Should You Invest In Explainer Video Production?

Making an online presence is challenging and demanding. Most people don’t know how to do it, and they are overwhelmed with information. There is all this talk about search engine optimisation, rankings, marketing, landing pages, and videos. So which one should you pick from all of them? Is there a better way to tackle these problems?

Indeed there is. A solution that can help you in all of those areas is an explainer video. They have been all over the Internet the past year, and they are here to stay. It’s a great way to do many things at once, as our elders say – hitting two birds with one stone. Now, we all know that search engines rank your website based on the time people spend on your site.

An easy way to extend that time is to put an explainer video right in the middle of your landing page. This will keep your visitors engaged, it will clarify your message and product, and it will help you rank higher in the results. It also helps in boosting the marketability of your business. So, are there any other benefits from investing in explainer video brisbane production?

It’s much faster than reading

Even if you have an excellent copy on your page, most people would instead click on a video. Humans have shorter attention spans now. It’s much easier to process information when you are watching a video. There are fun animations, moving parts, and people are talking to make it feel more personal. Much more effort goes into a video, and that’s why the rewards are bigger too.

There is the fact that the state’s information from a video is processed 50 thousand times faster than text. This alone should make you put a video on the front page of your site. But, remember to make the optical presentation start without sound, since many people may be visiting your website in public. No one wants a loud noise from their phone when in a crowd.

Get a much higher Ranking

Video Production

Search engine trends come and go. However, videos will stay for a long time. That’s because stale websites are not doing so well nowadays. A lot of old pages that have a lot of text and a low amount of images are pushed away by newer sites. All of the more modern sites are based on adhering to all the customer’s needs.

Opening a site full of text will scare away customers that are willing to buy right on the spot. Recent research suggests that it takes an average person less than a minute to decide whether to buy something online. Make the most out of that minute and make the presentation wow them in a few seconds.

It will immediately grab your visitor’s attention, and you will also be higher in Google’s search results. The exact number is fifty-three times higher. It will also allow you to market yourself in the second-best search engine, YouTube. That will do wonders for your business.

It will help you develop a connection with your audience

This year, the main focus is put on customer experience. They need to feel connected with your brand. That means that you need to display your message and make it clear. What you stand for will be the main reason that customers would like to do business with you.

Your story will also help them see what kinds of problems you faced. They will feel just like you did, and they will know that because you understand them, your product is going to be the solution they need. That’s especially true when you upload an animated video. Since it’s animated, you can showcase exactly what you want.

A good editor can even put in a visual representation of your buyer persona. That will build an increased connection with your audience. It can also evoke the feeling of nostalgia, which will cause your audience to overflow with positive emotions. As soon as you can reach in their feelings, you have a loyal customer.

Videos have a great shelf life

Explainer Video Production

When you invest in great content, you need to know that you are going to use it for a while. Daily articles are no longer trendy. People want articles and videos full of information. And, as a business owner, you need to be concerned with your return of investment, or ROI.

A recent survey showed that 55 percent of businesses think video content has the highest return of investment. You will get the money you invested in it after a few months. If it’s a great campaign, you can reuse it after a couple of years too. This type of media is suitable because you can extend it or tweak it, and you have another piece of content.

It could also go viral and make you be seen worldwide. Unfortunately, no one knows the formula to create a viral video. It’s something that happens spontaneously when something is incredibly useful or incredibly funny. But, no one can say that it can’t happen. Sometimes, hiring a company like Vebu Explainer Videos can help you do the job.

A few final words

Investing in explained video production will be a gift that keeps on giving. You get an enormous amount of benefits. It’s versatile, and people can watch them on mobiles and desktops. This will set you apart from your competition, and it will give you a considerable edge.

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