Tailwind Review: Boost up your Instagram Marketing

The world of social media resources has been developed greatly in the last few years. The majority of smartphone users are now using these resources to stay connected with their friends, relatives, and the entire world.

Instagram has emerged as one of the most used social media resources in the past few years. It has provided a greater platform for different companies and businesses to get an extended amount of business needs.

If you are also willing to improve the visibility of your Instagram account and its management, you need to have some best tools in hand.

But do you think all the tools being available in the market are quite efficient in providing the best result?

Of course not.

The majority of them lack somewhere in features and functionality. We very well understand the needs of a growing business and that’s why we have come forward with the best Instagram marketing tool. Tailwind is created to supercharge your Instagram.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is one of the leading social media management tools that have made it quite easier to manage your different social media account such as Instagram and Pinterest effectively.

It is a wonderful tool that has made the completion of different automation tasks and social media marketing quite easier and interesting.

If you are willing to improve the traffic and followers towards your Instagram account, Tailwind is the perfect source that can help you a lot in the same. Being fully loaded with a lot of features, this tool has effectively helped a lot of people in growing up their business.

Let’s Talk About Tailwind Features – Instagram

TailWind Instagram Features

Are you finding Tailwind interesting?

Are you looking forward to knowing in deep about it? If yes, just get relaxed as Tailwind is there to help you with the best.

Tailwind has emerged as a smart way to schedule on Instagram and Pinterest.

This tool has made the automatic optimization of Instagram and Pinterest much easier. Users are free to schedule their social media sources now to engage more audience at the right time.

It is the best time-saver tool that has made the creation of multiple posts from any website very convenient. If you are willing to explore the world of unique features of Tailwind, just stay connected with us to know more.

1. New Awesome and Smart Scheduling

Taillwind Grid Plan

Tailwind has made it quite easier to create and post different kinds of Instagram posts from your account effortlessly.

The tool comes up with a drag and drops calendar that is quite intuitive and easy to go on.

You just have to synchronize your Instagram business account with an associated Facebook Business Page to initiate the lead further.

Tailwind also comes up with smart scheduling features to find out the perfect time slots for different days.

You can now easily post on your Instagram account at your preferred timing without any failure and that has helped in improving content and its engagement with the readers more.

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3. Tailwind New Hashtag Tool

Tailwind HashTag Finder

Tailwind is being featured with Hashtag Finder Tool. If you don’t know much about it, let me explain the same to you. You might have seen different hashtag options on different Instagram posts usually.

If you are a newbie and don’t the way to get it perfectly on your post, this tool is going to help you a lot. The tool will help you in finding out the relevant hashtags to your posts and niche perfectly.

4. Drag and Drop Scheduling – Visual Planning

Tailwind is being featured with a perfect Drag and Drop scheduling that makes it quite easier to check whether your Instagram post is looking perfect or not.

You can simply schedule a post just by opting for drag and drop solutions and can make it interesting as per your preferences.

5. Content Plans

Tailwind Content Plans

Tailwind also includes Content Plans features in it. Content is one of the major attributes of every product or service.

It is the way to explore that product or services more. But what to do if you are having some issues with your content and don’t know where to get started with? Content Plans emerge as a great help at this moment.

This feature will help you in extracting ready to use post ideas from a wide range of options. You just have to select a one and then have to customize it as per your business preferences.

6. Direct Unsplash Integration

For starting up a successful Instagram campaign on your professional Instagram account, one needs to have Unsplash integration with your Instagram account.

Tailwind comes up with a wide range of features such as schedule stories, saved hashtags lists, hide hashtags in the first comment, post inspector, and much more.

7. Easy tracking

Tailwind offers users the freedom to easily tracking the different activities and trends going all around.

Users are now free to check out someone’s comments on your Instagram posts and can monitor key performance indicators as well.

If you are willing to improve the insights of analytics you can easily do it simply by identifying important metrics and tasks also.

8. Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing is one of the other major reasons why a large number of people have been admired and are using it.

Users are free to start their journey with this wonderful tool just at a signup amount of $9.99 per monthly. Users can check out the 30 days free trial period also to experience the services before finally opting for it.

Tailwind Free Trial is based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 scheduled Instagram posts, you can’t ignore anymore.

Conclusion: Is the Tailwind Tool for You?

If you just have started up your company or a business and are willing to improve the traffic towards it by using your business Instagram account, Tailwind is the perfect source that can help you out in the same.

Coming up with a very shorter budget packaging this tool has made it quite easier to enjoy Instagram marketing very conveniently.

We have tried to elaborate on one of the finest social media marketing tools i.e. Tailwind along with its detailed features here.

I hope it will have resolved your different queries related to Tailwind effectively.

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