4 Tips to Build a Viral Online Presence

So you want to appear to be everywhere online?

Join the club.

Every blogger or online entrepreneur wants to create the illusion of being all over the place.

Take a deep breath; this is no easy tasks at first. Conventional thinking tells you to try like hell to create a viral blog post or viral video, then the viral nature of the creation will handle the rest of the legwork.

Fat chance.

Creating a viral online presence is a full 180 from creating a viral online blog post. One is about helping people through as many channels as possible without attaching much to outcomes. The other is about trying to knock it out of the park through one creation, attaching heavily to outcomes, trying to squeeze as much as possible through the creation.

The first step to establishing a viral online presence is to think and act abundantly.

1. Adopt an Abundant Mindset

Do you know how most folks want to get as much traffic as possible through one blog post or video, promoting it in a gazillion places for days or even weeks, before publishing another piece of content?

Forget about that. Being heavily attached to one piece of content is the great viral online presence killer.

Focus on 2-3 channels of courseblogging, social media, video, etc – but create content generously across a wide range of sites.

Appear to be everywhere by appearing to be….everywhere.

Be generous.

Act abundantly.

Be in a thousand places at once by helping people in many different spots.

Be less concerned with promoting one piece of content in hundreds of places.

Create hundreds of pieces of content across many channels.

Think, act and be abundant to build a viral online presence.

2: Clarify Your Intent

Get clear on your intent.

Aim to help people generously through a variety of online channels.

Doing so helps you dissolve the commonly held fear of spreading yourself too thin. No way you run yourself ragged when the focus is on having fun serving people versus trying to get traffic or money through a singular piece of content you create.

Set your intent from love, not fear.

Being everywhere becomes easier if your predominant goal is to give, not to get.

3: Focus on 2-3 Prime Channels

Focus creating and networking through 2-3 prime channels.

Become an authority in one area. Become a known commodity in a few areas.

Example, focus on blogging as your authority channel. Publish posts persistently to your blog. Guest post on top blogs in your niche. Build your reputation through this one channel. Its important to understand personal reputation management in order to increase your online visibility. For example, you can watch here useful videos of how companies create their own web pages in order to build their reputation.

Add 2-3 other prime channels through which you create and connect. Perhaps blog commenting and doing live broadcasts on Facebook and Periscope can round out your chief points of contact.

By maintaining an active, engaging presence on 2-3 sites you lay the foundation for appearing to be everywhere.

Someone interested in the blogging tips niche may see your guest posts on 5 different blogs. Said individual then see the latest post on your blog plus your latest Periscope live video.

You may appear to be an omnipresent demi-god (a good one) to this person just by popping up in a few spots online but through adding other exposure channels you really develop a viral online presence.

4: Add a Rich Array of Secondary and Tertiary Channels

Expect to see some success by generously helping people through your prime channels.

Comment on blogs to build friendships with top bloggers. Mention established bloggers through your blog posts and guest posts. Sow the seeds for prospering, co-promoting, mutually beneficial friendships.

All good.

But take things up 50 notches by spending 5-10 minutes daily on a wide range of sites related to your niche.

Consider helping people on Twitter, Facebook, G Plus, LinkedIn, and Quora. Generously serve people on niche specific Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities.

Be brief but helpful. Even if you answer 2 questions on Quora daily the compounding effect of seemingly small but persistent helpful acts helps you to build a viral online presence.

You will appear to be all over the place when you help folks through a wide range of online channels.

The Biggest Mental Block to Dissolve

Building and maintaining a viral online presence requires you to detach largely from outcomes like traffic and page views. If you aren’t devoting 12 hours a day to one online marketing strategy you obviously won’t see as much traffic through any one of the 7 to 10 or more channels you work on a daily basis.

Dissolve the fear of not seeing enough returns on any one approach by detaching largely from metrics.

The goal is not to check how you are doing or what you are getting from any one approach.

The intent is to see how you can help folks through a wide array of online channels.

Developing a viral online presence inspires you to be helpful on many sites. The end game is giving freely so that you help folks and the bonus or extra or icing on the cake is reaping the sweet benefits of appearing to be everywhere in your niche.

The level of familiarity you establish with your target audience will lead to increased blog traffic, boosted profits, features on top sites and all types of sugary sweet benefits that sprint to anybody who provides service from a large detached, abundant energy.

The eBook

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Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you developing a viral online presence?

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    Again another excellent post on an outstanding topic. You all time proved your words true and this time also you made it man. I haven’t not too much experience with making an online presence but yes through helping people and giving answers to their questions we can make an online presence for ourselves. Also, doing the Guest post or blog commenting or giving the answer on Quora, we able to left our footprint. Thanks man for sharing another great piece of content and have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Ryan,

    Very informative and great post. Creating a viral online presence is very important to become successful online. Connecting with people online and providing quality and relevant information helps to build a wide audience base and increase your online presence. Thanks for sharing these great insights.

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