Top 4 Reasons for Adsense Rejection and How to Resolve Them

No doubt that AdSense is the best blog monetization network out there and there is no good alternative for it. Adsense Account disapproved, this query is being quite common among bloggers.

Getting an AdSense account approved is not that easy for many.

You have to work hard on your blog, not only hard. In fact, you have to be real and natural if you want to get your site approved by AdSense in 2017.


Well, you may know that AdSense is powering more than 2 million publishers worldwide and the figures are still growing.

AdSense is focusing on quality because they have tons of advertisers who are willing to pay a good chunk, but they want quality their ads to be displayed on high-quality blogs.

AdSense simply ensures it’s advertisers the quality and they do agreements accordingly.

So, AdSense looks for quality publishers, the publishers who can provide quality content to the Adsense advertisers.

And, that is why AdSense rejects most of the application which won’t meet up those requirements, but I am going to list some most common AdSense rejection reasons and how can you resolve these problems.

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Reasons for Adsense Account Disapproved and How to Resolve them

1. Insufficient Contents

The number one reason which I have seen for AdSense rejection is insufficient content. AdSense kicks out new bloggers saying insufficient contents.

Why does this happen?


  • Adsense is a contextual ad network, so it needs enough text on every page to show the relevant ads.
  • If the site is in Under Construction(Some of the elements are missing)
  • Avoid More images and Flash Animation(Maintain the proper ratio), the text amount should be more.

AdSense to have written how to address insufficient content disapprovals on your AdSense application on their official blog could make it more clear.

2. Your site is too New

Another reason for AdSense rejection is that they don’t find your site to be eligible for the program because they count your site as a new blog. This disapproval message is mostly sent to Blogspot users who apply for AdSense within a month or twice.

On the official documentation of AdSense Eligibility to participate page, they have said that your blog must be at least six months old if you are in China, India or any third world country.


  • This problem can be resolved if your site provides value.
  • Your site must have unique and well-written articles each of at least 500 words.

3. The Site Doesn’t Comply with Google AdSense Policy

If you will apply for AdSense with a new blog, which has a bad navigation system, a bunch of unwanted widgets on the sidebar and a non-mobile responsive theme. Then you will probably receive the site that doesn’t comply with the policy message.

But, fortunately, it is not that hard to get through this, it is simple, you need to make some changes to your blog.


You have to install a new theme that looks decent and is simple, remove any unwanted sidebar widgets and speed up your blog. And apply again, then there will be chances that AdSense will approve your site.

For this problem, we have created a blog review program for AdSense you can submit your site thereby filling the form, and we will get in touch with you and will provide you the full reports.

4. Inappropriate Contents

Has this ever happened to you that you completed your homework and your teacher said you had not done the work which she had told?

If yes, then you are in the same situation.

You have worked very well on your blog, and when you applied for Adsense, they told us that your site doesn’t comply with our program policies and just rejected you.


This might have happened if you unknowingly overlooked a few policies of Google Adsense. Please go through the Prohibited content list of AdSense.

I am sure you have gone through those points and rechecked your blog thoroughly according to the Adsense program policies. Now that’s going to be an easy fix for you if found in any particular article

Now that’s going to be an easy fix for you if found that inappropriate content in any of your particular posts. Just edit it according to the requirement.

Conclusion: There is always a solution to a problem, it’s just about identifying it.

So, friends, this was the list of top 4 AdSense rejection reasons and how can you resolve this problem.

I hope you would be confident enough to rectify the issues and re-apply for Adsense.

If you have any concerns or queries, leave a comment below, we will get back to you sooner as possible. We would be happy to help in this regard.

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