Most Common Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make [And How To Avoid Those]

If you are seriously consider blogging then the article is for you, I would show the common mistake new blogger make and how to fix them.

The article is not limited to new blogger but an old blogger can find the mistakes they make that affect the success of their blog and fix them easily.

Blogging is one of the most important ways of making money online, the content you post on your can online for a long period of time as long as you pay for your web hosting and the content is on your website.

If you are seriously considering making money online, you need to have your own personal website, if you don’t know how to create a blog, you can read more about it from the guide.

After you create your blog and follow all the instruction that you find online, you blog success would depend on how you fix the problem you experience on your blog.

Finding the Right Blogging platform

Blogs can be created online for free using blogger, Tumblr or WordPress and using a paid platform that involves buying a domain name that you need for your blog and hosting service.

Choosing right blogging platform

The platform you choose can be crucial to the success of your blog. When you choose a free platform, you have no control over what happened to your blog.

You can wake up and discover that your blog is gone due to violations of their term and condition and the URL of your blog is longer making it hard for people to remember your blog.

If you choose a paid platform, it can be expensive but with the time you would be able to recover your expenses and also generate revenue from your blog.

The amount of money generated from your blog depends on the number of a page view and also the monetization method of your blog.

No Sitemap

The sitemap contains all the pages and posts link on your website when you submit your blog sitemap to search engine webmasters it gives them the approval to crawl your pages and index post for keywords in order to rank your post in the SERP.

This is how a sitemap structure could look alike and help the google bots to crawl and understand the web pages are all about.


New blogger fails to create a sitemap for the blog and submit the sitemap to search engine, thereby reducing the ranking position of the blog in the SERP.

To create your blog sitemap is important because it gives you the opportunity for your blog to receive the organic visitor and increase your blog’s revenue.

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Black Hat SEO Strategies

Blackhat SEO involves the use of link building strategy that is banned by Google, webmaster usually resorts to black hat SEO because it involves shorter time to build a larger amount of backlinks that would increase the blog domain authority and page authority. This gives them a high ranking position over other blogs.

The only downside to this strategy is that when you implement Black Hat SEO on your blog can lead to Google penalization of your blog and this would reduce the amount of organic visitor to little or no traffic at all.

If you seriously consider blogging, you need to steer clear of black hat SEO practice and build backlink to your blog by commenting, guest posting, guest infographic, forum posting, and broken links.

Lack of Keyword Research

There are thousands of blogs on the internet, with each blog focusing on different niche and their different audience.

It is getting hard for a new blogger to achieve a higher ranking position for keywords because these keywords are being targeted by an established blogger with high domain authority.

New blog domain authority starts from zero and increases when other blogs link back to your blog post or pages. The domain authority shows the strength of your blog and it would be very difficult and almost impossible for you to rank higher for keywords with high competition.

A new blogger should research the keyword that they want to rank for properly and target keywords with low competition and long-tail keywords.

Https and Http

HTTPS and HTTP are both the same, the only difference is that blogs that install SSL certificate with HTTPS while blogs that don’t have SSL certificate start with HTTP.

The addition of “s” to HTTP shows that your blog is now secured from the prying eyes of a hacker who are working tirelessly to get visitor data like email address, bank details, name and so on.

A recent study shows that Google favor blog with SSL certificate 71% in higher ranking position compare to only 29% for blow with SSL certificate.

To avoid this mistake make sure that you install an SSL certificate on your blog and also watch your blog ranking position increase.

All web hosting comes up with a free SSL certificate and you can move to a paid SSL certificate when your blog revenue increases.

The journey to becoming a professional blogger is not a day job, it requires practice and patience. When you become a professional blogger you look back at a time when you are still new and the mistakes you made, it will certainly bring a huge smile on your face.

So what you can add more the mistakes any new blogger generally makes.

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