5 Secret Techniques To Build Blogsite Traffic: The Simple Tricks

Trying to make traffic flow to your blog site doesn’t mean doing keyword searches 24/7 or smashing your keyboard to type articles in bunches.

It’s a lot simpler to build traffic to your site. To have a highly successful blog with a highly engaged readership, however, you do need to know a few blogging secrets.

Lucky for you, you can get traffic flowing towards your blog site today with the most effective blogging techniques mentioned below.

1. Make Your Blog Memorable!

Ever heard of content that will never go out of style? It’s called evergreen content. In short, it’s content that will always stay relevant and will always attract traffic for years. Publishing lots of evergreen content will provide a strong infrastructure for your blog.

make your blog memorable

Content that is evergreen will help keep traffic flowing and can keep SEO rankings at the top. Keeping in mind a few target keywords for the purpose of SEO will naturally allow search engines to pick up your blog site and give you the support that you need.

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Here are a few examples on how you can create evergreen content:

  • Create a list-blog that feature influencers
  • Create blogs with step by step guidelines – Or How-to blogs
  • Create blog articles that review products or services
  • Share your experience one areas you specialized in
  • Write articles that answer questions which your audience might be looking for
  • Share results that came from experiments or trials – Case Studies
  • Create content with awesome visuals – Infographics
  • Interview professionals and write about their experiences.

2. Make It Easy to Share on Social Media

Making your content easy to share will help to increase your blog traffic almost instantly. If increasing blog traffic on a monthly basis is still a problem, there are still a number of ways you can manage to make it shareable to make it reach the potential you’re looking for, here’s how:

Create a relationship with your readers

One of the best ways to make your content relate to your audience is by writing in a way which makes the reader feel as if your talking to them on a one-to-one basis.

Write as if your talking to your readers directly to distinguish your personality and to make them get an idea of what it’s like to talk to you in person.

This will surely make your articles come out as more legitimate and engaging, thus improving comments and shares.

Write Relatable Content Always

Readers are certainly much more likely to interact with your content if it can relate to them. The idea here is to write content that inspires, educates and informs your readers.

Make sure you touch on relatable topics that mention their passions and aches, to able to give guidelines on how to act. The more relatable you can make the content to your reader the higher chances of it being shared and making it viral.

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Add Buttons

Another way to make your content shareable is by adding social media buttons on the post. Whenever visitors click on the corresponding button (the Facebook button, for example), a pop-up opens that lets people share the post on their Facebook profiles or pages.

You can either include the buttons at the very top, very bottom, or even fixed on the side of the article. It can also be effective to include it within the article near content that is extraordinary. You can use tools like Sumo or ShareThis to install the buttons on your site.

Add a Call to Action

Have you ever written an article and just dreaded over why it doesn’t get any comments? It’s primarily because there is no call to action. Having a call to action is key to building relationships with your fellow readers.

Simply end your article with a question, an insight, or for some feedback to get your followers to respond back to you.

The more comments you get going on articles, the higher chances of getting referral traffic back to your article with more readers to keep the conversation going.

Use Powerful Images

Adding pictures to your article can add so much more than just making it look nice. Instead of having your audience use their imagination to visualize what your saying, having that image in place will make all the difference in delivering that thought instantly.

Be sure to make the images mobile-friendly. If not, the size of the images can alter the upload speed of your blog site is accessed through a phone.

3. Collaborate With Influencers

Small businesses with blogs can always collaborate with social media influencers to get traffic flowing to their site at a very minimal price especially if they are tight on a budget.

Take advantage of this by reaching out to Instagram influencers in your industry through social media and creating a long-lasting relationship.

Try not to have a direct business relationship right from the start but instead make it as personal as possible in the beginning.

Talking about influencer topics and interests to get the door open for a conversation is the best way to break the ice and to start building trust on common grounds.

As the relationship builds, share how their efforts can make a big difference to your business and then ask for their assistance in an influencer marketing campaign.

4. Accept Guest Posts from Awesome Bloggers

Get different voices to speak on your site by welcoming other publishers to guest post on your blog site. It’s very similar to collaborating with influencers, however, it adds a different type of spark to your business.

Guest Blogging

The main benefit of opening a guest posting program on your blog is to build relationships with influencers and authors in your space.

Not only do you go awesome content to publish on your blog, but you also get to connect with influencers who knows a lot about the topic like yourself. You can then leverage your connection into a collaborating or a working opportunity in the future.

You can invite influencers and people knowledgeable about your niche to write a post on your site. You can even create an author profile for them so they can freely submit a post every time they feel like it.

You can also create a page dedicated to accepting guest posts from people interested in submitting one.

When someone expresses an interest to submit a post on your site, make sure they have a proven track record of creating quality content about your topic.

Bonus points if they have lots of social media followers so you can request them to share the post with their network.

5. Keep Engagement Alive through Comment

Share your experience by commenting and engaging in other articles within your industry.

Don’t be that person who just says “great post” or “awesome” in your comments. Everybody hates that guy – believe me.

Instead, provide insightful comments on articles which could either answer a question or provide positive feedback.

Sometimes, other commentators may ask questions which you might know the answer to. Replying to them can establish your knowledge about the topic, thus making you look good in the process.

Others will start to recognize your name and will start searching for you up to see how credible you are. This can lead to loads of traffic on your blog site.

BONUS: Be In Charge Of Your SEO!

Don’t be the blogger that quits whenever things don’t follow as planned. Increasing traffic on a blog site requires time and effort and it will come with patients.

The more active you are, the more recognition you’ll get. It requires consistency and flexibility to increase traffic. Keep going and don’t stop.

It helps if you use Google Analytics and Search Console to gather data on what works and what doesn’t on your site.

If you have content that draws lots of traffic from organic search, create more of that kind of content and generate even more visitors.

Also, check the referral sources and see which sites or platforms are funneling lots of traffic to your site. You want to double-down on these channels and maximize the traffic you can get from them.

Finally, use reliable SEO tools to help you find the best keywords to target, competitors, to watch out for, and topics to write about on your blog.

I highly suggest using Serpstat – it’s more affordable than its contemporaries and offers the same powerful features to help your site increase its organic traffic.

Thanks for reading this post! To end, here’s a question I’d like you to answer: What blog article have you written that got traffic rolling to your site? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  2. Hi, Christopher!

    I think the word “Secret Techniques” in the title of the post has a psychological effect on the visitors. The same thing happened to me, that’s why I went through the whole text. Eventually, I found the article worth reading! A big thanks to you and brother Navin as well.

  3. Fantastic article. I will try to visit the blogs of your frequent likes, commenters, rebloggers. Read and comment for them. Try to read and comment at least 10 odd blogs daily. Set two hours separately for your blog. Make post, reply comments, read blogs, leave comments. Grow as a person and make bonds, make a community of like minded people like you. Share your blog post on your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Whatsapp. WordPress, etc.

  4. Great article. The concept The secret to creating magnetic, high-traffic blog content really is well explained and has helped me a lot.

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    Awesome post. Blog commenting and Guest posting is one of the best ways to drive traffic to my blog. These are some of the proven ways to increase visitors of your blog. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips here.

    Have a Great day 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, Vish! I agree with guest posting and blogging being two of the best ways to funnel traffic to your site. I’ve been guest posting for years and has helped me generate traffic and improve my online visibility as a freelance writer.


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