OffPage SEO Optimization: All You Need To Know About

Everyone want’s to get into the first page of the Google search.

So how do we get there, well it is not a simple and easiest way to get there, as those web pages which are already listed at the top put enough effort and followed some great techniques to be at the top.

Though, as well all know nothing is impossible if they can why can’t we, isn’t it?

We just need to follow some techniques and writing some quality content and be focused. This needs immense patience as well, as nothing going to happen overnight. 

What is Off Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization is a clever technique to improve the search engine rankings for our provided keywords.

Firstly SEO is a huge area to understand, we tried to make this article short but will go above 1000+ words as the subject is huge but worth reading to improve the blog/website to rank better in SERP.

So Grab a coffee mug for yourself as before getting into something, understanding the basics is very important.

Basically, Off Page optimization is processed to create back links from other reputed websites to ours.

It is a slow process but definitely a permanent solution for getting more and more quality traffic on a regular basis going further.

As a famous quote says slow and sturdy wins the race. Thus, if we want that to happen we need to follow the off page SEO techniques on a regular basis if you are looking for a long run in blogging.

According to Google Panda 4.0 algorithm, an off page optimization got 65% of importance compared to the on page optimization with 35%. But it doesn’t mean that on page optimization is less important.

Because Off-Page optimization depends on On-Page Optimization. So both are incomplete without each other. Just because of the statics we cannot ignore the other one.

Off Page SEO Important Techniques

Websites Directory submission

The website needs to be get submitted into some popular online directories to get High PR links, It will be very useful to submit our blog/websites URLs to these directories as it generates enough back links, DMOZ is the most popular one.

When submitting our blog/website to these directories we use to leave a short description of what our pages are all about. As soon as we do, it might take a couple of days them to add our blogs to their directories.

This is the important part of Off Page SEO and will bring traffic to our blogs, and rest depends on the quality of content we put in to engage the audience with us following On Page SEO.

If the viewer likes the content then the user will always love to visit your blog again and again.

In this way, we will be able to confirm some returning visitors, which will be always a plus point for your website or blog.

Because as mentioned above by submitting the website/blog in such directories we are creating backlinks and making sure a lot of traffic comes in. Please check out the video below for a better idea.

Video Credits: Charles Crawford

Social Bookmarking –

We have plenty of social websites these days and everyone is very used to it.

And social websites are the biggest podium to promote the business by posting your web pages into it. After posting we are creating some no follow backlinks for our web pages here.

By posting our website in the directories we will able to create do follow links and here by posting in social bookmarking sites we are creating no follow links.

So with the help of social bookmarking sites, we are able to create some no follow backlinks, which too quite important to generate traffic.

We need to maintain this ratio equal of do follow and no follow links so that search engines should not consider our web pages as spam.

Social Media

Social media can be used very well for promoting your blog or websites. As a lot of people hangouts over there.

There might be a question arise that we have already discussed it above in the Social Bookmarking, so let me tell you both are not the same. Both comes under social but varies a lot.

Through adding our web pages to the social bookmarking sites we are increasing our no follow backlinks and through social media, we are promoting our blog or website, which is the main key.Some popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google+,  Twitter are very effective for promotions. It’s called online marketing.

Submission of an Article

We used to post a lot of articles regularly. But articles have some rules involved with it.

The Articles should not be taken from anywhere, in simple words should not be copied from other websites. As there is no point of it all, no one appreciates the duplicate content.

A fresh content is valuable and interesting to read on. Uniqueness is important, only that makes stand you out from the crowd. The articles should be more than 300+ words and with the better quality.

There are plenty of tools to check whether our content is unique or not. We can get that job done in smallseotools, which is quite popular for their tools and absolutely free.

Blog Commenting

There are thousands of blogs gets kept on created every day. And people used to read it to enhance their knowledge on some specific topics.

Blogs can be created on multiple topics, it depends upon the blogger completely. Choosing a niche is important, instead of being involved in multiple niche blogs.

Let us get into the blog commenting. So we need to choose few blogs which are related to our niche and post some genuine comments.

Don’t just say good article, good job and post your website link below that. We should never do that, that looks a little odd and doing that no one will be interested in opening the link as its clear that you have commented there just to promote your blog or website.

A Genuine comment is enough as it creates a backlink to your website. While choosing websites for commenting we need to make sure that those websites are quite famous and get enough amount of traffic.

Video Sharing

Video sharing is also very important for the Off Page SEO, as some people like reading and some people like watching, so understanding the audience is important.

Moreover, if someone watches your video on some of the platforms like youtube and if they like it, then there will be always a chance that they will redirect to your website/blog as well.

This is also a very effective trend of promoting. As they visit the website to get more information about your products or content, resulting business will enhance.

Same goes for the bloggers as well, they will get more views to their sites.

In this way, we are promoting our business or blogs through videos as well. And we all know about this well-known fact in any business promoting is everything.

Guest Posting

Guest posting plays an important factor in the Off-Page SEO. This will create some good quality backlinks if you are choosing some reputed websites from the same niche and writing for them.

Here Saying good websites means, the websites or blogs which are related to the same niche and get a decent amount of traffic regularly. This will definitely enhance the SEO rating for your blogs.

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