25 Best Free Script Fonts for Designers and Creators

Script Fonts are numerous font collections that can be easily personalized or edited.

These free script fonts are commonly utilized in greeting cards, invitation cards, advertising, and even for other concise writings.

If you browse the online websites then you could have already accessed this script fonts all the time.

The flexible strokes are used to identify the script fonts. The appearance is closing related to cursive handwriting and calligraphy.

The script font’s true identity will allow the users to access each letter that assists to connect with each other.

With its respective usage, the most popular and best script fonts will provide fun looking and more interesting content. The script fonts will never make you joke while accessing the other script fonts.

Script Fonts – Different Type

The best script fonts are categorized under different types or groups to utilize. Find below the list of different available types of script fonts for designing,


The old vintage-style advertising fonts are back and utilize a similar design to become more popular around the designers. The script fonts, lively brush, and friendly appearance will provide the eye-catching and welcome form to represent the best sober flair appearance with square sans or contemporary slab serif fonts.


Classic script fonts are differentiated by its touch of class and timeless character. Make use of this font for formal or personal occasions such as place cards, menus, graduations, baptisms, weddings, and many more.


The calligraphic script fonts are referred to as graceful glowing fonts to offer energy and elegance. It is perfect to design refined or traditional-looking applications such as tasteful letterhead or formal invitations.

Formal Scripts

Formal script fonts are commonly utilized in the invitation cards and as well as the diplomas.

It provides the best feel of urgency and great importance. Most of the classic letters (usually drafted using the quills) are utilized for the designing purposes.


The Causal script fonts are gaining more popularity in recent days. It appears similar to the handwritten or printing or even utilizes the informal script fonts rather than the traditional calligraphy. The unconventional & original characters are ideal for various occasions such as eye-catching headlines, greeting cards, birthday, Valentine’s Day, and many more. This font will offer funky modern products for both posters or on advertising.

25 Best Free Script Fonts

Find below the list of best free script fonts available across the online platform for your reference:


America Free Script Font

This is one of the best free script fonts inspired by America based on the hit song named Childish Gambino. America boasts the natural flowing stroke and large dramatic capitals. This script font with bold texture will feature the lower-case & upper-case character set along with numerous alternate characters. This font can be used free for both desktop commercial and personal use.


Serendipity Handwritten Font

Within the entire free cursive or script fonts, the Serendipity is another best-inspired font. The HungryJPEG created this font and featured numerous hand-drawn characters for enabling the individuality and originality for your logo designs and lettering. This font can also be used for both commercial and personal use by providing a valid email address for downloading the font.

Aliyah Font

Aliyah Elegant Script Typeface

Aliyah is another perfect script font used for designing the wedding invitations and greeting cards. This script font designed with a creative brush is used to appear your designs more professional and as well as stylish.

La Sonnambula

La Sonnambula

La Sonnambula is an extended and handwritten font specially designed with elegant titles and calligraphic texts. In 1957, this font was named by Vincenzo Bellini and performed by the famous Maria Callas. It is used only for personal use. With regards to the classic roots, they are up-to-date and include the Bitcoin symbol as well.

Lily of the Valley

Lily Of The Valley

It is also named as Dcoxy, the best free script fonts and the most favorite fonts updated in 2020 under the name of Lily of the Valley. They are quirky and fun with numerous charming flourish with a full set of symbols, accents, upper-case, & lower-case characters.


Mellgatha Handwritten Font

The creative monoline design will feature this best free script font to provide various multilingual support and alternate characters. This script font is commonly used for stationery design and wedding invitations.

The Woodlands

Woodlands Free ScriptFont

The Woodlands is one of the best and most common free cursive or script fonts with the original use of calligraphic aesthetic and even strike modern features. This font can also be used for both commercial and personal use by providing a valid email address for downloading the font.


MilkShake Script Font

Milkshake is another best free script fonts that are sturdy, thick, and round. It is created & designed by the Typographer and also free to download using the Bold Faced Goods site. Users need to provide both physical and email address for downloading the font.

