14 Best SeekaHost.app features that WordPress Hosting Control Panel users love

Here are the 14 Best SeekaHost.app features that WordPress Hosting Control Panel users love. If you’re a web designer, digital marketer, freelancer or anyone else who uses WordPress in any capacity, this piece may be of interest.
So, SeekaHost.app is a hosting provider & domain registrar that has custom-tailored itself for WordPress.
The servers are cheap (starting at $1.20/month) and are free for the first 7-days.
Let’s see if it’s worth your time then?

Best SeekaHost features that WordPress Hosting Control Panel users love

Before I get into the nitty-gritty details, here’s a glimpse of everything that’s being discussed throughout this piece:

  1. WordPress exclusive host
  2. One-click WordPress installations
  3. 1-click upgrade
  4. Easy password management and resets
  5. Advanced optional customizations
  6. WordPress site for every purpose
  7. No payments for the first 7 days
  8. No cPanel rather an easier WordPress control panel
  9. Google analytics ad Clicky integration
  10. You don’t pay for backups, SSL or migrations
  11. WordPress plans starting at $1.49/month (or less)
  12. Integrated domain registrar
  13. 2 payment modes
  14. 24X7 support staff + Knowledgebase

WordPress exclusive host

SeekaHost.app is an elite club. It exclusively allows WordPress sites to be built on its servers. You can not host custom HTML sites, or any other CMS.

Sure, it has many different plans which suite different purposes. However, you must install WordPress in order to use SeekaHost.app.

This may sound too conservative, it really isn’t. It actually makes for a much more focused, simplified and WordPress-oriented interface and other features.

One-click WordPress installations

This obviously is one of the first things anyone trying to work with WordPress would want, isn’t it?
SeekaHost.app has this one-click WordPress setup.

They completely eliminated all the complex URLs and subdirectories that most traditional WP installations require.

Instead, you’re asked for 2 things, literally, just 2 things.

Your domain, and your blog title.

blog title

You aren’t required to set a username or password, no “databases” to configure. Once you click that “Add blog” button, you got your WordPress site all installed up!

1-click Upgrade

One of the primary reasons I personally am not a “shared server” fan? It’s limited with its resources and scalability isn’t as smooth as with a VPS.

However, both those issues are nullified with SeekaHost.app.

I first went with the cheapest (1 blog) A-class IP plan SeekaHost.app was offering. I soon had to upgrade as it was a primary site and I exceed the allowed bandwidth.

Fortunately, upgrading the plan apparently required only a single click!

From the account page, you can select a plan and click on the “upgrade” button to instantly shift to that package!

Easy password management and resets

So, how do you get your WordPress ID and password if you don’t set them during setup?
SeekaHost.app makes it extremely easy.

First, the login details are displayed right on your control panel (the nameserver screen).

However, the details are removed from that screen once you set your SSL up.

But, you can always find the details on the “Control panel > account manage” page.

login seekahost

On the same screen, you can also reset your default password when you need to.

Advanced optional customizations

I just said SeekaHost.app offers you one-click installations.

Does this mean you get absolutely no control over your WordPress site’s customization? That’s not exactly true.

They recently implemented a new feature that lets you customize WordPress when installing your blog.

Note that this is completely optional. You can very easily just click the “Add Blog” button to skip all of this.

However, if you want, you can choose:

advanced optional customizations seekahost

• The theme for your WordPress site. By default, you get the very popular “Twenty Nineteen” if you don’t change it. You can optionally choose from Astra, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, and Twenty Seventeen.
• Then, it has like over two dozen popular plugins to choose from. Akismet, Contact form, WP File Manager, Updraftplus etc. Some of these are pre-selected to be installed by default, you can either de-select them, or add some more to the list.

Point being, despite being a one-click installation, you can choose to customize your WordPress if you want to.

WordPress site for every purpose

When choosing your WordPress plans on SeekaHost, you need to choose a “purpose”.
You must choose what you’re creating. You can create:

  • PBN blogs
  • WordPress sites
  • Or elite A-class blogs.

If you select PBN blogs, SeekaHost.app will provide you an unique IP for each blog you create under that package. The location of each IP will be different, as well as its class.

For the most simple uses, you can simply choose the WordPress sites package. These gives you a normal host that will let you host your WordPress site without any issue.

If you need the most elite IP addresses, you can choose its A-class blogs. These are unique IPs, all belonging to the A-class.

No payments for the first 7 days

So, you read a SeekaHost.app review somewhere. The review claims it’s the best company. Why should you trust said review, right?

With SeekaHost.app you don’t have to!

The company has a 7-day free trial offer. You can try any of its plans without paying for the first 7-days.

In fact, you can try every single server type (WordPress, PBN, A-class) independently, for free for the first 7-days.

No cPanel rather an easier WordPress control panel

One of the reasons SeekaHost.app can’t be used for HTML/other CMS is that it doesn’t have a cPanel.
Rather, you get a different control panel. This control panel is an extremely stripped-down version of cPanel. Much cleaner, with bigger and easier buttons.

You only get those options/features you absolutely need.

You can reach your WordPress control panel, Domain control panel, PBN blogs and everything else using a top-bar right from your dashboard.

seekhost dashboard

Almost everything you need to manage your WordPress site? Easily accessible on a simple list!

blog info seekahost

The list has quite a few options you’d like to know more about, doesn’t it?

Google Analytics and Clicky integration

Google Analytics is probably the most commonly used free website analytic monitoring tool we all use, isn’t it?

SeekaHost.app allows integrating your WordPress site with Google Analytics in a few clicks! No complex authorizations required.

If you use a more commercial analytics solution such as Clicky, that too can be integrated in seconds.

You don’t pay for backups, SSL or migration

The title explains what this section is about, doesn’t it?

Yes, SeekaHost.app gives you free SSL certificate that you can install in a single click.
Free daily backup which again can be downloaded in a single click.

Oh and there’s migration too. They’ll shift your blog from your old provider for free.

WordPress plans starting at $1.49/month (or less)

With SeekaHost.app, you can set your WordPress blogs up for less than $1.49/month.

wordpress hosting plans seekahost

This is their “most expensive” package (yes, I see the irony).

Well yes, if you buy their Standard, Growth, or Premium package, the cost/blog goes down. Definitely less than $1.49/blog!

Integrated domain registrar

So far, I’ve discussed its hosting features. That may have led you to believe that’s all it does. Not exactly.

The company also has a domain availability checker and registrar.

domain availibility checker seekahost

From your SeekaHost.app you can also register the domain you need for your WordPress blog.

2 Payment modes

Doesn’t it suck when you try to make a payment and the company just refuses to accept whatever you’re using?

To combat exactly that, SeekaHost.app would let you pay using both a Credit Card, as well as PayPal account.

It’s very rare for both the providers to be down at the same time.

24X7 support staff + Knowledgebase

There’s a “Support” tab inside your account. Clicking on that takes you to the “tickets” page. You can create tickets here if you’re ever stuck on the platform.

There’s also a Knowledgebase on SeekaHost.app. It answers most questions you may have about the platform with its video guides.

Conclusion- 14 Best SeekaHost.app features that WordPress Hosting Control Panel users love

So, those were the primary features why I believe SeekaHost.app may be on an uptrend in the industry.

Does this mean the company is perfect? Not by a long shot. For starters, a live-chat feature would make the support much easier.

However, the cons here largely outweigh the pros. For less than $1.50 month/blog, you get a WordPress-specialized server with free SSL, backups, migration, DDoS protection and so much more. I’d say that’s a deal, wouldn’t you?

Get 7-day free SeekaHost.app trial

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