SEO and Social Media: Role of social media in SEO Strategy

Does social media have a role in your search engine optimization strategy?

Yes, these days no online marketing strategy is complete without social media. Sorry to all you haters out there but social media is here to stay.

According to Google and SEO Magnifier experts, practitioners, marketers and those that sell online, Social SEO can provide a big boost to your rank.

Explain to me what you mean by social media SEO (social SEO for short).

My definition would be as simple as this the use of social media to boost your sites organic search rank. That’s it. Below the surface there is a little more to it, but not much.

When you think about it, a key principle of any SEO strategy (white hat or not) is building inbound links. With the popularity of social media, the links from those sites should be considered a key element of your SEO link building strategy.

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I know what you are going to say – most of those sites are ‘no follow’…

Note: If you need a primer on the no follows tag – here is an article to read. And I would agree, but only to a point. There is an emerging trend to move back to the do follow tag for social media links given some of the other ways to prevent spammers from taking advantage of social media.

Over the last few months, I have seen a surge in the number of blogs that are going back to ‘do follow‘ comments probably because it actually encourages people to post comments.

And in either case, a link, whether ‘no follow‘ or ‘do follow‘ can’t hurt – it provides exposure, brand presence and a source of clicks, regardless of whether or not it shares its link juice.

See this infographic from LyfeMarketing how social media helps SEO.


Ok, got it. What social media SEO options are available?

The same ones that you are using as part of your social media strategy. And in case you haven’t gotten started on that (I know we are all busy), here are a few ideas:


In my opinion one of the best – at least when it comes to social SEO. Many blogs are now ‘do follow’ for comments that include URLs. In addition, many that previously went ‘no follow’ are switching back – including sites linked with major publications such as Inc. Tools such as paraphrasing tool for students and comment hunt also can be used to help identify ‘do-follow‘ blogs that allow comments.


Up there with commenting. Not only do most forums provide ‘do follow’ links but they also are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge, extend your brand, help the community and pick up some click-through traffic. In addition, the profile page on most forums provides yet another place to pick up an inbound link, as does the signature line on your post.

Sharing Sites

This is a ‘catch all‘. These are the sites ranging from Twitter to Flickr, Facebook to LinkedIn, ezine articles to Scribd. They are places where you can share information about your company, things you have created (pictures, articles, documents) and network with other people.

Source: LyfeMarketing

All this sharing provides additional opportunities for you to build links and again brand presence. Words of caution try and focus activities here and are cautious if you are just using sharing sites for link building. One, they don’t always allow ‘do follow’ links and two, these sites are a representation of your brand where a lot of people go… don’t leave people with a bad impression (that you are just there to build links).

Social Media and SEO: Getting started

Now that we have discussed the basics, its time to give it a try. My suggestion would be this. If you are not already heavily invested in social SEO, put your toe in the water and make a few comments and forum posts.

Find popular sites. You’ll be surprised at the somewhat instant boost (as long as you follow good SEO practices keyword rich anchor links, etc.). In addition, you’ll get some click-through traffic.

Do you know the Importance of Categories in SEO

Being on the first page of SERP is the dream of every blogger. Many factors are involved in SEO for better page rank and being on the first page of SERP.

So don’t overlook the minor points which may lead to better SEO.
We do publish a post and place them in proper categories. We make general categories like Blogging, electronics, Entertainment. All of these cover a wide area of domain.

A better option for naming the categories is to narrow the category name like we can use Blogging Tips, Mobile phone and movies for all the above stated general categories depending on the subject of our article.

Let’s make it more clearly with help of some example. Suppose you have a category “Operating System” and you put all Linux, UNIX, Windows, related posts in the said category.

But it will be more beneficial with respect to SEO if, your article is on windows tricks and tips and you create a category under an operating system with the title of “Windows Tips and Tricks”.

Now when a user enters the keywords in search engine for Windows XP tricks, you have more and better chances to be on the first page of the search engine as compared to general category list which is not comprehensive in meaning.

After you have decided to include the category name in your topics URL and you are using permalink structure other than %category%/%posts%, you need to change the permalink structure to include the category name in your posts’ URL.

On the other hand, if you are already invested in social SEO (perhaps without even knowing it), take a minute to reassess your strategy. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I investing time in the right places – ‘do follow’ link sites?
  • Have I diversified my strategy sufficiently? Where are there opportunities?
  • Am I leaving a good impression on popular sharing sites that will enhance my brand as well as my rank?
  • Am I employing good SEO practices when participating in social media to ensure maximum benefit?

Over to you! So what do you think about your websites social SEO strategy?

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7 thoughts on “SEO and Social Media: Role of social media in SEO Strategy”

  1. Highly informative post.
    Social media sounds like a helping hand to boost your SEO efforts as social sharing can help you reach more new readers and the search engine will give your web pages/posts visible position in SERPs based on the readerships stats.

    • Certainly, it has. Probably not direct but search engine determines the popularity of pages while ranking. This is why one needs to focus on social media as well as apart for just creating contextual links only.

  2. I guess yes, Social media is important but that doesn’t directly impact your search engine ranking. Google never confirmed that social media helps in ranking boost.

    But yes, it can increase engagement on your website and that indirectly boost search engine ranking.

    Thanks for this amazing post.

    – Umesh Singh

  3. SEO is important and it can give your business some serious boost and brand recognition – but I doubt that it can help you in search engine ranking.

    Why? Because Google never gave a hint that social media is a ranking factor and would help in SEO. However, it can help in audience engagement that somehow increase your website ranking in SERP.

    Anyway, you have done amazing job.

    – Sunny

  4. The title made me think about social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and SEO and I’m pleasantly happy it took a different route, Navin!

    “Social SEO” is arguably one of the best ways to build links for your site. I personally think most successful site owners and link builders establish relationships with other people through comments, forum posts, Q & As, and others. Sure, it takes time, but the best kinds of links require patience until you eventually get it.

  5. I guess yes, Social media slightly impact on SEO. I have seen a slight boost in my search engine ranking when I actively promoted my website’s post on social media.

    But, yes apart from social media promotion one need to focus on quality content also.

    Anyway thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.


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