4 Best WordPress Theme Providers Comparison: Perfect for Developers

Surfing the Internet in search of a ready-made solution for your business website or a blog may become time-consuming.

Especially when there is an array of services offering web products needed for website building and customizing.

If you are stuck in choosing between different marketplaces, this comparison guide should help to make the final decision.

If you are ready to dive deeper into four different WordPress Theme Providers to recognize the one, we may then start.

Best WordPress Theme Providers for Web Developers

I always feel like the WordPress theme provider is perfect in the industry.

And here I am going to also discuss their exclusive bundle pack offers. That means pay once and access all their stuff.

1. Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes is a company offering a great number of high-quality products needed for website building.

Let’s take a closer look at what is there inside the package.


When browsing the Elegant Themes website, you may locate more than 87 themes for different niches and five premium plugins.

The most popular are as follows:


As of now, the Elegant Themes platform offers two options including annual and lifetime plans.

With a subscription, you get access to all its themes and plugins.

In the event you want to use products on a regular basis, say, for more than a year, lifetime option is perfect.


Today, Elegant Themes can boast with high-class support. Their flagship products are guaranteed to be updated and enhanced.

The documentation for web products is comprehensive and includes step-by-step video and text guides.

Everyone who is subscribed to Elegant Themes can post a query on the support forum and expect prompt assistance.

Around Elegant Themes, there are a lot of communities and ecosystems built for the last time.

You may face active Facebook groups, marketplaces offering child themes, and even blogs related to Divi theme.

Consequently, Elegant Themes has become the perfect platform for both beginners and expert developers.

Pros Cons
The platform is perfect for beginners with no to little coding skills.Regular updates are available for Divi and Extra themes only.
An adequate value for money.The number of plugins is limited.
Divi and Extra themes come multipurpose intending to meet all your needs whatever they are.Regular updates are available for Divi and Extra themes only.
All products come with detailed documentation.The number of plugins is limited.
The products are compatible with most third-party themes and add-ons.Drag-n-drop functionality may be a little out of place for advanced users, especially if they are too fastidious. In this case, they may need to do a lot of coding until they like the final result.

Click here to access all the ElegantThemes and Plugins

2. One by TemplateMonster


One by TemplateMonster is a subscription service allowing access to the endless number of elements needed for website building.

Whether you need a template for an HTML-based website, one of CMS themes, plugins, or extensions, you may find them here.


Within one subscription, you can get the best high-quality products gathered at TemplateMonster marketplace. Let’s consider them in detail.

1. A myriad of premium themes, templates, and plugins. Amongst others, the service contains such flagship products like Monstroid2, Woostroid2, Intense, Everprest, Multifly, and more. Additionally, you may discover presentation templates and graphics for specific needs.

If you need advanced functionality, a set of Jet family plugins and PrestaShop modules are at your disposal.

2. Services. Access to a huge number of themes and templates is even better when supported by various useful services.

With ONE subscription service, you may rely on assistance with installation, hosting, SEO optimization, and extra customization.

This is the only subscription service that makes both products and services disposable for its clients.

3. Clear Licensing. Any of the products inside the pack comes with the unlimited annual license making possible to use them on different domains within the year.


Monthly subscription will cost you just $19 while yearly one – $229.


Featuring professional support for all items ONE by TemplateMonster becomes a ready-made solution for novice developers.

Be sure the support team will handle any of your queries and will do its best to help you.

With subscription service, you will also be able to access the Facebook community.

Here, you may find the best use of cases, practices, and effective tips. In the event you have an urgent question, you can communicate it to operators in live chat.

The biggest collection of WordPress themes.Only 13 WordPress plugins are available for the current moment.
Downloads are not limited to the annual subscription.
A variety of extra services is available to make the whole process of website building more comfortable.
Top-notch support for any of the products.
The entire set of Jet family plugins.

Click here to access all the items of ONE by TemplateMonster

3. MyThemeShop


Another popular company offering ready-made solutions for any online presence belongs to MyThemeShop.

They boast of about 600k happy users and claim to have products built for SEO and speed. Let’s drop in the marketplace to see what you can get from there.


With a subscription, you can get access to the entire collection of web products like:

1. 100+ premium and free WordPress themes available for different purposes.

Any template comes with an optional panel allowing you to easily manipulate with its appearance.

Besides, the users have an opportunity to insert AdSense ads in header, sidebar, below post, and below the content area.

2. 20+ plugins (comprising free and paid) aimed to bring advanced functionality to your website.

The most popular add-ons according to users’ choice include WP-Review Pro, Content Locker Pro, Rank Math for SEO optimization, etc.


