10 Tips To Design A Professional Website for best UX

Nowadays every single growing company wouldn’t be successful without its own website. People are looking for more and more assistance online. Either they need to order something or they need to pay their bills, all of them turn on their device and start searching.

That’s why each company should have a well-designed and modern look website. It should come along with interesting content because a unique and optimized website brings you more and more customers.

10 Tips: How to design an attractive site for the best UX

Mistakes in web design also influence the effectiveness of the website. They should be both cool looking and easy to use. So today we will make a list with 10 tips to design a professional website.

1. Make it your own

First of all, the professional website should have its own individual look. There are a lot of examples online. You can take a look at just first thematic websites or blogs and you will notice that all of them look different.

Do not try to copy or create a website that looks like someone else’s site.

2. Mobile Friendly

It is obvious that there are some websites that look great on a PC but it is uncomfortable to use them on your phone.

mobile friendly website

According to international researches, half of the audience online is using mobile devices for internet searches. There are a lot of great Bootstrap 4 Website Templates that are ready to use and will accommodate with any cell phone or tablet.

These templates were fully tested on different mobile platforms to ensure perfect workability on pretty much any type of device. Mobile technologies are being a huge part of your business.

That is why we recommend you to make everything that you can so your customers and visitors will not have any difficulties while navigating your site.

3. Easy Navigation

Navigation is a key part of each website. You should always keep in mind that it does not really matter how perfect your website is if your users are not able to find their way.

website navigation

Make sure it is simple, clear and consistent once it gets to navigating your site. Design is such a way that your visitors make fewer clicks to get to their destination page. the site navigation menu bar should be on the same location on any page of your site.

Remember to keep the same style, fonts, and colors. Once it gets and understandable people will always remember your source when they need help.

Do not put too many navigation links so no one will get confused. If your visitor will not find info that he was looking for within a couple of seconds, there is a possibility of losing him and he will just to another website.

4. Pictures, images, and colors.

Sometimes it happens that you have a lot of ideas but you feel a lack of pictures. We recommend you to check some Bootstrap 4 Website Templates that have already thousands of pictures added.

Moreover, you can choose between different designs and styles. Images of people give you an opportunity to point your visitor’s attention to some specific area.

Colors are also important since they build an emotional contact with your reader. Red is considered a more urgent color and for example, blue will be calmer.

You may consider it also while creating a logo for your company, but that’s a different story to tell. Green is usually used as an add to cart button so people are motivated to continue with their purchase.

5. Social media buttons

It is all cool and up to date to have different social media accounts for your company. But don’t put too much attention on your social media pages on your website.

Once a person clicks on it, most likely he or she will not come back to your site immediately.

Your goal is to keep your visitor on your website but not somewhere else. If you still want these buttons on your source, you may put these buttons at the very bottom. So, if people are really looking for your Facebook or Instagram accounts they will be accessible as well.

6. Words, Text, and Personal Thoughts

In most cases, it’s all about words. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s all about how you say it. The same information can be delivered in different ways.

Also, don’t make it too long. Long sentences are harder to read and understand. We do not recommend writing anything that is going to be over 3-4 lines.

Make it as simple as possible. Remember, that everything that’s on the site should be very easy to read and understand.

Very complicated and hard words might make your visitors feel stupid. Just try to think what questions you might have if you would be a customer and it is the first time on your website.

7. Add proof

Nowadays there are a lot of scam companies and fake websites. Some people are even calling and asking first if they are speaking a real person or a robot.

It is very important to make your potential clients feel more comfortable and convince them to do business with you. Once the customer is ensured that your company is legit, you will get more and more business.

Even if you are just creating your personal blog website, it would be really cool to have some personal information on the site.

8. Sign up and Contact Us Forms

Keeping in touch is one of the keys to a successful website. If you want people to discuss your company and spread the word about it among their relatives’ friends and neighbors, do not forget to work on an email subscription and a contact us form.

That might be a monthly newsletter or a B-day card for your client that will keep him informed about the latest news from your source. Contact us form is crucially important to correspond and answer all possible questions.

9. Videos

Video files, commercial or advertisements always irritate customers if it turns on automatically without even clicking on anything.

So, make sure do not choose such a feature. It is always better to put a video file in the appropriate spot with a short description, so the viewer will be ready for it.

Especially if you are into video filming we recommend you to take a look at an example at VideoReel – Videographer Multipage Website Template. It is one of the best examples of how to make all the videos look sharp and appropriate.

10. Sliders

Last but not least on our list is a slider. Basically, a slider is what most people are calling slideshow. For example, you need to show different products or photos on your page.

sliders in website

In that case, a slider will be a perfect solution! Also, if you have a lot of text that you want to deliver, slideshow might be an option.

Usually, when a person visits your website for the first time they want to see all their options and see what can you offer.

Multiple sliders on different HTML website templates will guide your audience into a desirable spot. Sliders are a great feature to use if you have an automatically updated news feature. For different photo galleries, it’s a must-have feature.

In conclusion, we want to say that no matter what, each website is unique and is oriented for different users and visitors. So, make sure not to be too greedy whenever investing your funds into your website.

Always remember that it is going to be a very big addition to your business. With these simple tips and tricks that we discussed today, you will have more and more visitors daily.

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5 thoughts on “10 Tips To Design A Professional Website for best UX”

  1. Hi Navin,

    Very good blog post. User experience is one of the most ignored aspect of website design. Web designers and also the Website owners put a lot of emphasis on look and feel of the website however they forget to concentrate on the user experience of the website. Google give a lot importance to user experience of the website.

    It is high time that the website owners start focusing on the user experience of the website.

  2. Hi, all great tips.
    The one most obvious, at least I see it all the time, is that beginners try to copy the custom design of Backlinko.com. Thinking that they’ll have similar success with their blogs.
    Of course, it doesn’t work like that.
    It’s better to have great content and crappy theme; than superb theme and abysmal content.

  3. Hi Navio,

    Great tips you have here. Creating and designing a mobile-friendly website is the way to go since Google has shown its love for mobile version internet with mobile-first indexing, mobile responsive, etc. Furthermore, creating a secure navigation system will help to improve website user experience and usability.

  4. Hello Navin,
    Mobile compatible websites are, in a sense, rewarded, while other websites that are not optimized for mobile compatible may find it harder to rank in any search results. Almost half of all visitor will not return to a webpage if it didn’t load properly on their mobile.
    Thanks for this amazing tips.


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