Interview With Rakesh Madala Founder of Techedge

Welcome, Rakesh To Question Cage, it is been great to have a professional blogger like you here. I and our readers are excited to look into your blogging journey and learn most as possible.

Interview With Rakesh Madala Founder of Techedge

Tell me something to our Readers About you and your Blog?
Rakesh: Hi, folks! I am Rakesh Madala from Ongole, India. I am a graduate in electrical engineering. I started Blogging as a passion and now it is empowering more than 5000+ readers globally and helping them to make money from their blogs every month.

Here at TechEdge, I write about How-to, Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO, Tech News, Tips and tricks and more.

And 80% of my blog articles contain blogging tips and 10% of computer and tech tips and rest about general and educational information.

The moment which inspires you To Get Into Blogging?

Rakesh: Till the completion of my graduation, I am not that good in computer knowledge (basically I am from the electrical background). I didn’t have my personal laptop as well at that time. I approached so many organizations for the interviews but not able to crack it.

One day I took my friend’s laptop and searched for how to earn money? Then I found different ways to earn money from online like Freelancing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Gradually while searching information about making money online, I struck with name called blog.

Then after I looked for top 10 bloggers of India like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, and Imran Uddin were the few of them.

I get to know there is a way to get money from blogging if you get targeted audience for your blog.

Then after the search for the blog information more than a month. I decided to start my own blog on 2014.

First I started my blog in the blogger (free) platform. Then I thought of starting one more, and I came up with

Unfortunately, that got de-indexed by the Google, because of approving the spam comments under the blog posts.

Then, at last, I decided to start (my tech blog). Frankly speaking my failure in job searching converted into success in the blogging journey.

Voila…!!! At last, I got a job in the Start-up company as well.

What is your blogging Style?

Rakesh: There is no specific blogging style for me. I usually write for my audience what they are interested in, and also some tips for the new bloggers to learn and enhance their blogging career.

Everyone has their own style of writing. I follow my style. I have done so many A/B testings on my blog in speed and page responsiveness for different devices like mobile, tab, and laptop.

I use Georgia (font) for my texts with 12px of font size and make the alignment to the left and blog post with different sizes of heading like H1, H3 etc.

Your Strengths which helped you in your blogging career?

Rakesh: The only strength that I have is my parents. They always support in my interest either in the blogging journey and personal life.

A Blogger should have a lot of patience for researching, gathering information and to write an article in our own style.

  • Blogger always needs self-motivation. Because they don’t get instant results. It takes months to years to get back sweet fruits from the blog.
  • Commitment is the must and should for a blogger.
  • Dedication needed for a blogger. Every minute he has to think about how beautiful he can present valuable information to his audience.

If you don’t have three requirements. Then no problem. You must have a passion for blogging for becoming a successful blogger.

From where do you drive traffic from?

Rakesh: Mostly 90% of the traffic of my blog is organic. Rest 10 % from social like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

Engaging with other bloggers in the same niche helps you to get more traffic. Always get in touch with your readers try to answer their question and doubts.

Which helps to build trust with your audience.

What are your strategies for which you make readers engaged?

Rakesh: If readers to your blog are engaging to your content and asking you about doubts and questions what they have on a specific topic which you have written on your blog means readers are interacting with your content.

Tips To Engage your readers

  • Write meaningful content and add eye-catching media
  • Showcase the real-time example and give statistics of content if required.
  • Provide commenting section below the article and social sharing buttons which helps users to share the content if they like it.

Your Preferable Work Environment?

Rakesh: I usually prefer to work in the morning times and try to write when I am alone.

What are your Plans to improve more going further?

Rakesh: I am planning to work on more niche sites. I have created few subdomains like (to share job-related information), (Where I allow people to create their own professional website.

Share with our readers the Proudest moment of your blogging Career?

Rakesh:  If someone recognizes you with your blog name rather than your personal name, I think that is the proudest moment for every blogging career. When I saw few $$$ amount in the account. I felt very proud myself.

