3 Simple Steps To Create Website Without Coding Skills

Creating a website can be head scratching, as it takes hell lot of time to get the right one for you. Write codes from the scratch is not a piece of cake for even the developers. So, do you want to create a website without coding skills at all?

This is where the Website builders took place, does the job done as quickly as possible. And that too just in a few simple drag and drops.

Yes, you heard it right, it’s that simple. You can create a professional website with no coding skills at all.

Everyone has a dream to grow their business to the next level. And in such scenario, it’s wise to create a stunning website which is lovable to the readers and leaves an impact.

Let’s dive into and put your hands on this amazing website creator. Moto CMS is an amazing and popular website builder. Just create a professional website the way you always wanted, and that too with a small span of time.

Impressive, isn’t it? Modify and add features your website right from the front end.

Create Website without coding skills – MotoCMS

MotoCMS offers to create a website up and running just like that. In the process to get this done, we just have to follow 3 simple steps.

  • Get the Design suits your needs
  • Customize
  • Make it Online

website creator

There are thousands of professional readymade templates as well to choose from. Moto CMS is not an open source software. But, surprisingly it offers a 14 day trial period.

That means you are free to create your website right now and pay later. Nothing can be better than this, you can try the entire thing for 14 days.

Don’t have to pull your credit card from your pocket.

So, what is the catch here?

Not catch, they just want to happy users.


Why Choosing Moto CMS for creating a website

Having a control on your website and needs is the primary aspects for the webmasters. And Moto CMS offers you the complete flexibility to create or customize the designs. And those fit well on all the devices.

This creates a completely responsive and SEO friendly website with easy navigations.

Some key features to go with before choosing Moto SMS

  • Built-in Admin Panel
  • Drag n Drop Editor
  • 100% Responsive
  • Set of Widgets
  • Social Integration
  • Contact & Subscription Forms
  • SEO Integration & Google Analytics
  • Google Fonts & Color Picker
  • Lighting Fast
  • 27/7 Free Customer Support

All the content and layout customization can be done on WYSIWYG editor.

Check out the Intro video.


All the design are 100% responsive and looks stunning. Search templates in any niche for your business. All the designs are professionally made with the great user experience. Select any template you like the most and start modifying and putting your own content into it.

All the website templates are built, keeping in mind the current trend. The designs are so soothing with advanced functionality which will fascinate the readers.

Flexibility & Features

It is too flexible, with a clean Admin Panel. Create your website by drag and drop. The variety of useful widgets will make the website outstanding. You just need to adjust the blocks by drag and drop.

It’s cool and robust settings makes easier the website to be live. It’s easy and simple, in fact, a free signup will provide the free tutorials too right in your inbox.


Tools and Widgets

Extremely useful tools and great widgets enhance the looks of the website. And the best part is the templates are already SEO integrated. So you don’t have to do much in that department.


A great support is what you need always. It’s always recommended to opt for a product which offers a  24/7 support. MotoCMS does that, and they can also support on choosing a proper hosting and domain name for your website.

Though this is completely optional, in case you need some helping tutorial on creating. Although for individuals it’s not bad all, as they provide a certificate too after completing the course. It will help you to get more work online.

website creator

For whom the website builder is best for,

  • Business,
  • Digital Agencies
  • Bloggers
  • Web designers and
  • Freelancers too

Doesn’t matter if you have an established business or a startup. This tool is going to be a perfect fit in the budget. At the same time, it provides blog features too. Now no rocket science at all, everyone knows how blog impacts on a business growth.

And moreover, its a perfect fit for the web designers and freelancers too. As they could save a lot of time instead of writing codes from scratch, customizing is always easy. As spending less time creating an awesome website will always be profitable and at the same time makes happier the client too.


Final Words on MotoCMS

A professional business website, blog, or a portfolio website all can be easily done within a few clicks. It is easily customizable according to the needs. Creating an eye-catching and memorable website is never been simple than this. Get yours now with this amazing tool.

Hiring a web designer and explaining them might take a lot of time. Though, you can be sure of the output too same as you wanted. No one could know your website needs better than you.


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11 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps To Create Website Without Coding Skills”

  1. Hi Navin,

    Great Post! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable post on create a website without coding skills. I really liked the in depth article that you have shared here and also motocms works really great. Keep sharing such articles.


  2. Hello,
    This is a timely article for me. For the last 8 years, I have worked in technology & I have a well-rounded and in-depth skill set. Recently I left that industry and moved into the editing. About four months into that, however, I ended up in a situation where I am creating websites for a group that is involved in marketing for indie authors which is my target market for editing.
    I am working on four websites in fact and they fall within the scope of what you talked about in your experience above. I have always been the type of person you described, and could not be any other way, I would get too bored with life. I could not imagine being the type of person that became content in mediocrity.

  3. Hi, Thank you for the useful post. The topic which you are taken is a familiar one. But you have a fresh and informative idea in it.

  4. It is fun to create a website with coding. but we have lot of advanced tools today that puts some barriers in learning the code. I recommend people to start it easily and then start to learn side by side to improve the website in all aspects. 🙂

    Good piece of article you have here.


  5. Hi, Navin!
    I’ve never heard of Moto CMS. If I were a beginner, I would be happy to start with WordPress, because I believe in WordPress 🙂
    Do you have websites based on this MotoCMS?

    • Hi Alex, Even I am a WordPress lover and this site is on the same. But there are plenty of CMS as well, of which we can make use of. Moto CMS is a kind of builder with drag and drop facilities… And Yes, I have a micro niche site built on the same.

      Have a great day!


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