Interview With Gaurav Kumar From eAskme: Journey Revealed

It was a pleasure to come up with an Interview with Gaurav Kumar a professional blogger. When it comes to starting something new, it is always recommended to take the help of professionals.

The same rule could be applicable in the case of blogging as well. No matter you are the new blogger or not, it is always good to take a piece of expert advice, pro bloggers are always there to help you out.

Interview With Gaurav Kumar Founder of eAskme

Today, I am glad to share the interview with an expert blogger, who is the founder of

What I know about Gaurav is that he is a blogger who makes money by helping others how to make money. He is not just a professional blogger but a great affiliate marketer and motivational speaker as well.

Now let’s learn more about Gaurav and his blogging career in his own words.

Founder of eAskme: Q and A

Hi Gaurav, It is so good to have you on my blog for this interview session. It will be great if you can share something about yourself with my readers

1. Please introduce yourself and your blog

Hi, I am Gaurav Kumar, a professional blogger and affiliate marketer from India. I am an Arts Graduate. After my graduation, I worked in various MNC`s until the time I have not found out my real passion.

eAskme has established me as a professional blogger and like you said a blogger who makes money by helping others to make money. On eAskme, it is allowed for every single person either he is a blogger or not to ask questions and I try to provide the best suitable solution in every way.

2. How did you turn into a blogger from an MNC guy?

During my MNC days, I was not aware of blogging until 2013. I was doing well in my work as I have learned a lot about how to handle and satisfy customers, but I was not satisfied with what I was doing.

I was looking for something which can help me make money online. I tried many things such as online surveys, PTC sites but those were not good to make the regular income.

It was 2013 when one day I was at a game parlor, where I met a college student who was also there to play some video game.

We both were talking about work and the internet, and he told me that there is a way to make money online and that is Blogging.

I was not aware of Blogging, so I asked how to start a blog and how to make money. He was also not much aware of things, but he has given me an idea from where should I start.

After that, I spent a few weeks doing research and launched my very first blog on Blogspot. That blog was the hit of 2013, as from the third month my blogging earning reached $500+.

That is the time when I fully devoted my life to blogging.

3. What changes Blogging bring in your life?

Being a professional blogger is definitely a life-changing event. Blogging not only helped me to live a Boss free life but also get me out of working in shifts which I hated most.

There is no doubt that blogging helps me to make money and that is why I am able to build my own house in Hoshiarpur.

Blogging not just makes you earn passive income but can be an excellent source of active income also.

Blogging also brings name and fame. The more popular a blog becomes, the more popular a blogger becomes. That is why I am being interviewed by many blogs and also get many offers from big brands like Micromax, Acer, etc.

4. How you make money with blogging?

When it comes to making money blogging there are numerous opportunities available online.

Still, newbie bloggers focus on Adsense only. There is no doubt that Adsense is the best contextual ad network that pays much better than other similar networks, but there are many other ways that help a blogger make much more money than Adsense.

I make money not just from Adsense and Bing but also with:

5. What is the best place to start a blog between Blogspot and self-hosted WordPress?

We all know that free things always come with limitations. You can start a blog for free on Blogspot, but there are various limitations like you cannot have full control, and Google can anytime take down your blog with content.

But the Self-hosted WordPress blog is always better if you are ready to invest in your blogging. You can not only do SEO really quickly but also have full control over the content of your blog.

I have also created a few helpful guides for newbie bloggers such as Domain Name Guide and blogging for money guide. So I say that a self-hosted WordPress blog is always better than a blog on Blogspot?

6. How you promote your blog posts?

Promotion is the thing that consumes most of the time in the life of a blogger. There is a well talked 80:20 rule where 20% time goes to writing 80% time goes to promotions. But this is not for everyone.

After publishing my article, I promote it on various

  • Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
  • Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg,, etc.
  • Email list.

7. What are your favorite blogs?

Blogging is a continuous journey of a learner. A pro blogger also knows where he can get inspiration and learn things before anyone else can do.


8. Recommend the most efficient blogging tools?

There are many tools available online. But here I am sharing what I found the best.

  • Ahrefs
  • SEO Powersuite
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Facebook Power Editor
  • Hootsuite
  • SEMrush

9. Please share where my readers can connect with you?

As you know there are various blogs under my shadow.

  • eAskme: You have a question, We have the answer
  • WikiAskme: On-Demand Technology Blog
  • Wiki health blog: A complete health Pedia
  • iOSCrunch: Micro niche blog
  • AwardWinningBlog: How to win as a New Blogger

Also, Connect with me on my social networks


10. What is the message for Readers?

To readers, you want to start something new or blogging, then you should be serious about that. Always believe your instincts.

Also, Blogging is for all. If you want to start a blog, start it now. Start living your own blogging journey before anyone else can take your blog name.

11. What a reader can learn from Gaurav Kumar’s Interview:

I would like to thank Gaurav Kumar for sparing his precious time for a pro blogger interview session.

Anyone can start a blog, but it takes time and effort before you actually start making money. Making money blogging is not an overnight thing. Build your brand and be big like pro bloggers and you have money that you can only dream about.

So what you have learned from this Interview of Gaurav Kumar? If you have any question feels free to share via comments.

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  1. Great interview with Gaurav, Navin.
    I love reading the success stories of other pro blogger.
    They inspire me to push forward and work hard toward my goals.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Gaurav has helped me to become a professional blogger. He has also helped me to find my way into this competitive online world.

    It is an honor to read his interviews on various sites and publications.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello uttam ji, Gaurav is a very good blogger and your can learn a lot from his blog. You can find him on facebook or directly from his blog. Which I had already linked above in the article..
    Thanks..happy learning..

  4. I am Uttam Kumar Nath a retiree of Indian Air Force and would like to join with Gaurav Kumar Ji to learn fully about Self-hosted WordPress blog. Please help me out. Anxiously awaiting for your reply Sir.

  5. There are very few blogger who are really professional and also enjoy what they do. I see that Gaurav is doing blogging in really great way. I am really inspired from his work and efforts in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing his interview.

    • Hey Pooja, Thanks for landing here. Yes, it could be inspiring to see the established Bloggers.
      And that might took a lot of effort and hard work.

      Gaurav is doing well, surprisingly with his several blogs. Which is really appreciatable…!

  6. Yes, Gaurav had a great time in blogging. And has the ablility to inspire many bloggers with his skills.
    Thanks for going through his journey in this article Sona..!!

  7. Hi Navin,

    It is so great to learn about the life of a professional blogger. Gaurav has done a great in the field of blogging. It is also good to know that you have shared his interview here.

    Keep sharing more.


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