7 Best Types of Content Marketing Strategies To Grow Online

When you hear the word content marketing, what do you think exactly?

Well, everyone has some ideas about the strategies and significance of content marketing right?

But they have no idea about the placement of types of content, basically comes with the documented strategies they create with the goals of content marketing they dream to go for their business.

So, you should know the kinds of content and then line them with your business which will be beneficial to you.

What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Well, content marketing is a platform where various types of information are used in a very interesting manner so that it will attract the clients and obtain their concentration for you and your business.

So, basically it is a marketing process to get attention from the customers, yes it is!

Numerous types of content marketing ways exist in today’s world – including e-books, blogs, press news, most popularly social media content and infographics, slideshows, case studies, white papers, webinars as mentioned above and website content etc.

Content marketing is becoming so much popular in the world nowadays that most of the companies use it.

Creating blogs or updating posts in their accounts in social media has become very common people, yes it is true! This is the current trend and you better adapt to it!

Not just that, even uploading online videos and downloading white papers, infographics are used for content marketing every single day.

Since content marketing is at the topmost level in the digital industry! So, you do need to get some knowledge about the kinds of the platform. Don’t you? So let’s have a look!

Various Kinds of Content Marketing Strategies

Here are some of the different kinds of strategies that you can try for content marketing.

1. Blogging or Guest Posting

Well, now you know!! When you or particularly anyone posts on social media sites, you will get the views. Doesn’t that sound like something very simple to do? Of course, it does. You even get attention in just a minute right?

why blogging for business

So, blogging about your industry will catch the eyes of your clients and you will get a very quick response.

When specialists in the industry do blogging it attracts the customers. Also, it is really important to make a blogging schedule, probably weekly or daily.

2. Infographics

Okay, so Infographics are very useful for visual learners and it is mainly performed in huge visual platforms such as Pinterest. Yeah, that’s right, Pinterest a popular platform due to the images and used widely to drive traffic.

Visuals definitely perform the performs best compared to any other form of content. And creating those is not a rocket science at all. There are plenty of tools which will help you out to create a stunning infographic in no time, Choose a perfect infographic maker now and get started. Infographics will help you to build backlinks for free.

It explains the toughest ideas in a very simple way so it makes the understanding process easy for the learners.

3. Webinars

Well, everyone knows about webinars. No doubt, their accessibility has been increasing since the technology’s improvement in parallel platforms.

In these days, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Skype are making it pretty easy to give numerous tutorials, instructions about any topic, discussions from a suitable destination.

You can just go ahead and start your conversation from home, office, and pretty much anywhere.

4. Podcast

Yes, in the present day the podcasts have gained much popularity and have become much famous since people are able to listen to excellence content at home, gym, office, at work or even while traveling.

If you are planning to generate a podcast in your strategy in content marketing you should get compelling premises and a story-driven which will make a great interest for the audience.

5. Whitepapers

See, white papers are being used in showing your knowledge in some particular place. It includes mainly images, pictures, and clear graphs.

The logo must be visible and you just need to give some attention in your report layout.

White papers basically make all the doubts clear for your audience. So it is a solution for the customers’ questions and it also strengthens your credibility.

6. Video Marketing

Well, videos are given that much important in content marketing because you just can easily advertise your content to customers.

Online video marketing

It is very interesting and entertaining, that a simple message can be sent through such little effort.

Also, it is really helpful in attracting clients as well. So, there is no doubt that it will be really helpful for your marketing strategy.

But, you must be aware of your videos. Once it is outdated, try to upload a new one with current information.

7. Images

Well, images also play an important and significant role in attracting your clients because images explain so many things that you can never explain with the simple text.

Images with high quality, striking visuals, and a good design will make you spread the message across and will also help in attracting your customers.

Final Words on How to go about Content Marketing

So, now you know the different forms and strategies of content marketing. You must be ready to claim the success.

However, while you select the strategies for content marketing, you just can’t simply choose the particular method that is mentioned above because there are certain budget limitations for some. You must be careful of the other factors as well.

Choose wisely people and you will see the best of results.


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  1. #1 is my runaway favorite buddy. I write and publish at least 1 guest post daily and have done so for many, many years. I get to help folks, expand my presence and I leverage my blogging brand through guest posting. Build bonds. Gain guest blogging invites. What a simple, clean, lovely process.

  2. Hey Navin,

    Awesome article. I have heard somewhere that converting your post into other formats is the wisest thing.

    For instance, this article can easily be converted to video and you would get an advantage on both video and reading front.

    Many big brands are doing this. Converting their article into other forms.
    Great article. Keep up the good work

    • Yeah, Bhawna, repurposing the content is one of the finest way to use the content and promote it in several ways, video, infographics, slideshows, memes and more, various ways. one content can bring a lot of traffic from several platforms.


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