7 Strategies will Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

Are you looking to grow Instagram followers right away ethically?

Nowadays, people are so much connected with social media, right?

And that screams louder about the opportunity to grow your online business, here we are about to talk about rapidly growing social channel Instagram.

If you are familiar with it than you must have tried a lot for Instagram branding and showcase your business and services.

Did, it worked? If not then, this is worth a read for you to make the best out of it.

I know even an Instagram account can make you so frustrated when the follower numbers drop out!

Well, while that seems to be a problem, but are you sure that you are doing everything in the proper way to grow your Instagram followers?

If you are in a dilemma, no worries, I have covered it all in this post.

No.. no.. you don’t have to buy followers for Instagram growth at all, all the tips are ethical and legit and do not impact a lot on your wallet.

We use so many methods to grow our Instagram account organically.

We even take the help of ‘bots’ that make your account a limited one and also restrict the visibility of the content which is really worse.

Grow Instagram Followers Organically: What You Need To Do

We all know the term Instagram shadowban, the worse situation of our account. It’s true, people!

We choose many other parties for doing everything that we can to grow our Instagram audience. However, when the tactics fail to show results, that’s where the frustration is.

But, no worries! You are not going to face such situations. All you have to do is go through the following tips.

You can upgrade your account and reach a higher level without using those false methods. Yes! Just have a look!

1. Research Is A Must

The first thing you need to do is proper research on your audience.

What are their interests in you, their opinion on your posts and everything else? When you get the target audience your account will go higher!

Here are a few tips in terms of understanding your audience. Let’s have a quick look!

  • Get an overall idea of your audience. Follow their opinions, when they are active. Have a quick study on them!
  • Always stay alert about your competitors who have the same audience type as you have. Study their posts, the way of using their tones. Most importantly focus on successful competitors. That way you will know your competition.
  • You know, all the famous stars, whenever they post something on social media they always ask for feedback to their followers. You must ask your audience about such things as well.

2. Plan Ahead Always

Well, whenever you are planning to post something then you need to do some pre-arrangement before that.

You must be absolutely sure about the materials you are using. These materials should be available so that they can be visualized.

You don’t want any absence in your content, do you?

3. Post Likes And Comments On The Other Accounts That Are Similar To Yours

Okay, so liking on other’s posts and following them so that you can get likes or a follow back is definitely not going to work.

But like them so that you can get exposure. The more you will get exposed the higher your account will grow.

Also, one thing you need to do is comment on the famous posts with a strong opinion. That’s a great way to catch the audience’s eyes.

Asking a justified question is always a great idea, right?

4. Promoting Is The Key

If you are struggling and don’t know how to grow your Instagram business account, then certainly promoting could be the key aspect you should go ahead with.

Well, you know, all the popular stars don’t miss a single channel or show to promote their new upcoming movies. The same is the case here.

This is a great opportunity that you can’t miss to promote yourself.

Update your Instagram post on a channel like Facebook which has a high capacity to find a huge audience or you can also use Tumblr.

Not only this, but you can also add widgets on to your Facebook account which will help you in displaying the Instagram feed. Thumbs up!

Another interesting update is that you can share your stories on your Facebook wall.

Remember one thing, mention your Instagram ID wherever you post on other channels. Your audience will surely visit your profile.

5. Make Sure That You Use Geo-Location And Tags As Well

Whenever you are posting a feed on social media in a quite famous place, you must mention the place.

Also, while you are working with another company or brand you must tag them along with your posts. Mention them in your feed!

And, in reposting any content you must tag to their account.

In case, if someone wants to share your content, suggest a reminder to tag you along with their post as well.

Don’t worry! You will get the full credit!

6. Use Collabs As Well As Other Influence Marketing Options

As we all know, partnerships are so helpful if we use in the right way. So, you need to find an Instagram partner who has a similar audience to you.

First, make an agreement to share your content and ideas of posting. When you get a partner your audience rate will increase and automatically engaged your account.

Another method is to find an influencer marketing strategy. Yes, it is quite hard to find one but it will be really helpful for extra exposure.

7. Use Fresh Content To Make It Hot And Trending

Creating something new is always an excitement for your audience. Make sure whatever you are creating fits perfectly well with your company.

You can also play with Boomerangs and try to get the opinions of your audience.

Fresh content always attracts the new audience and eventually you would be able to grow your Instagram followers organically. No tricks here.

Use different types of features that are available and do some experiments with the stickers and face masks.

Try some filters. Instagram has the potential to engage and attract new followers.

Final Words on Growing your Instagram Followers

Instagram became one of the largest places for business branding and driving traffic.

The better your social visibility is, the better you stand well online and compete with your competitors.

So, go through all the methods and no one can stop you in the way of your success!

Share with me which tips you are going to follow right away to grow your Instagram followers.

What other tips you can add to grow Instagram account?

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4 thoughts on “7 Strategies will Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically”

  1. Hello Navin bro,

    Thank you for sharing these tips. Point #3 got my attention. I was actually missing this. And i will definitely use this strategy.

    One more thing. Could you also help me understand how to use tags? I read that we need to use the niche-specific tags that are used in 1000s of other posts. However, this didn’t work for me.

    So can you help me to understand how to use tags on Instagram in the right way?

    • Well, it works in the same way as Facebook Algo works, if you like and comments on others post, your visibility will increase too. When you engage with others content, your posts to start appearing on their feed and chances are very high that they will engage too.

      And yeah proper hashtags are really important in Instagram marketing. Many searches take places through the hashtags. All we need to do it make the tags very relevant. For instance, if its a quote, then you want to include hashtags like #quotes #quoteoftheday #inspirationalquotes and so on..

      Though Instagram provides suggestions on hashtags too, you can also take help of some hashtag suggestion tools available online


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