choose, according to your skills.

I chose to start a blog in 2016.

It wasn’t easier initially, I haven’t made money till 7-8 months. That’s true consistent hard work without a penny for 8 months long.

Then something happening and my blog took off from the ground and got noticed by several advertisers. I will share the exact tips which helped me so that you don’t have to waste so much time.

Google Adsense

One of the primary and suitable ways to make money from a blog is Google Adsense. Popular monetization method. Discover how to make more money from it by placing correct ads and pick the right keywords for better CPC.

Internet Marketing

Digital marketing is growing quite rapidly, and that’s the reason you too stumbled upon this post. Content is consumed a lot in this era. Here are some helpful resources for you to explore more.

Pro Bloggers Interview

Who could be better to educate you than established bloggers? Who has already gone through the path which you are following? Learn what they have done to grow their blog to make money.

Product Reviews

We review plenty of third party products on our site. And that is one of our monetization methods. Check out how we do it to make money through it.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

One of the important and crucial sides of blogging is SEO. Great content is what the user loves. And it will be engaging only when you structure it well following all the principles of SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That means you need to optimize the content according to the search engines. There are several things involves in that, on-page, off-page, keyword deep analysis and more.

Check out this quick guide to understand it better, before getting into the blogging arena.

Social Media

Web Designing

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