MyThemeShop offers three plans to choose from. Whether you are a developer, individual, or startup, you’ll be able to find the variant for your specific need.


MyThemeShop provides 24/7 support. If you experience any issues during the theme setup, make sure to contact the support line to get a prompt response.

Additionally, the company features high-quality video tutorials intended to help you get acquainted with themes and plugins.

You may also register on the support forum and receive answers to most of your queries related to the products.

Pros Cons
Each theme offers lifetime use and unlimited domains. The assortment of themes and plugins is quite limited compared to other WordPress services.
MyThemeShop provides themes that load in 1 second which allows increasing website traffic. Some themes look similar while other multipurpose templates lack flexibility and functionality.
Expanded support for all the products.The company doesn’t work with WordPress.com, hence demanding self-hosted WordPress to use the themes it offers.
The themes include valuable tools integrated into the design.
Prices are lower if compared to the competitors.

Click here to access all the themes of MythemeShop

4. StudioPress (Genesis Framework)


If you are looking for a source offering ready-made solutions for your online business, you’ve come to the right place.

With a great number of web products and high-end coding, StudioPress has everything needed for building a fully-fledged website.

This WordPress service is rather suitable for content marketers, busy bloggers, entrepreneurs, sellers, affiliate marketers, etc.

If you’ve found yourself among others, let’s move on further to decide whether the service is worth your time.


When considering products inside the package, we may locate the following:

1. WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting. When signing up for this plan, you also get the Genesis Framework and over 35 StudioPress themes by default.

2. Premium WordPress themes being actually lightweight, SEO-friendly, responsive, and easy-to-use.

Additionally, all of them now work flawlessly with a brand new WordPress editor – Gutenberg.

3. Genesis plugins including Responsive Slider, Simple Share, Simple Edits, and Design Palette Pro.


StudioPress platform offers two pricing plans: for content makers and eCommerce owners.

Besides, you get an opportunity to sign up for the WP Engine plan and receive access to Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes for free. All you have to do is just pick a plan that fits your needs.

Purchasing Pro Plus Package, you get unlimited access to all themes created by StudioPress along with constant updates and expanded support.


StudioPress clients may expect top-notch, professional support in terms of:

  • Public support forums that allow users to leave a question and receive the answer from staff and community members.
  • Solid documentation and helpful setup instructions.
  • YouTube tutorials for almost every theme.
  • Community support at Facebook group.
  • Guide section on the website, members-only FAQ, collection of resources, and lists of recommended Genesis developers.
Pros Cons
The themes are mobile responsive.Prices may be too high for some.
StudioPress is reliable when it comes to upgrades and keeping up the smooth performance of your website.Lack of built-in features resulting in becoming dependent on plugins.
Returning customers may expect the price off on future purchases.
The themes are lightweight resulting in faster loading and fewer technical issues.
StudioPress company boasts the highest standards when it comes down to code.
Supporting community that will not leave anyone’s question without the answer.

Click here to access all the Themes from StudioPress


Regardless of whatever services we would select, all of them are worth using.

The criteria you should be guided by when choosing the platform include your purpose and skills.

If you are a newbie launching a website, Elegant Themes and MyThemeShop would be a good fit for you. If you need more advanced functions, StudioPress and ONE are perfect solutions.

All the above WordPress themes providers are best in the industry.

And these bundles packs are perfect for web designers and developers, agencies and bloggers too.

You are smart enough to decide which WordPress bundle pack you need. Think of all aspects of a decision.

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4 thoughts on “4 Best WordPress Theme Providers Comparison: Perfect for Developers”

  1. Really, Awesome. I think Elegent Theme is the best WordPress Theme Providers Comparison. Elegant Themes offer a superb range of WordPress themes and plugins.

  2. Good post brother Navin. There is no doubt that these are the best theme provider s in the WordPress industry. Along with these I would love to add GeneratePress and Astra are also good one.
    You should add both in the current list.

  3. Hello Navin,

    Great List of WordPress Themes you have shared here. Elegant theme is quite popular and the Divi theme is one of their popular themes. However, When it comes to speed and performance Genesis works very well. It is a very light-weight theme that comes with many extended features. I like its flexibility. Great Share Bro 🙂


    • Hi Vishwa,

      Certainly, when it comes to a great package, elegant themes stood up right at the top. Because of its complete package. and I always feel like this is the perfect WordPress themes package for Developers and Agencies.

      And no wonder Studio Press is the oldest and well known for their light weight themes. Those who can play a little bit with the codes to customize StudioPress themes are a perfect fit. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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