Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Website: Killer Strategies

Many online businesses have started as an Amazon affiliate and succeed in this field as well. But, to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate website isn’t that simple, if the strategies are not on right place.

So let us take a walk through and understand the way, how to make money with Amazon affiliate website and get the desired results which you are looking for.

For those who are seriously want to earn money as Amazon affiliate there can be many factors to keep in mind to get success.

Rather than applying the general business ideas and SEO’s, it is important to know the actual idea behind being an Amazon affiliate and earn some real money out of it.

How to make money with Amazon Affiliate

How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Website

#1. Select the Niche carefully:

The niche needs to be selected very carefully; the selection of the niche is the most important part of the website.

This will help you to provide the specific product which the customers are looking for. Most of the Amazon affiliate websites not only list down the best products but also provide complete details of those products too.

That is why choosing the niche of your expertise is important as well as describing to the audience.

#2. Product links inside the content:

As much as anything else is important the flawless liking of your product is also very important. Rather than just making it quite obvious and scam looking, placing the right product link at the right place will get more clicks than anything else.

The customers click on the product links which looks genuine and they feel like clicking too. Therefore always insert the link in your content also making it more attractive to click.

Check out this new iPhone cover. Not only it will protect your phone from scratches and break but the beautiful designs will add more style to your phone in just $5 after discount, well its original price was $8”.

A simple link in the text will add more effectiveness as well as the interest of the customers.

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#3. Product Clickable Images:

How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Website

The other best thing that links placed in the content is the clickable product images which are affiliate links. When clicked on these images the link is open about the product.

For this purpose attractive images are required which not only properly define the product description but also makes customers click and check out the product too.

That is important for the Amazon affiliate business, as it increases the changes of income up to more than 15% alone by using the clickable product image. You can add HTML codes to the image which will open a page to the site.

#4. Linking to the as much as possible:

The basic idea of the Amazon affiliate is to generate traffic to the and that is why linking the website on your blog or store is very important.

Keep in mind that as much as you link the website on your pages, content, pictures, and blog there are chances of transferring the audience to the which is beneficial for you to earn money out of it.

Try to link as much as possible and use a convincing tone to get more customers to the website.

5. Articles on Product Review:

More than anything else, the customers look for the product review and search for the articles which describe the product reviews at its best? Therefore the product review articles help in generating more traffic to the website.

Use your writing skills and expertise and provide a product review as well as the comparisons and list of best products in a relevant field which helps the customer to know about all the options before making any purchases.

6. Sell more to Earn more:

How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Website

Rather than just generating and pushing the traffic, the Amazon wants sales and those businesses which are able to provide them sales tends to achieve more reward and earnings than any other website.

Therefore if you want to earn money as an Amazon affiliate then you want to sell more products and increase the commission percentage out of it.

More you sell the more ratio of percentage will be increased, for instance, if your sale 1 to 6 items per month, you will get 4% of the sales commission. But, if you can sell more than 7 items the sales commission will increase up to 6% and you can hit up to 8% of the sales commission depending on your number of sales.

#7. Make money easily and quickly with EasyAzon Plugin:

This WordPress plug-in is available for the sites which are Amazon affiliate and the results are great too.This plug-in helps in adding information and links to Amazon quickly and effectively.

Therefore if you are looking for an idea to make money from Amazon, EasyAzon is just the right tool for you.

#8. Add buy button with your products:

How To Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Website

Not only this will give you a real store feel but also very good option for adding the link with the buy button which will end up opening the

You can do it with help of easy on as well but if you don’t on your want to spend on this plug-in you can always insert the Buy button yourself.

#9. Focus on Selling more in Quantity products:

Rather than just selling the expensive products in less quality and getting a fewer sales commission, you can focus on selling the inexpensive products which are commonly used.

This will help you selling larger quantities and getting good sales commission at the end of the month. If you are looking for getting a good commission up to 8%, you must focus on selling the large quantities of general and cheaper products. Here is the example website of Amazon Affiliate.

Conclusion: I am pretty much sure after going through the entire article, you have a good idea now of how to make money online as Amazon affiliate, and how exactly to increase the percentage of commission.

And there is a probability you might have already decided a niche to work on. Do let us know if you have any further queries in the comment section below.

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