4 Tips For Smarter Blog Branding {Effective Ones}

Branding isn’t just for the billion-dollar businesses of the world.

People think of iconic companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike and Google when they ponder branding.

Individual bloggers are usually an afterthought, especially when aspiring bloggers debate whether or not to go the branded blogging route.

Big mistake.

The easiest way to stand out from a crowded blogging niche is by branding your blog intelligently.

Creating helpful content and building bonds with top bloggers are not enough if you want to reach the next level.

Carefully designing an eye-popping, memorable blogging brand boosts your traffic and profits.

Allowing your brand to bleed through all you do online aids you in landing features on world-renowned blogs.

Follow these tips to brand your blog effectively.

1: Pay Up to Play Up

pay up and play up

Pay up to play up.

This one trips up even the most determined, dedicated bloggers.

You can do everything right with the remaining tips but ignoring this step guarantees both your blogging and branding failure.

Pay money to buy your domain and hosting. This is non-negotiable because you need to own a branded domain name to make an impact online.

Invest in a premium or bespoke theme to create a one of a kind brand design. Premium themes rock but spending money on a custom theme unlike any on earth is an effective way to brand your blog intelligently.

Good branding is memorable branding. What better way to create a memorable brand than by owning your domain name and genuine, bespoke theme?

If you fear to spend money on your blog understand this: it takes money to build a respected business, online or offline. ‘Branding requires funding.’

Dig deeper into your money-related fears.

Most times this is the fear of failure manifest as the majority of bloggers believe they will waste (not spend) money on their blog branding, being convinced that they will ultimately fail.

2: Stay on Topic


Stay on topic.

Persistently program your readers with your clear, powerful brand message.

If you stay on topic with each post you will condition readers to respond favorably to your brand message.

In essence, every on topic, aligned blog post is like a branded commercial for your blog and brand, not unlike commercials on television or the internet.

Avoid straying off topic because doing so dilutes your brand.

If you blog about building an online business for months then publish 3 posts related to developing a positive mindset you will confuse readers.

What is your brand message? Are you the online business building blogger or the positive thinking blogger?

Stay on topic with every single post. Align your pages, your videos, your podcasts and your blog design with your core brand message.

From your domain name, to brand logo, to your sidebar to your footer, every element must vibe with your brand to make a seismic impact on the mind of readers.

One off topic post is OK here and there – perhaps a wedding or other big life event – but post on the topic to add consistency to your brand message.

3: Write in Your Voice

My Words My Voice

Write in your voice.

Carry perhaps the most impressive weapon in your blog branding arsenal.

Writing in your authentic blogging voice makes you stand out from every blogger in your niche. Your voice is your voice.

But to allow your voice to the surface you need to practice writing daily over years.

Open a Word document. Write 500 to 1000 words daily. Delete the document after you hit your daily writing goal.

Following this practice helps you establish clarity and confidence in your writing voice.

Clear, confident bloggers write in their one of a kind voice, leaving a firm branding impress on readers.

Add personal stories to your posts. Readers can differentiate between you and other bloggers in your niche by recalling your personal, inspiring stories which add a human touch to your brand.

4: Leverage Your Presence

Some bloggers do a fine job branding from an onsite perspective.

Blog presence

All marks are checked. Solid theme. Domain and hosting bought. The blogger stays on topic and writes in their own voice.

All good.

But this lot never builds their branding mojo unless they leverage their presence through guest posting and effective blog commenting.

When it comes to blogging, if you build it, they will not come.

If you build a blog and create helpful content offsite, for large, targeted audiences, persistently, readers will flow to your blog.

Leverage your presence to expand your brand awareness.

Guest post on top blogs in your niche. Build bonds with top bloggers by commenting effectively on their blogs (see below), by promoting them on your blog and by promoting them on social media.

Gain Guest post invites left and right by generously serving top bloggers in your niche persistently and by writing your rear end off (tip #3).

Comment effectively on top blogs from your niche to expose your brand to large, targeted readerships.

Spend 5-10 minutes reading blog posts and sharing your thoughts with an intelligent, personalized, authentic space.

Address your fellow blogger by name. Expound on some point made in the post. Write a 3-5 paragraph, robust comment. Sign off with your name.

Make a powerful brand impact.

The eBook

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Your Turn

What blog branding tips can you add to this list?

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