8 Best Programming Languages to Learn and Make More Money

Now, We are taking steps to the world of IoT (Internet of Things). This means that we are controlling our all home with a remote.

But, to make it happen we need a developer that develops these things for us.

I know you planning to learn a programming language, otherwise, you are not reading this article.

Best Programming Language to powerup your Profession

1. Python

Python is a popular, high-level, general-purpose, and one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

If you want to be a back-end Web Developer then, Python is going to be a golden charm for you.

It will help you in back-end development and API’s. This would be useful for you if you are in security and site re-liabilities.

Python has a lot of open-source frameworks like Django, Pyramid, Cubic Web, and Apache Spark. Django is also used in the development of Instagram, Spotify, and Mozilla as well.

Moreover, Python is used in web and internet applications, desktop apps (GUIs), network servers, machine learning, data science, business applications, and more. The scope of Python is Bright.

You can go for it.

Pros of Python

  • Python supports multiple systems and platforms.
  • Helps to Improve productivity
  • It allows you to scale it even with the complex application.
  • Features for Integration
  • Extended Support for Library
  • Python is not for mobile development
  • Has Limitations with databases accesses
  • It’s very difficult to develop a 3D game with python
  • Includes Run-Time Errors

In career-wise, Python is very profitable. The average salary of Python developer in the USA: $120.988 (approx) $62/hr. Learning the difficulty of Python is easy.

Here is the graph of Python growth and Trend (Graph by Stack Overflow)

Programming languages Trends

2. JavaScript

It’s likely to be impossible to develop software these days without using JavaScript. More then half of the developers in the world use JavaScript.

This is used for front-end development and back-end development as well.


JavaScript is expanding with speed of rocket ship day by day, Trend is more in the gaming industry.

Along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript is used in Web Development as well.

For being a web developer, You must have to learn JavaScript to perform certain functions. 

JavaScript is also used in software development of operating systems like, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Client-side JavaScript is very fastJavaScript particularly supports single inheritance
Javascript works smoothly with other languages.Some Browsers interpret javascript different than other browsers
Java is easy to learn and support all modern browsersJavaScript code is visible to the user, others may use it for hateful purposes.

As a career-wise, JavaScript is very profitable. The average salary of the JavaScript developer in the US: $1,12,214 (approx). The learning difficulty of JavaScript is easy. 

3. Java

Java is a General Purpose language. Java is one of the most popular languages and mainly used in the Android app, Web Apps development.

Java is a highly cross-platform language. This means you have various platforms available to write and execute java code.

Oriented LanguagesExpensive Memory Management
Open Source LibrariesLack of templates
Offers API for server connections, networking, utilities, etc.

As a career-wise, Java is very profitable. The average salary of the Java developer in the US: $102,472 per year (approx). The learning difficulty of Java is light difficult.

4. PHP

PHP is Created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP is the language with that, WordPress CMS is developed. WordPress powers 34% of Websites of the whole globe.

Mainly, PHP is used in server-side scripting. Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Many other big giants are using PHP at their Back-end.

PHP can be embedded with HTML Templates to increase web page functionality.

PHP also used to transfer data from MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases.

Running Program with PHP is simpleIn PHP Error handling facility is poor
Large Open Source Software CommunityLike Python, it’s an interpreted language that is compiled down to Opcode
A reasonably good system of automation tools available for testing and deployingDeveloping a website with PHP is slower than other programming languages.

In career-wise, PHP is very profitable. The average salary of PHP developer in the USA: $82,094 (approx). Learning the difficulty of PHP is easy. 

5. Ruby

Ruby is another solid language that used in back-end web development. Websites like Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify are developed on Ruby at some points.

Huge And Active CommunityShortage of Flexibility
A great number of helping toolsBad performance time
Time Efficiency

As a career-wise, Ruby is very profitable. The average salary of the Ruby developer in the US: $125,636 per year (approx). The learning difficulty of Ruby is intermediate.

6. C++

C++ is a highly popular and flexible language. C++ is used to develop Microsoft windows and chrome browser as well.

C++ is a highly oriented language that was why, this language is particularly used in developing high-level applications like video games, software development, Virtual Reality, etc. 

c++ language
Highly Popular LanguageC++ is unnecessarily basic compared to other languages
The syntax is similar to Java and C#. So, It makes easy to learn for Java and C# developersC++ Syntaxes are very difficult to learn if you didn’t learn other languages like Java, C#

Career-wise, C++ is profitable. The average salary of the C++ developer in the US: $117,009 per year (approx). The learning difficulty of C++ is Difficult.

7. C#

C# is a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented language developed by Microsoft.

This Language is part of .Net framework. C# is used to building applications for the Windows operating system. 

C# syntax is similar to other C Family Languages. If you are coming from another language then it is going to be easy for you to learn it. 

Pros Cons
Integrates Well with windowsCase-Sensitive issues 
Visual Studio Integrated  bit difficult

Career-wise, C# is not that to profitable. The average salary of the C# developer in the US: $68,448 per year (approx). The learning difficulty of C# is a little bit difficult.

8. Swift

Just as C#, Swift is used to developing software/apps for apple devices then swift is for you.

Swift is launched by apple in 2014. This Language is designed for more speed, performance, and compatibility.

Swift also comes up with an official code editor that is called Xcode. That helps to find out errors.

Easy to learn, code is near to EnglishAs a new language, it is not developed well.
Doesn’t contain long codes linesSometimes swift gives the error, need to debug errors
Easy to add new featuresOnly Limited to Apple devices.

Career-wise, Swift is profitable. The average salary of the Swift developer in the US: $126,730 per year (approx). The learning difficulty of Swift is easy.

Conclusion – What Languages to Learn?

Every Programming Language itself contains the pros and cons. That is up to you to choose the best programming language and start a career in it.

I will suggest you “Not go for profitability, Go for your passion”.

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8 thoughts on “8 Best Programming Languages to Learn and Make More Money”

  1. Hi Shehraj,
    First thanks, for this article. This article really useful for beginners who are confused and have lots of questions regarding language-related topics. I also a PHP developer from the last 2-3 years and PHP is very easy to learn and interesting language. I am waiting for more articles related to this topic.

    Thanks again.


  2. Hi Vishwajeet,

    First of all thanks for the appreciation. I didn’t even know that you are have learned these languages.
    That’s, Great!

    PHP is one of the popular languages on the web. Even WP is built on PHP and MySQL.


  3. hey, i read it completely and now i can say that this is an amazing article. I am currently in learning phase in coding i love python,javascript most than others, you shared great knowledge.

  4. Hello Shehraj,

    Glad to see you on Navin’s Blog. I have learned C++ and C#. Both are good programing language. I also have created small software using C# for my collage Project. That was an awesome experience. Later I have played with PHP. It’s a very intuitive programing language to create simple as well as complex websites. Thanks for summing them up in this post.


    • Hi Vishwajeet,

      First of all thanks for the appreciation. I didn’t even know that you are have learned these languages.
      That’s, Great!

      PHP is one of the popular languages on the web. Even WP is built on PHP and MySQL.



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