Why Bloggers should Turn Blog Posts Into PDF

A blog is an online media that a blogger uses to share information. Whether a blogger created a blog as a personal journal or for a business purpose, a blog mainly aims to connect the blog owner with its audience.

Depending on their niche, blogs serve content on various topics. The content usually comes in text format combined with digital images, links, and other media related to the topic. When talking about text in a blog, it has to be realized that a word to PDF conversion takes an important role. So, let us discuss how to convert Word to PDF and why it is essential for any blogger to do so.

Why should bloggers turn their blog posts into PDFs?

After spending hours making a great post and publishing it on the blog, it is understandable if a blogger wants to sit back and see how the post works. However, will it end up there? Of course not! 

If a blogger wants to maximize their text, they may need to consider doing something more. As blog content usually comes in Word format, the first thing to be suggested is turning the blog post into a PDF. Why is that?

PDF ensures the originality of the content.

PDF is the best format that guarantees the document’s original form so that the audience will receive the same content as the one in the blog. Converting the blog post into PDF will surely open vast opportunities to reuse the text content. 

For instance, a blogger may consider distributing the content through emails to engage more with the audience. For this purpose, knowing how to convert from Word to PDF is very helpful. Adobe is one of the Word to PDF converters that is popular and easy to use.

PDF makes it easy to download.

Once a blogger offers a shared document, it is vital to make sure that the document is easy to be downloaded. This is crucial because no one enjoys difficulties. The PDF enables the audience to download it effortlessly.

PDF handles texts, images, and hyperlinks.

PDF is simply perfect for reusing blog content. Bloggers can put both texts and images in the PDF along with hyperlinks. This will not only simplify the audience, but more than that, it makes the document look more professional–especially if it is served with a good layout. Again, by using a Word to PDF converter, a blogger does not need to worry about the changing layout of the file.

PDF makes the audience feel special.

If the bloggers convert Word to PDF, they will get a document that can be protected. Bloggers can give passwords to secure the document and ensure that only those with access can open the document. This is an excellent facility for bloggers who intend to distribute copies to a limited audience.

PDF works across multiple devices.

PDF is a quite popular format that has been accepted almost worldwide. PDF allows the audience to open and view the document on any device within seconds.

PDF only takes up small spaces in the device.

Although bloggers need to convert Word to PDF, they do not have to buy or download specific apps or tools. Only the PDF document itself needs to be prepared for the space. Many tools that can convert Word to PDF online are available now. One of the trusted tools to convert Word to PDF is Adobe.

PDF has no cost.

There is no cost to convert Word to PDF and download it. Many tools can convert Word to PDF for free, with excellent results–a wise way to save money!

As the audience successfully downloads the PDF, they can open, view, or print the PDF anytime they want. Significantly if they save the PDF on their device, they can use it anytime, offline.

PDF provides benefits for the blogger too.

Besides all those beneficial facts about PDF, which is perfect for the audience’s satisfaction, there is also an advantage for the bloggers themselves. If bloggers don’t convert Word to PDF, there is always a possibility for their writing to be changed. Even one accidental touch of the keyboard button can ruin the document. So converting Word to PDF is a must.

Learn how to convert from Word to PDF

Bloggers can use Adobe or other tools that have lots of features that they can use to not only convert Word to PDF but also to work more on other things related to PDF. To convert Word to PDF, bloggers can take these simple steps:

1. Open a Word to PDF converter on your device. Since bloggers use tools to convert Word to PDF online, they must ensure that the Internet connection is strong enough.

2. Click the “Select a file” button and upload the Word document.

3. Click the “Convert to PDF” button and let the tool works on it.

4. The PDF file is ready to download.

The device now has the PDF file available. That should let the bloggers fully tap into all the benefits a PDF offers. In addition, by converting Word to PDF, bloggers can reuse the content in any way they want.

Indeed, there are so many things to do when it comes to blogging. However, Word to PDF converter makes the workflow easier.

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