SEO Visibility: Tips to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

The search engine is no more an unknown phrase for most of the internet surfers. The users have now internalized the search interfaces of various search engines.

Search engines are the most convenient and the easiest tool for retrieving information from the www and improving SEO visibility.

It is one of the effective ways to get targeted visitors to a website because most of the internet users take search engines as their primary source of searching for information.

Search engine index has millions of web pages containing a wide range of subject matters and encompassing numerous advanced search criteria.

Search engine algorithms are specifically programmed for sorting and synthesizing relevant information together for further retrievals.

SEO visibility definition

When people search for information through the World Wide Web, they use descriptive words in place of brand name or terms.

For instance, while searching for,

the most affordable flight,” searchers tend to use “low air price” for a key-phrase.

Hence, if a company offers flight services, then it has to optimize its website by the searched key-phrase,

i.e., “low air price,” which will ultimately help to increase the search engine visibility of the website.

If your website is not optimized for those keywords, then your page will not be displayed in the search engine results pages (SERP) when searchers search for that particular keyword.

Visitors give more importance to the first top 10 search results. Because there is an impression that the results which are displayed among the top 10 are the major players in that particular field.

So, all the webmasters try to increase their SEO visibility to attract more targeted visitors to their website.

Therefore, webmasters should use search-engine-friendly content and keywords to get higher ranking in search engine result pages.

Unless a website proves its efficiency, even the cleverest manipulation will have little effect on search engine rankings.

How To Increase SEO Visibility of Your Website

The following are some of the important tips to increase SEO visibility of your website.

Dynamic Content

Content plays a very important role in getting better search engine visibility. And Keyword research is extremely necessary to write good content.

While selecting keywords for your website, try to find out the words that people in Search Engines. There are many keyword tools from which you could know the keywords trends and monthly searches.

Optimize your content with your targeted keywords and around it. It will help you to get a better search engine rankings.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

You can write articles on your website as well as another website to increase the SEO visibility of your website.

Press releases help you to increase the number of inbound links to your website, and it will increase your SEO visibility.

So always send out optimized press releases because an optimized press release can easily get listed in different search engines, news engines, and other relevant websites.

This is one of the best techniques to increase your SEO visibility,  write blogs and post them on different blog sites, your brand will appear everywhere, and you will get the number of backlinks.

Will Paid Advertisement increase SEO Visibility?

Another way to promote the popularity of your blog is to advertise on the services like Adwords which features a pay per click or pay per action style.

Paid Ads

This means your business name and link will appear alongside search results for similar content. But it does not mean search engine users will actually click on your link.

While designing your website, keep search engines as well as your targeted customers in your mind and build it accordingly to attract both of them.

Without a strong foundation, it is not possible to get success in the search engine marketing campaign.

Always avoid unethical search engine optimization techniques, like spamming, which may cause search engines to penalize your site or, worse, your site may get banned by search engines.

As we discussed that one of the most important points of your website SEO visibility is content

How to Create Unique Content For Your Website

Then let’s understand how to create unique content that will be interesting for your readers and will be ranked well in search engines simultaneously.

Here, the keyword research process will help you to perform this task, therefore look at its stages in more details.

Keywords visibility
  • The first stage is the Brainstorm. You must cast a wide net, consider a lot of keywords first before you start to refine your list.

For ideas look at company reviews, and press releases, your website analytics, and conduct search engine searches to see what websites come up for your possible target keywords.

  • Use the concatenate tool in Excel to help automate the creation of your keyword research spreadsheets. See this article on how to concatenate.
  • Avoid Jargon, talk to your customers and your sales team to see what language your customers are using.

Focus on what your customers are searching for, and also consider that you may have many different types of customers with different search practices.

Tools for Keywords Research Process

  • Keyword Research Tool is a must-use. Take your time to explore it, and a good rundown of its various options is here.

Don’t forget that all the results you generate with this tool can be download as a CSV file so that you can easily add it to your growing keyword research spreadsheet.

  • Insights, that gives you a great visual view of the rise and fall of the search volume of any keywords or keyphrases that you may want to compare. It’s also incredibly easy to use! A good explanation is here.
  • Ad Intelligence, launched by Microsoft. You can download a pdf of the Ad intelligence installation guide, and here’s the link to download Ad intelligence.

Important Considerations for Keyword Research

  • Relevancy: is key, it has to be relevant, traffic is not the only goal.
  • Popularity is expensive. It is better to go for the long-tail keywords. Consider ‘Computers’ versus ‘Apple iMac computer. The second one will be always better for search engine visibility.
  • Competitive intelligence tools: comScore, AdGooroo, Spyfu, etc.
  • Select Keywords: Not those that you want to be found on, but those that your users are likely to find you on.

Hence, following the advice above you will surely create the content of perfect readability and well-structured website for readers and search engines.

What strategy did you follow for better SEO Visibility?

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  1. Hi all,
    I am studying SEO and Digital Marketing but I don’t know the proper syllabus for this. Can anyone tell me what are the things should I complete first?
    I hope someone will help me.

    Thanks . . . . . . . .

    • SEO is a vast industry as pursuing the same you have already realized so.
      First things first…
      OnPage SEO – Several factors come into this, from Keyword research to Metas. Then dig more over the off page and prior to it understanding the Google Ranking factors are important as well. And then its an ocean. 🙂

      Have a great day ahead! You can find articles on this blog as well.

  2. Hello Navin,

    Great and very informative post. SEO is major part of a website to drive huge organic traffic to your website or blog. You have shared some very helpful and knowledgeable tips here.

    Wish you a Happy New year

    • Hi Viswajeet,
      Search engines are on fire these days with their changing algorithms. So, as a website owner taking care of SEO visibility is being too challenging. And its always recommended reviving the content accordingly.

      Have a great year ahead!


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