5 Tips to Get More Clicks on Adsense from Your Blog

You have great content and a growing social presence.

The only thing missing now is an easy and effective strategy to make some extra cash from your blog. Want to know how to get more clicks on Adsense ads from your blog and make more money out of it?

While some people get paid to watch ads, others get paid to show ads through Google Adsense.

Adsense is Google’s advertising program that pays website owners whenever website visitors click on the ads.

Simply Put – The more clicks an ad gets, the more money a website owner makes.

While the goal is to get as many ad clicks as you can, be warned that there are serious consequences for people who try to cheat the system.

Therefore, if Google senses any suspicious activities on your blog regarding your ads, they won’t think twice about suspending your account.

This is why it’s important that you still play by the rules while trying to monetize your blog’s ads.

Get More Clicks on Adsense Ads and Make More Money

This is why it’s important that you still play by the rules while trying to monetize your blog’s ads.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to get more people to click on your ads – the right way.

1. Place Ads within the Content

Assuming that you’ve already built your blog’s reputation for kickass content, readers should already be flocking to your blog for great posts.

Therefore, make the most out of your web traffic by placing an ad or two within the content.

This way, your readers will see them even when they’re only skimming through your article.

According to experts, a good place to put an ad is right after the first paragraph. This area puts your ad front and center without it becoming too distracting to your readers.

Ads within content

Key to generating higher CTR on your ads is the amount of traffic your site is receiving.

You can place the ad blocks at optimum locations on your page. But if you don’t have lots of site visitors, it won’t matter!

Therefore, you need to find ways to generate blog traffic and get more people to click on your ads!

2. Use any color other than blue for links

Ever wondered why blue is the most common color for links on websites? Well, that’s because it’s always been the default color choice for links.

Because of this, many people have developed a sort of color blindness to the links, making them less likely to click on it.

Now, If your blog uses blue for links, then that explains the low CTR and conversions!

That said, try using different colors for the links on your ad blocks to see which colors will give you the best results.

According to Matthew Woodward well-known blogger, your choice of color for your links can influence decisions and increase conversion.

In his test, new visitors were more likely to click links in red, while returning visitors stuck to the links in blue.

Bear in mind, however, that these tests don’t necessarily to your blog.

There are so many factors that affect the results of your blog’s CTR for ads that you can’t simply rely on these studies to dictate your actions.

My advice? Go with your gut and scale the results.

If blue for your links works, then use it as a benchmark to test other colors for your ads.

Aside from your gut, learn the psychological triggers of each color.

The Infographic below should help you understand the emotions brought out by certain colors.

Emotions of Colors
Emotions of Colors: Source -LisaSchickertsmith.com

Use this as a guideline to help you choose the best possible color for your ad links.

3. Make the Banner ad “Stick” on the Sidebar

Ever noticed that some sidebar elements stay on the page even if you keep scrolling down?

It’s because these elements are programmed to “stick” where readers can easily see them.

By making your banner ads stick, it becomes difficult for your readers to ignore them. And the more visible your ads are, the better for your CTR!

Are you a WordPress user looking for ways to make your banner ads stick?

The Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin lets you create sticky widgets that will stay within the visible screen area whether you scroll up or down.

So there’s no escaping your banner on your page!

Of course, I wouldn’t advise that you can keep using the plugin if people aren’t clicking on them for a period. It ‘s possible that the stickied ad annoys people.

Again, you have to keep testing and measuring the results to improve the CTR of your ad blocks.

4. Personalize the ads that appear on the sidebar

Let’s say you have two blog post – one is about an SEO tool and the other is for an email marketing tool.

If you want to monetize both from ad clicks, you need to make sure that their affiliate links should be related to the content that a visitor is reading.

You can do this by using the Widget Options plugin for WordPress.

Widget Options Plugin

The widget customizes the sidebar of each post based on its content so that it will only show ads that are related to the topic.

This will not only increase your chances of getting more clicks, but it also personalizes your readers’ experience on your blog.

5. Check which parts of your page get clicked on the Most

When starting out with your ad blocks, you pray and hope that they yield the results you’re looking for.

Of course, you also have to temper your expectations. Your ads won’t generate lots of clicks on your first run.

It will let you multiple edits of your site to find the sweet spot until you maximize the clicks they get.

And that’s the thing:

You can’t be sure about what’s going to happen no matter how much you prepare for it!

Thankfully, you can now figure out the best places on your blog for ad placement without ever second guessing it again.

All you need is a tool that will reveal the hot spots or the parts of your blog where readers are most likely to respond to your CTA.

One such tool that many bloggers swear by is CrazyEgg.

CrazyEgg promises to improve your CTR instantly with its Heatmap feature.

CrazyEgg HeatMap

It basically shows the parts of your website that visitors are clicking on.

When you have this vital information, you can then place your ads where visitors are instinctively clicking!


If you’re serious with blogging, then you need to treat it like a business.

It all starts with your ad units. After all, it’s one of your main sources of income from your blog!

Even if you don’t have ads on your blog yet and want to set up a couple, then this post should help you get started the right way.

But more importantly, you can apply the tips here to your other sources of income like affiliate marketing, membership sites, and more!

It’s time that you get back what you worked on your blog in cash. And the time to make it happen is now and make get more clicks on Adsense ads or any other.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get More Clicks on Adsense from Your Blog”

  1. Wow, u said about blue color is absolutely true man, i had a blog about competitors ads spying tool with high quality visitors but got very less sales and leads due to the blue color. Then i spotted it and changed the color to red and witnessed 50x sales and conversions.

    Your technique applies to both affiliate and adsense, Thanks man learned a lot.

  2. Hi Chris, good to see you on place.
    Indeed a well crafted post on AdSense click.
    No doubt color matters a lot.
    I use red for links. That really works, and shows a bit highlighted.
    The other tips you shared are worth following for a better result.
    Very well explained about AdSense, though I am an AdSense account holder free things you noted here are new to me. Thanks Chris for this wonderful share.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  3. Great post with detailed information, I agree with you that link colors do matter in ctr rate. I seldom use Red color and also designed my blog to match with it, this works for me a lot.

    • Thanks for the comment, Kings! Ideally, red is the safe answer for your CTA’s color, but it’s best to run test and see the results yourself. Sites in different niches operate differently than others. For instance, red could be a great CTA color for one type of site and not so much on another. The point is to keep testing all the time to generate maximum results!

  4. Hi Navin,
    I have seen better results by applying Ads on AMP version of website using Link ads.

    Website Layout colour and ads layout design also imoroves Click through rate Google Ads.

    I recommend every blogger who has Google Adsense on their blogs must customise Ad units for better results.

  5. Hello Navin,

    I agree with your ideas about getting more clicks on Ads. However, the theme specifically made to boost the Adsense revenue could help in this matter.

    Yes, I’m talking about the high CTR WordPress themes that let us add the Ads on logical points to skyrocket the clicks.

    Even, we have made a WordPress template, Admania for the serious AdSense users to include the ads at the high-clickable areas.


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