15 WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins for Secure Checkout

So many websites are being made on WordPress throughout the web and the majority are online stores are being made in WordPress.

And WordPress developers are well versed in that. Hence they make sure that every WordPress theme they develop should be compatible with woo Commerce.

WordPress is flexible and an online store requires should be elegant and well-featured. WordPress makes it possible. Not while selling something online, there is an urge for a proper payment gateway. Thanks there are a lot of hooks and plugs available in WordPress.

Lets, drill this down and see the best WordPress payment gateway plugins in action and what makes them so popular.

Best WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins

While thinking of customer ease checkout, here are some popular WordPress payment gateway plugins for your WordPress website.

1. PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

woocommerce paypalplus

PayPal Plus is another most wonderful option in the list that has made it easy to process payments on the WordPress websites.

One just needs to have a PayPal account to acquire this payment option. One of the best things about this wonderful source is that you really don’t need to look forward to some other payment processing websites.

It is a fully-featured WordPress payment option that not only enables you to perform express checkout, payments, robust fraud protection and much more very conveniently.

It offers the customers the facility of choosing upon the different methods of advanced payments and hence makes it more favorable for them.

2. Fondy

Fondy is one of the leading WordPress plugin options being designed for the websites to accept payments without undergoing any complicated situation or coding process.

It is the source that offers you the facility of selecting upon your preferred currencies all across the world.

Fondy Payments

In short, we can also say that you can now easily accept payments from any part of the world without having any difficulty.

Users are free to enjoy full control over their payments with timed withdrawals facilities as well. Setting up the payment page is quite easier with the help of this tool and one hardly needs your few seconds to make it happen.

3. Stripe

If you are looking for one of the most cost-effective payment gateway plugin options for your WordPress website, Stripe is just the right option you can grab in.

Stripe Plugin

Taking you away from those messy setup processes, it is a very simple and interactive plugin that makes it easy for you to create the payment web page of your website without paying any monthly fees for it.

Users are only charged for payments only that are being made through this tool. It is a fully customized plugin option where you can easily choose upon the list of builtin checkout pages.

It means that you can now easily create your payment web page just by making use of a few clicks only. If we talk about the security measures, it is something we really need to admire off.

The plugin offers users the accessibility of making payments in more than 100 countries very conveniently.

4. Authorize.net

authorize.net wordpress plugin

Adding up another name into the list Authorize.net, it is another wonderful option that makes it easy to create an interactive payment gateway for your website.

It is a fraud-free tool that offers you free accessibility over a wide range of payment modes.

One can make use of this wonderful tool for making payments through the different countries of the world such as Australia, the US, Canada and much more.

Whether it is about simplified payments or it is about performing automated payments, this wonderful source keeps you updated with the current schedule with the help of auto-reminders.

5. Mollie Payments

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

If you are willing to get quickly integrated with a wide range of payment methods, Mollie Payment is just the right option to make in.

It is being designed to get fully integrated with the WordPress website, this plugin option comes up with ready-made templates that one can easily install and setup for your payment gateway.

The interface is quite simple and interactive and one can easily create the payment gateway just by making use of drag and drop option.

The entire payment process is automated and hence one really doesn’t need to spend a lot of time while handling it.

One can easily enjoy intuitive and safe processes just by making this major payment option.

6. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay plugin

If you are a beginner and looking for one of the simplest WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin option, WP Simple Pay is just the option waving at you.

It is an open-source plugin option that makes it easy to accept payments on your website very conveniently through Stripe.

One surely doesn’t need to have a shopping cart plugin on your website. You can directly make the payments through your payment webpage.

This tool offers you the facility of creating unlimited payment forms just with the help of few clicks only.

You can easily add up files and can also use it with Easy Pricing Tables as well for creating some fine pieces of art.

7. Woo Commerce Square

woocommerce square payment gateway

Square is another simple, interactive, modern and advanced WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin option that makes it easy to create an effective and interactive eCommerce store.

If you are hesitating about the complexity related to the development of payment web pages, just keep your worries aside.

As Square will offer you a simple drag and drop options to make in.

You can easily receive payments from different parts of the worlds and this tool is being designed to support different currency options.

