SlideUpLift Review: Best Library of PowerPoint Templates

Whether you are presenting your business growth strategies or showcasing your new business plan, engaging and professional-looking PowerPoint presentations go a long way in ensuring effective communication and audience engagement.

But designing engaging, visually appealing, and professional-looking templates is no easy task. It requires an immense investment of time and not to mention the graphic design skills necessary to make those designs in the first place.

MS PowerPoint tries to overcome this problem by offering us ready-made presentation templates and a feature called Design Ideas. But they are not comprehensive. Firstly, Powerpoint’s presentation templates are limited, have no variety, and are hence overused.

Secondly, the feature called Design Ideas, which automatically interprets your slide content to offer aesthetic designs, also has a limited design collection. The designs get repetitive and, therefore, unappealing.

Hence, for a power user, akin to a business professional, the best way to make powerful presentations is to use an original template that gives a fresh and professional look while being easy to insert and customize.
Our quest to find the best library of such presentation templates led us to SlideUpLift. Which we believe is undoubtedly among the best providers of presentation templates.

What is SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift is an online library of PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint themes, PowerPoint animations, and visual assets like icons, isometrics, silhouettes, etc. that aid effective presentation making. These templates are powered by vision science principles to form engaging, professional-looking, and visually appealing designs.

SlideUpLift’s vision is to provide quality pan-industry templates at affordable prices. Their main goal is to serve business professionals who need to frequently churn out quality presentations quickly.

How to Get Started with SlideUpLift?

To get started, you can simply use the add-to-cart feature to check out your chosen templates. The users are not forced to buy a membership and, therefore, can easily purchase individual templates.

If you wish to purchase a membership, you can choose from any of the five available plans. With the cheapest one starting at just $9.99.

Click here to see the pricing plans.

Types of Templates Available

SlideUpLift has a vast range of templates that can be used across industries and functions. As mentioned, they provide an extensive range of business presentation templates like – Case Study, Executive Summary, SWOT Analysis, Timelines & Roadmaps, 30 60 90 plans, pitch decks, and many more.

Besides business templates, their collection also includes:

  • Visual Assets – PowerPoint Icons, Isometrics, and Silhouettes
  • Shape Templates – Circle, Arrow, Cube, Ladder, etc.
  • PowerPoint Themes
  • PowerPoint Animations
  • PowerPoint Maps – World maps and country-specific maps
  • Diagram Templates – Puzzle Pieces, Funnels, Venn Diagrams, Flow Charts, Chevrons, and Gantt Charts

Ease of Use

The templates can be downloaded and inserted with extreme ease. These templates are fully customizable and hence can be tweaked and altered to your tastes.

The website is meticulously organized and ranks high on navigability. Users will not face any difficulty while browsing through the website.

Additional Services

SlideUpLift offers its users an industry-first-add-in that is fully integrated with PowerPoint and lets users browse and download their favorite templates directly from PowerPoint. The add-in is specifically useful for professionals who make a lot of presentations.

The add-in is available with every single membership plan.

Click here to download the add-in from Microsoft Appsource.

The platform also hosts a blog as-well-as a YouTube channel where essential tips and hacks related to business and presentation-building are discussed in great detail.

Downloading Free PowerPoint Templates

SlideUpLift offers a great collection of free PowerPoint templates that you can use to build impactful presentations.

Advantages of SlideUpLift

  • Free templates – A great collection of deeply-curated free PowerPoint templates.
  • Visually appealing and high-quality presentation templates at reasonable rates.
  • Pan-industry templates with a specific focus on business PowerPoint templates.
  • PowerPoint Add-in (available with every membership plan) that will boost your presentation productivity.
  • Affordable membership plans. There is something for everyone.
  • If you don’t want to buy a membership plan, you can purchase individual templates without signing up for a membership.
  • Blog – An excellent collection of presentation hacks and tips that will help you make powerful presentations.
  • Customer service – Dedicated and professional customer service associates ready to help you with your needs.

Final Words

Visually appealing and engaging presentations are essential, more so in this remote working era where we are forced to deliver presentations remotely.

Therefore, SlideUpLift is a great tool that you can add to your presentation-building arsenal to build impactful presentations without wasting your valuable time.

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