8 Tips for Leveraging Instagram into Digital Branding

Do you know that according to recent stats, Instagram’s active monthly users have surpassed 1 billion? Surprising, isn’t it? In a short time, this social media forum has gained immense popularity. Thanks to those two friends who came up with the idea.

This photo and video sharing site has evolved into a massive global community. Instagram has made brands go creative with their visual content. Because no one wants to miss such a huge forum and massive audiences. You can imagine the popularity of Instagram that even ISPs have made their official pages. I came across an Instagram page of Cox where they were advertising Cox Internet plans with the help of visuals. How creative is that?

8 Ways to Leverage Instagram into Digital Branding

Here are some tried and tested tips to build your brand using Instagram:

  • Engage with Your Targeted Niche
  • Consistency
  • More Calls-to-Action
  • Host Giveaways and Contests
  • Use the My Story Feature Creatively
  • Engage Your Audience with Inspirational and Beautiful Posts to See More Conversion
  • Follow the Hashtag Culture
  • Get Creative with Highlighting Your Products

Let’s elaborate on them.

Engage with Your Targeted Niche

Doesn’t it sound simple? It actually is. You need to find the brands similar to your niche and then do the standard Instagram drill, that is Follow, Like, and Comment! When you interact with pages and brands, which are from your industry, they will help you grow your brand too. Not only you will gain more exposure, but you will also build up a loyal community of eager followers. They will engage with the posts you share recurrently. And that plays a major role in getting your posts exposure with the IG algorithm. More engagement means more users will be able to see them.

For instance, if you are a makeup artist, engage with makeup brands and follow other makeup artists across the globe. If you are talented and you manage to get exposure, you can actually end up becoming the brand ambassador of gigantic makeup brands.


Consistency is the key to success. Be regular with your posts. Ideally, you should create a theme and then create posts, which revolve around it. Staying active on Instagram means a minimum of four posts a week. For those who don’t have a social media manager, it may seem a little daunting but posting once a day is a good practice. Making categories of posts is also a good idea. For instance, posts which revolve around personal lifestyle, family, friends, etc. And posts which involve motivational stuff. This will create a clean and creative image.

More Calls-to-Action

Incorporate more call-to-action content in your captions! It is one of the certain ways to have more engagement and follower count. For instance, ask your viewers to LIKE or COMMENT about whatever you post. Asking them which country they belong to is a great idea too. Get creative. Give your followers importance and address them more. This will make them engage and relate more to your page.

Host Giveaways and Contests

Contest and Giveaways are the staples of Insta culture! People just love them. Giveaway is a great way to lure in a gigantic number of followers. Even if you offer your whole range of makeup, for instance, it’s worth it! The popular terms and conditions of entering Instagram Giveaways are tagging 5 friends, liking the posts, following a recommended page, and so on. The investment is totally worth it!

Use the My Story Feature Creatively

Take advantage of the My Story feature and document your brand via it. If your followers are enjoying your products and sharing your posts, you can show them some love using this very feature. Re post their content or feedback. This practice will help you get more credibility. You can also share your lifestyle visuals in it. Since it is deleted automatically in 24 hours, you get to be more creative posting new stuff every time. Sharing BTS (behind the scenes) of a product photo shoot or photos of your team members are great ideas too!

Engage Your Audience with Inspirational and Beautiful Posts to See More Conversion

Instagram started off with the idea of sharing beautiful pictures. A good picture is considered art and it evokes emotion. Use your photography creatively for your brand awareness. Take the help of photo apps to make the images more captivating!

Follow the Hashtag Culture

Hashtag culture is another staple of Instagram. You can use them to maximize your reach. Instagram users love hashtags and with Instagram’s incredible ability to do the organic search, getting more exposure with hashtags is logical. While Instagram is a social site, it is essentially a search engine. And people love to make pertinent searches with hashtags. For instance, if they are to search for a new makeup palette launch, they would probably type #urban decay #borntorunpalette. Got our point?

Get Creative with Highlighting Your Products

Highlight creatively to get more engagement. Spark people’s enthusiasm with something more creative than just a regular filter. Infuse the right color and intensity to highlight your products. For instance, if you want to highlight one internet package such as Xfinity Triple Play as promotional out of many, it’s a good idea to write all its feature in a bright-hued font.

Good Luck!

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