8. Razorpay

razor payment gateway plugin

Yet simple but very interactive and easy to use WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins option is Razorpay.

It is in fact considered to be one of the fastest-growing WordPress plugin options these days that have made it quite easier to integrate very conveniently with your website.

The interactive is quite attractive where you can easily add various discount offers to grab the attention of users.

Users are free to check here to identify their suitable payment options using this wonderful source.

9. 2CheckOut

2Checkout Payment Gateway

Adding up another wonderful payment gateway plugins, it is the premium option that one can easily opt for while creating the payment gateways of some eCommerce websites.

Fully loaded with a wide range of features, it is the option that makes it easy to convert currency and international transactions much conveniently.

Users are free to choose the payment options and locations here as per your convenience.

Along with having accessibility over 15 different languages and 87 currencies, it is the plugin option that makes it easy for a website to accept payments all across the globe.

Users are free to use here different modes of payments depending upon their convenience.

10. WPPayForm

WPPay Form payment gateway plugin

Walking along with the trending one, WPPayForm is the name that is currently being used by most of the website developers today.

If you are willing to accept payments on your donation forms, it is one of the finest options to choose from.

The plugin includes a very simple and interactive interface that makes the users fill in the contact form on your side.

Adding more into its features, inbuilt stripe payment is also there that makes your payment options much easier.

It is one of the finest plugin options being available for WordPress that accept the currencies from all parts of the world.

11. Braintree

braintree wordpress plugin

It is another WordPress Payment Gateway plugin option that is basically a credit card processor.

If you are willing to create the payment page of your website responsive to different payment methods, Braintree is just the right option to choose on.

For offering secure access for the users, Braintree is fully loaded with 3D secure system. The tool easily identifies the ongoing frauds and sends up notification messages regarding the same for the users.

Adding more into its features customized predesigned payment forms are also there to introduce in.

Whether it is about creating the webpage of fully setup websites you are about the initial phase of your business, it is just the right option that you can easily use for easy implementation of payment modes.

12. QuickPay

WooCommerce QuickPay

Coming up with one of the most popular and effective WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins, QuickPay is just the plugin option that you can easily set up on your website for making automated payments.

It is a fully-featured plugin option that offers a secure payment to the users. Users are free to use the cancellation and refund options here for enabling easy payment options.

The interface this app includes is extremely simple and easy to perform and makes it easy to perform payments for your website just a matter of a few seconds only.

You can now easily order directly from your website with the help of pre-built themes.

13. MyCryptoCheckout

Cryptocurrencies have overcome a great portion of the market today and hence it is the reason why most of the users prefer to make payments using such payment options.

MyCryptoCheckout is really a premium option that makes it easy to access different payment modes including cryptocurrencies as well.

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin option that can make you an easy payment option over a large number of currencies, it is just the right option to choose in.

One can easily implement the cryptocurrency payments to your website very conveniently.

14. GoURL Bitcoin Payments

GoURL Bitcoin Payments

GoURL Bitcoin Payments is an open-source WordPress Plugin option that makes it easy to make payments through different payment options and Bitcoin also.

It is one of the very simplest WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins that one can easily use without making any monthly fees and transaction charges.

One just needs to connect any bank account to your website here. You are free to accept payments in the form of Bitcoin and you need to have a Bitcoin account for it.

Once your payments are being credited into your account, you are free to set prices in currency mode that suits you well.

15. OpenPay

Openpay WordPress plugin

If you are looking for a globally based WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin option for your website, OpenPay is one of the most trusted options you can opt for.

Providing users high-end security features, the plugin option is being designed to offer extremely safe and secure transactions from different parts of the world through different valid payment modes.

This plugin option comes up with automated payment capabilities and hence it makes it easy to make required payments very conveniently using minimal setup.

Final Words on Payment Gateway plugins

Listed plugins are the best right now. All offer plenty of features to deal with. All you need to make sure to ease the exit for the customers.

People’s intent is to shop and leave ASAP. Minimize the formalities which might not matter for you.

So, which WordPress payment gateway plugin list sounded great to you. What are your experiences from those?

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