5 Best WP Engine Alternatives To Get Equipped With! [Compared 2020 Edition]

WP Engine is one of the high performance dedicated and stable WordPress hosting services to deliver high resource-consuming service with trustworthy solutions.

Find below the list of numerous reasons why they recommend utilizing their services:

  • Server-side optimization to offer top-notch performance.
  • Easy restoration, daily backups along with free SSL.
  • Advanced security protocols for security and safe operations.
  • The targeted audience can choose their best datacenter or server located near their location.
  • Excellent customer support provided by exports on round the clock through email support, phone support, and live chat.

WP Engine is one of the exceptional web hosting services with numerous qualities.

However, there are various reasons why users are opting to look out for WP Engine alternatives.

S.NoHostingPricingHosting Website
1.WPX Hosting$20/mo
3.LiquidWeb $19/mo

Why One Needs an Alternative to WP Engine

You have already seen the benefits of Hosting your site on WP Engine.

Well, there are some downsides too, why one would like to move from WP Engine to other hosting too.

Find below the list of reasons or causes to try the WP Engine alternatives:

  • It will never include the Email hosting service, it is not possible to create any branded email addresses.
  • Some hosting plans offered by WP Engine will not allow the users to install a few important plug-ins.
  • The company can offer to host only 1 site at the pricing for a $29 hosting plan.

    [It is not encouraged by numerous users while paying a huge amount and allowed to host only 1 site.

    If you prefer to add a new site then you need to pay an additional cost of $15 per month].
  • Even the Personal plan will charge a handsome amount and still prompt to pay an additional $20 to utilize CDN.
  • Most of the hosting plans come with sky-high pricing. The cheapest personal plan will be charged at $29 per month.

    This is not acceptable by various users and decides to look out for WP Engine alternatives.

Best WP Engine Alternatives You Need to Look Out

Find below the list of best WP Engine alternatives to look out for web hosting service:

1. WPX Hosting (The Best Alternative)

WPX Hosting Company is owned and found by Terry Kyle to execute the Traffic Planet Forums.

It is properly handled by someone who can easily understand the typical website hosting service and the ability to resolve the problems & complexities.

WPX Hosting is similar to other web hosting service providers and mainly focuses on offering the best-dedicated WordPress hosting service.

The WPX Hosting servers are well optimized to deliver fast and speed response to access the WordPress Hosting.

Most of the users across the globe informed that they can feel the best performance and speed while migrating their website.


  • It includes a built-in CDN.
  • Unlike WP Engine it allows users to install any plugin.
  • Much easier to create an email account for any domain name.
  • Each plan will allow performing multiple installs.
  • They migrate your website for free within 24 hours or less.
  • Restore the entire 2 weeks daily backup (No Extra Charge).
  • Customer Support replies in minutes.
  • Ultra Speedy servers with RAM and dedicated SSD.
Business ProfessionalElite
$20.83/ Month $41/ Month $83/ Month
5 Sites / 10GB15 sites / 20GB35 Sites / 40GB
100 GB Bandwidth200 GB Bandwidth Unlimited
Regular BackupsRegular Backups Regular Backups
Free MigrationsFree Migrations Free Migrations
Unlimited SSL’s Unlimited SSL’s Unlimited SSL’s
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

2. Kinsta

The WordPress programmer and a dev guy found the Kinsta web hosting service. It is powered and managed by the Google Cloud Platform.

In December 2014, they started to offer web hosting services to its users (public). They are one of the best WP Engine alternatives across the online market.

Kinsta Web Hosting service provider is currently managing numerous big brands across the globe such as Mint, Intuit, Drift, Ubisoft, AdEspresso, and many more.


  • Free website migration.
  • Fast response and excellent customer support.
  • Your website’s daily automated backup facility.
  • Advanced tools and free SSL features.
  • An excellent dashboard can record the on-screen changes
  • two-factor authentication on your account.
$30/ Month $60/ Month $100/ Month
1 Site / 10GB2 sites / 20GB5 Sites / 30GB
20k visits40k Visits100k visits
Free CDN / SSLFree CDN / SSL Free CDN / SSL

3. Liquid Web

Since 1997, Liquid Web is another best serving company with a very good reputation.

As of now, they have more than 500,000 websites and 32,000 customers across the globe.

Within the available websites, a few big brands such as Home Depot, Motorola, and many more are listed.

The Liquid Web will always offer the best service to its customers with the easiest method. It is one of the expensive hosting providers across the market with high performance and excellent support.

