6 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Stops Business Growth

Businesses are aggressively into the social media marketing these days and likely to create a brand around their business. And that is all for a valid reason which makes sense if done in the right way.

Apparently, Social media is too crowded, with a lot of users seeking to consume meaningful content. That means you have to stand out to make it right and better visibility. Obviously following the principles to grow your startup to the next level.

Social Media is one of the popular ways to showcase your product and services at least cost.

And as the users are kept on growing, there is the immense scope. And we already have proven perfect Social media platforms for any businesses.

Here is the analytics report by Statista, explaining users on social media currently and also the number of users can be expected until 2021.

Number of Social Media Users Worldwide 2010-2021 (In Billions)

number of social media users

So, What are the things to avoid in your social media strategies.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes you need to stop doing

No Strategy for your posts

Doesn’t matter which Social media platform you are using for exposure, you should have a clear strategy behind every post.

It should be clear, what you would like to achieve with that particular post. Traffic, Leads, Problem Solving?

Assume, you have created some content and posted on social media, but ultimately is not solving your reader’s problem.

Doesn’t matter what was the post about, whether you are offering services, how to guides, it should have an intent behind that.

And in order to know that, all you have to do going through it from readers or client perspective. A problem-solving content always converts into leads.

Not Spying your Competitors Social Accounts

The online industry is too big, so whatever your business is all about, you won’t be the only player over there.


In that scenario, can you really afford to ignore your competitor’s Social accounts and know their strategy? Keeping an eye on competitors is always going to be wise, not to copy them. But, to be ahead of them.

Read: There are few tools which will help you spying your competitors and keyword research as well. My personal recommendation is SEMrush

Follow them, you will be able to know about the influencers in the similar industry, bloggers, discover the whole community around your niche.

These practices are going to bring the difference and certainly, you could see a lot of open doors in no time.

Using all social Media Network Simultaneously

There are a hell lot of potential social media which are perfectly suitable for promotions. But, all cannot come into your plate.

You have to try a handful of them and pick a few which are working the best for any business.

It is going to be wise to be active on a few of them, instead of going for all and not able to provide value and time.

And if the business would like to spread on all social media accounts, then hiring someone who could manage all the accounts would be value for money.

There are a few biggest social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ are a perfect fit for all the niche.

Make your brand popular on a few and move on to others. Although there is nothing wrong with experimenting more, but not too many at the same time.

Posting Too Much Or Probably Not Enough

Promoting aggressively is good for your business, but only with a decent strategy in mind.

Posting on social media without a proper schedule doesn’t make any sense. Things can go wrong when you overdo it as it could leave a negative impact on the social media users being a spammer.

And I am sure none of the startups want that. Building credibility is always the way to go in your social media strategy.

And on the other hand, spreading value will be the key, don’t post just for the sake of posting something.

Not Identifying the targeted Audience

Are your singing, where no one to listen at all.

This would be the biggest mistake if your business fails to find the right audience who could be interested in your niche.

Who can be your customers and returning again and again, who can join your community, and what not?

Here is the demographics social media usage according to the groups.

Social Platform Users Demographic

Although, this is just for an instance. Your business prospects might have somewhere else. a deeper study of your social media accounts and a proper Analyzation will help out your actual Targeted Audience.

Not Looking into Analytics

Number Speaks Louder! my teacher used to say. Haha!

In Social Media Marketing, if your business ignoring numbers and the progress reports, it would be something like running in the darkness with the destination.

The Analytics will make you understand how your social media strategies are working and how to go about it further. Reacting to it and making new strategies will make you reach, where you wanted to be.

Probably it seems difficult, but there are plenty of Social Media Management tools, which makes things easier. And at the same time will give you a better picture of like shares you are getting.

Your website is receiving new footprints from which social media channel, the age group of people who are interested in your post and more.

If you going to ignore all such statistics, you are certainly running in the wrong direction.

Final Words on Social Media Marketing

Social media is no more the same as earlier. It’s been a wonderful platform for Content Marketing, none of us can deny it. It’s going to be so powerful for any brand if used wisely.

Having a Decent strategy and coming up with something new every day going to be paid off. Remember consistency is going to be the key aspect to thrive online.

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13 thoughts on “6 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Stops Business Growth”

  1. Hi Navin,
    the biggest mistake in my opinion is using too many social media networks at once Even if you’re a ninja in all of them (you’re not) each day only has 24h in it, and we need to be prudent with our business time. Social is great but is not the whole business.
    The answer of course is to pick the channel that your audience hangs out the most.

  2. Hello Navin,

    Awesome Post. We always ignore the analytics of our social media campaigns which give us a detailed report and help us to take a vital decision to make most out of your social media marketing. Thank you again for sharing such an informative post.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I am a Florida State licensed air conditioning contractor. I can tell you one thing, which I have learned from many years of experience: Customer feedback is the lifeblood of every successfull business.


    • Absolutely Joe, while marketing on social media its important to connect with the existing customers and ask their opinion to make the product better and eventually grow in business. Great addition, thanks

  4. Hey Navin,

    Awesome article. It is really important to know about what and what isn’t working for us.
    Many brands make social media profile on all the network and then struggle with followers. Knowing where your target audience is the best thing a brand can do.


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