In-design Signature

Indesign Signature Script Font

This elegant-style script font will showcase the best handwritten and also signature-style design. It is commonly used for social media posts, greeting cards, wedding invitations, logos, business cards, and many more.

Variane Script

Variane Script Font

If you prefer to provide a vintage charm to your brand then the Variane Script fonts (the free creative script font) will provide the reminiscent and classic cursive style of early American signage. This font can be used free for both commercial and personal use.


Southampton Signature Free Font

Southampton is another signature-style script font that is commonly used for wedding invitations, watermarks, social media posts, signatures, designing logos, and even for other graphics types. This free font can be used only for personal projects.


Debby Font

This lovely brush & hand-drawn script hand is released by Artimasa to offer a natural touch for your designs. Debby will provide bouncing & irregular characters that are ideal for greeting cards, logos, posters, and wedding invitations. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal use.

Hamster Script

Hamster Script Font

The Hamster script font is specially designed with signature paintings and brush lettering. You can utilize this font for designing mugs, signage, T-Shirts, and many more. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal use.

Black Jack

Black Jack Script Font

The sweet spot is hitting between friendly & sophisticated, Typadelic Ronna Penner created the BlackJack script font. It is available only in one style and created using 177 characters and includes an entire set of lower-case, upper-case characters, and numbers. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal projects.


Crawley Script Font

Crawley is another retro-themed script font, which offers a beautiful design. This font can be commonly used for website headers, badges, posters, and creating logos. The Crawley font offers the free demo version and can be used only for personal projects.

Anke Calligraphic FG Regular

Anke Calligraphic FG Font

Anke Calligraphic FG is another best quirkiest free script fonts created and designed by Anke Arnold. Based on the Fontgrube Media Design, it also includes the international characters for designing. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal use.

Sophia Script

Sophia Script Font

The Sophia script with elegant design will be the perfect choice for creating wedding invitations and greeting cards. It features flowing and natural design to make a different kind. Apart from the basic characters, it also includes 115 alternate characters and as well as 370 glyphs characters.

Aguafina Script

Aguafina Script Font

This elegant and eye-catching free script font designed from Sudtipos will provide a clean style for managing to flow without the space expansion. The letterforms utilization is economical by decreasing the capital letter A by using the up or down stroke & stylish flick. This cursive font is ideal to use for bold headlines and also free for both commercial & personal use.


watch script font

Watch is another modern script font to provide the best graffiti-style font design. It is ideal to use for designing social media posts, posters, website headers, and many more. This font is best-suited for fashion & millennial related designs.


Tahy Free Script Font

Tahu is one of the modern, professional, and clean script fonts that include special characters, punctuation, numerals, lower-case, and even full upper-case characters with versatile and nice. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal projects.

The Historia

The Historia

Historia script font along with the vintage brush-style will provide the best script designing. This font will offer the best realistic hand-painted appearance and ideal for banners, book covers, and even crafting posters. It also includes lower-case & upper-case letters along with glyphs and numbers.

5th Grade Cursive

5th Grade Cursive Font

This wonderful and fancy handwritten script font will provide the perfect feel and look for entire vintage and retro-inspired projects. The OpenType feature is utilized to appear similar to more natural and created by Lee Batchelor. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal use.


Buffalo Script Font

Buffalo is another beautiful handwritten script font that features both lower-case & upper-case characters along with punctuations and numbers. This font could be an ideal one for designing T-Shirt designs, greeting cards, website headers, and many more.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Script Font

Grand Hotel is another subtlety and classic weight script font that utilizes the craft & artisan signage with lower-case characters to host with numerous uses. For Astigmatic, it is designed by Jim Lyles & Brian J Bonislawsky. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal use.


Puzzled Script Font

Puzzled is another best script fine with handwritten aesthetic, haphazard, and gentle curves to design the statement. Dmitriy Chirkov designed this font along with its wide range of multilingual support, numerals, punctuation marks, and many more. This free font can be used for both commercial and personal use.

Which one did you like the most?

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