Even though it is expensive, you can rely on its service and will never unsatisfied with its support.


  • You can use any sort of WordPress plugins.
  • Much easier to use.
  • The Sonar Monitoring team will assist to monitor the system status 24/7.
  • Well-trained support members will be always available.
  • Includes high-performance plans.
  • One of the best hosting service providers to offer a 100% uptime guarantee.
$19/ Month $79/ Month $149/ Month
1 Site / 15GB5 sites / 40GB25 Sites / 100GB
2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth 4 TB Bandwidth
Free CDN / SSLFree CDN / SSL Free CDN / SSL
iThemes Security Pro FreeiThemes Security Pro FreeiThemes Security Pro Free

Special Liquid Web Coupon code for readers – “QUESTIONCAGE” – 25% off 2 months

4. FlyWheel

The Flywheel is another best WP Engine web hosting alternatives that can offer solid performance, quick support, and can deliver at a fast speed to maintain the WordPress website to execute smoothly.

The free demo sites and one-click features will create the website from scratch. The optimized robust network can offer speed, security, and scale.

It includes numerous features and money-back guarantee with 30 days.


  • Numerous options for Customer Support Services such as Phone calls, live chat, social media support, and email ticketing system.
  • WordPress websites will support with optimized and fully streamlined dashboards.
  • Specially designed for WordPress.
  • Free malware cleanup process.
  • It provides a nightly backup.
  • Users can utilize the one-click site staging feature.
$15/ Month $30/ Month $115/ Month
1 Site / 5GB1 sites / 10GB10 Sites / 20GB
5k Visits25k visits100k visits
Free CDN (powered by Fastly)Free CDN (powered by Fastly)Free CDN (powered by Fastly)
iThemes Security Pro FreeiThemes Security Pro FreeiThemes Security Pro Free

5. Cloudways

Cloudways, the most popular and best web hosting company available across the marketplace that offers numerous features to manage the cloud-based WordPress websites.

With the assistance of WordPress hosting, you can provide fast loading time and also deliver fully managed hosting to its users.

Cloudways will assist to take care of your entire hosting issues while users can easily concentrate on their business.


  • Easy WordPress and able to access other apps as well.
  • Customer Support Service with 24/7 support.
  • Without any additional cost, it is much easier to migrate to the site.
  • It is easier to configure and even schedule the Automatic backup process based on your preferred time.
  • There is no limitation to install WordPress websites.
  • Users can utilize the free 30-day trial period to access cloud servers.
  • Without providing your credit card information, you can use the free trial period with 1 GB RAM and 512 MB capacity.
Digital Ocean Digital Ocean Digital Ocean
$10/ Month $22/ Month $42/ Month
1 Site / 25GB1 sites / 50GB10 Sites / 80GB
1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth 4 TB Bandwidth
Built-In CDN Built-In CDN Built-In CDN
Free MigrationFree MigrationFree Migration

Which one to Choose among these Best Alternative to WP Engine

Still wondering!

I understand as the investment is a little higher, you would definitely be. But, the price is definitely less the WP Engine. 🙂

Well, although, all the above-mentioned web hosting providers and meeting the standards. But, it’s all about the requirement of the site.

Take action, WPX Hosting is the perfect alternative of WP Engine as it’s full filling the requirements. Speed, their own CDN(premium for free), tough security. It’s a perfect fit for mid-level blogs and websites, that receives a decent amount of traffic.

Well, if the blog is completely new, then you might need SiteGround. It will be just the right fit in that standard. Decent performance, and won’t put any hole in the pocket.

Which one is your favorite wp engine alternative?

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4 thoughts on “5 Best WP Engine Alternatives To Get Equipped With! [Compared 2020 Edition]”

  1. I have never used WP Engine for web hosting but I heard a lot of positive buzz about their hosting plans.

    But yes, as you mentioned there are few drawbacks with WP Engine and that’s why people like me look for other alternatives. We’ve been using WPX Hosting for more than 5 years now.

    Although it’s expensive but we’re fully happy with it as they provide you superior performance along with better security. I also have tried Kinsta for a few weeks but went back to WPX as the performance was better with WPX.

    Thanks for listing the alternatives. Will check out a few others.

  2. Hey Navin,

    These web hosting services really sound amazing with their price points and features.

    SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting provider in the WordPress community. It is well known for its speed and security solutions.

    People are satisfied with it and shared positive opinion regarding this hosting services and most important you know it provide better customer support.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar


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