Which Authors Inspired you and turned you into a Blogger and how?

Rakesh: I always motivated myself from the top bloggers in the industry like Neil Patel (professional entrepreneur and digital marketer), Amit Agarwal (India’s first professional blogger) and  Matt cuts (Search Engine team Google).

What do you prefer doing in your spare time?

Rakesh: I usually like to spend my spare time with my parents.  I love music and playing mind games. I like to spend time, to help my father in farming. I love cooking too…

Plans for next five years in the Blogging Industry?

Rakesh:  I have few plans for next five years. To make my blog more interactive to the users and creating a brand value (this is quite a difficult task but I need to focus on).

Need to maintain my personal website with my name. Because the audience is more likely to remember me with my name.

My aim is to start a company. I am looking for the delta4 product i.e having huge demand and less supply. I will take this action after few years not right now. (need to do market search, product demand analysis, and product development research).

Challenging Moment in your blogging Career?

Rakesh:  In the earlier times of blogging. It is very difficult to get traffic Because of no page of blog indexed by search engines. Only traffic comes from social media after seeing my google analytics dashboard. I decided to quit blogging because I am getting (20-30) views a day but my parents motivated me in that situation not to quit blogging by any means.

Your Favorite Bloggers and why?

Rakesh: “My Favorite bloggers”

  • Amit Agarwal: He changed entire blogging history. Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only professional blogger at that time 2004. Apart from his blog digital inspiration, he has developed several popular web apps, Google Add-ons.
  • Neil Patel: He is New York Times best-selling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers. He writes awesome content marketing articles. I like to read his blog in my spare time.
  • Harsh Agarwal: Another famous blogger in India is Harsh Agarwal. His website covers topic about blogging, WordPress plugins, SEO, Make Money Online, and Tech Guide. He is from Delhi.i like his blog.

Imran Uddin (, Shradha Sharma ( and Srinivas tamada ( are my favorite blogs.

Most Challenging Part of the Blogging?

Rakesh:  Most challenging part of the blogging is taking the decision towards blogging and blogging as a career. Getting traffic to blog also a big challenging task for every blogger. After that one more big challenge is to make visitor stick to your content for more time (reducing Bounce rate).

How Often do you publish your articles, and how often you communicate with your readers?

Rakesh: I will always write 3-5 articles a month. When I am free that count increases a little bit.

Your Daily Spent Time on blogging?

Rakesh:  I will usually spend whole weekends and spare time after coming from the office and early in the morning I prefer to blog.

Full weekends(Saturday & Sunday) and 2-3 hours on weekdays.

Best Social Media to Drive Traffic?

Rakesh: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Some Tips To the New Bloggers – What to do and what not to?


  • A Blogger should have a clear idea to whom they are writing for. What they expect from your from your article.
  • Try to use your own domain/hosting rather than free other platforms like Blogger,, Wix, and tumbler etc.
  • It’s worth to spend money on good hosting and name. Because it is the one-time payment for the whole year so that your blog should be always up and running and no downtime.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing. Google is smarter to find these things and it can make the site get deindexed for that keywords.
  • Write high-quality content, which helps readers to stick to your blog for more time. Don’t compromise on the quality of an article.
  • Build a strong network by communicating with other bloggers and influencers in the industry.

You should have a clear one thing that you are writing for your audience.

Try to get high-quality backlinks from other high authority sites, this will improve search ranking. Do Guest posting and blog commenting on high-quality sites.

Best Blogging Tools which worked for you?

  • Google keyword planner
  • SEMrush
  • Feedburner
  • Good WordPress Plugins
  • Good Hosting

And Finally where Our Readers can follow you?

Here are my social profiles.

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  1. Hey Navin,

    It's good to know that Rakesh has follwed his venture. Many people give up on blogging within a few months.

    I like what Rakesh has mentioned about the blogging style. There is nothing particular you can focus on. You just keep writing.

    The hard part is to get the traffic for sure.
    It's not easy to please Google.

    Thanks for lighten another blogger.


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