6 Best SEO Courses To Kick Start Your Online Career

The term SEO seems to be one of the most used words in digital marketing these days. Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in deciding how well you perform in the digital world.

Though a relatively new concept, there have been large studies done on the same and many tools introduced to succeed in optimizing online presence.

Every day, there are more opportunities for those who are specialized in SEO.

Even though there are many articles on the internet claiming to teach you SEO in a single read, not all of them are authentic or offer you any benefits.

The field has very experts, and that makes this the right time to get your expertise in this.

Best SEO Courses to take your Optimization skills to next Level

For college students graduating soon, the scope of the digital market as a career option is looking brighter.

And SEO undoubtedly is among the top streams of that. However, as there are very few graduate programs that offer practical knowledge in this field, students will have to rely on online courses.

The main problem with this is that keeping time aside for such SEO courses might distract you from your academic schedule.

However, it does not have to be that way. Today some websites offer help and guidance to students to keep up with their academic demands.

For instance, essay writers at this service are quite popular among students for being an excellent and reliable partner to depend on during your college years.

These writers are not only experienced in academic work, but they also deliver outstanding digital content as well. So having them by your side could help you excel not only in college but will also help with your efforts in digital marketing.

With that part taken care of, let us tell you a bit about the best SEO Courses you can take up to make yourself a master.

1. SEO: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites by Udemy

Udemy has already made its mark in the list of e-learning platforms.

In this program, Udemy offers the students a complete experience and training of the SEO skills and technics at a low price.

Complete SEO Training

You can learn how to use SEO to rank high on a Google Search with WordPress and also to redirect more traffic to websites using relevant SEO tools.

The course is quite technical, so you should have a basic understanding of SEO.

The program also offers a few plugins that require a WordPress site to use. But the whole package looks pretty good from the learners’ perspective.

SEO: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

2. Local SEO Fundamentals by Moz

If you are looking to start right from the beginning to the end, this course is all you need.

You will not only learn to build all the essential skills but will also lear to audit webpages and business listings.

The program will teach you to identify the mistakes and help your client improve.

The course is self-paced and teaches you about the SEO business types and common challenges.

They also offer you a checklist of things to pursue while conducting a local SEO audit.

Check Local SEO Fundamentals by Moz

3. The SEO Playbook

This program delivers all the inside tips from the experts in the field.

Targeting intermediate and advanced SEO learners, this course offers an in-depth analysis of how to increase traffic and sales of any website.

The SEO Playbook is curated by Robbie Richards, a successful practitioner of all the SEO methods himself.

You will be able to watch the way he works and implements his methods and get practical advice that you will undoubtedly find the most useful.

Check The SEO Playbook course by Robbie Richards

4. SEO Level 2 by the Online Marketing Institute

Though a bit on the expensive side, this course is definitely worth the effort as you become a certified SEO professional by the end of it.

The course starts with basics and gets very advanced towards the end. It is best to choose this one if you have some prior knowledge of the concept.

You will learn about local strategies, analyzing SEO campaigns, how to diagnose websites and recommendations for clients, and the role of social media in digital marketing.

Check the SEO Course by Online Marketing Institute

5 SEO Certification by Clickminded

This certification provides the learners with everything they need to succeed in the world of SEO.

From creating a marketing strategy, keyword research, and every other comprehensive outline, you need to know of the different concepts.

The SEO certification is also another bonus that makes it more attractive. It is not easy to get certified though, the program has set high standards, and that makes it one of the best.

All the courses have something exclusive to offer and also vary in prices.

The choices are plenty, but if you want to know more than just the basics, you have to invest your time in the field to get the best results.

Check the SEO Course by Clickminded

6 SEO Training: Complete SEO Beginner To Advanced

Here is another Best SEO Training course from Udemy. It is created by Alex who is an SEO expert and a Genadinik Business Coach.

This course is one of the popular ones on Udemy with great sales and great ratings too. And the main USP is Alex’s well-narrated secret SEO strategies.

Along with doing Search Engine Optimization techniques to drive quality traffic from search engines, he also explains the SEO marketing strategies which is an essential element in this era.

Check SEO Training: Complete SEO Beginner To Advanced

7. Directive Institute

Directive Institute is an online digital marketing course designed to help marketers from any level of experience to develop the necessary skills required to launch effective SEO campaigns.

Certification is also included in the full course.

The SEO module consists of 10 comprehensive lessons and an interactive quiz.

Not only does it include the core concepts of SEO, but also live tutorials on

  • keyword research,
  • on-page optimization,
  • link building,
  • how to build awesome content that ranks which includes finding writers all the way through to publishing.

You’ll have full access to the exact systems and processes Directive uses internally to train their SEO specialists to drive organic growth for their clients.

There are tools and templates in every lesson so by the time you’re done with this course, you’ll feel confident about launching your own SEO efforts.

Check Directive Institute SEO course

Final Words: Best SEO Courses

All the above courses are worthy and can enhance your SEO skills if you are serious about it.

Of course, no one can spoon-feed. All it requires is the seriousness of learning to grow your business.

So, which you find as a Best SEO course for yourself?

We will update more courses as we discover any. Do consider sharing, if you like those.

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