Exclusive Interview with Anil Agarwal from Bloggers Passion Making $125000 Yearly

YES… this interview at QuestionCage is happening after a long time.

And this time we managed to bring one more skilled professional blogger Anil Agarwal from Bloggers Passion. He has been in the blogging industry for more than a decade now.

He is well known in the blogosphere for his SEO skills.

Certainly, this Interview with Anil Agarwal is going to be interesting.

I am excited. Aren’t you?

Well, before getting started, let’s see what could be your take away from Anil Agarwal’s Interview.

Learnings from this Blogging Interview?

  • Convert your side hustle into Full-Time Career
  • Learn from your failures
  • How to Bring Traffic to your Blog (Best Marketing ways)
  • Perfect SEO Strategy to run your blog
  • How to Leverage Social media to grow the blog
  • How to Monetize Your Blog Effectively
  • How to scale your blog and Make Passive Money and more

Hi, Anil Glad to have you at QC(QuestionCage).

Let’s discuss your whole journey. I am sure our readers will learn a lot from your huge experience in blogging.

Definitely, fingers crossed to bring your expertise out.

Personal Sneak Peek

1. Please introduce yourself and your blog

Thanks a lot, Navin for inviting me to be a part of the Pro Blogger Interview series on your blog.

Let me introduce myself to QuestionCage blog readers.

My name is Anil Agarwal and I own a couple of blogs including BloggersPassion.com and HostingMonks.com

I started working on BloggersPassion in 2010 and HostingMonks was launched in 2019.

2. what made you get into blogging?

After completing my MCA course from a small institute, I was looking for any kind of job. It was at that time, I got a job as an SEO executive.

Since I was getting a very less salary, I had no option but to look out for other ways to survive.

I started with free blogs on Blogspot and continued working on them for a couple of years.

Later I started using self-hosted blogs to create blogs in finance and health niche.

But most of them were failed projects as I was working on something which was not my core forte and I was least interested in writing on those topics.

Deep Dive into professional Blogging

Once I started working on BloggersPassion.com, there is no looking back.

Though our progress was slow for the first three-four years, we were moving in the right direction.

That’s the most important thing. Things have improved a lot since 2016 as we were able to hit four figures ($1000 plus) every month.

Sharing a couple of important stats to help you understand how we are progressing with BloggersPassion:

In 2018, we made $106,000 only from BloggersPassion and in 2019 our revenue reached $125,000 (some part of it came from HostingMonks.com as well).

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3. What are the strengths that really helped you in blogging?

It was my search engine optimization expertise that really helped me in blogging.

Initially, I was not good at content creation. But with time, I tried to improve my content writing and marketing skills.

Nowadays, I’m giving a try to videos. You can check and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

YouTube is a really big platform and no one should ignore it.

4. What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from that?

There have been lots of failures and learnings as well for me in my blogging journey. Sharing one such failure.

Initially, I monetized my blogs with just Google Adsense Ads. One day, my Adsense account was banned for no reason. At once I had a feeling, everything was gone.

But soon I started finding other methods I can use to monetize my blog traffic.

I was able to find methods which were giving me more revenue than Google Adsense.

I was not using affiliate marketing for revenue generation at that time.

Most of the revenue for me was coming from paid reviews, banner ads, and text link ads, etc.

SEO Strategies to Follow

5. Five tips you want to share to grow new Blogs? (SEO/ Traffic / Money)

Tip 1. Keyword research is the most important. Target long-tail keywords with less difficulty level. Look at the top 10 ranked websites and their authority. If you see a few low authority websites ranking for your target terms, you should be able to replace them with some effort.

Tip 2. Focus on creating really high-quality content. Your content should be 10X better than the ranked websites. Add videos, images, infographics, etc in content for better engagement metrics and Google rankings.

Tip 3. When working on a topic, come with a series of posts on that topic so that you can create enough depth and have a good amount of posts for internal linking purposes.

Tip 4. Spend some time to link to new posts from existing content and vice versa.

Tip 5. Spend some time while drafting headline, first few lines, SEO title and Meta description for your content. Optimized SEO title and Description will help you with better CTR in Google search. The content headline and first few lines will set the tempo for your content.

Strategies to Promote New Blog Post

6. What are a few best ways to promote any new blog post?

Sharing a few ways you can use to promote your new blog posts:

  • Don’t ignore the power of internal linking. So link to your new posts from old content on your blog.
  • Contents that have the tendency to do well on social, share them on social channels where you are active.
  • If you own a YouTube channel, create a video version of your latest blog post and link to your content from video and vice versa.
  • Send a dedicated newsletter to your email list if you have an active email list.
  • Aim at doing a few guest posts for important content you are creating on your blog.
  • Writing comments on high DA blogs in your niche will also help you get better results with your new content.
  • Try to find a few relevant questions on Quora around your latest content and try to link to your content from there while adding value adding answer on Quora Platform.

Note: Don’t miss to check this video if you want to do well on the Quora platform

7. What would be your ideal working environment?

Navin, I don’t like any type of clutter around my workspace.

I keep it very clean. No posters or notes. Sharing a picture of my laptop and the area around it.

Anil agarwals work space

8. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

We have a team that helps me with different purposes. My job is to take care of both the blogs and get work done from my team.

I happen to be part of the whole process whether it’s about creating new content, creating a new video for our YouTube channel while trying different monetization methods or lookout for ways to get more traffic from different channels.

  • One of my team members helps with design and development related needs.
  • Two members are helping me with content related dependencies
  • One team member is helping with social media channels.

Things become easy for you when you have a team in place and each of them knows their role and responsibilities really well.

9. Best SEO strategy to move up the pages from 2nd and 3rd pages in search engines?

That’s a great question. Let me share a few pointers that should help QuestionCage readers in getting better search results:

  • Study the top-ranked websites and make your content way better than them.
  • Pay special attention to how you are going to showcase content to your blog readers.
  • Improve SEO values for your content. Better SEO values should help with better CTR and ultimately better rankings in Google search results.
  • If you are targeting competitive keywords, you are advised to create a few quality backlinks for your content.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

10. What are your five Affiliate Marketing tips for more sales?

If you want to get better results with your affiliate marketing efforts, you should pick a genuine product and give it a try before starting promoting it to your audience.

Analyze your reader’s problems and how that product is going to help them with those problems.

Write your content while understanding your reader’s problems and how that product is going to fix those problems.

Try to create information and commercial intent contents around products of your choice. Do reviews, comparisons, How to’s, List posts and deal posts around a product you want to get more sales for.

Add Call to Actions in your content at important positions.

It should not be difficult for your blog readers to find links from your content which helps them in buying a product you are talking about.

Now it’s time to drive quality traffic to your affiliate product pages from search engines, social media channels and from your email list, etc.

Social Media Strategy

11. Your social media strategy for getting more exposure and visitors to a blog?

I try to offer as much value I can give on social channels of my participation.

I try to connect and interact with bloggers of my niche. Share quality content they are creating with our community members.

In return, our content is also shared by my blogging buddies in their respective groups, profiles, and pages.

I’m managing an active Facebook group here and have an active Twitter handle here. Let’s connect and grow together.

12. Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

When I started blogging, I inspired A LOT from Darren Rowse, JohnChow, Jeremy Schoemaker’s blogs.

Currently, I’m mostly reading blog posts from Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Matthew Woodward, etc

13. What are the few books you can recommend for bloggers?

Sorry but I’m really bad at it. I haven’t read a single book after my studies.

I always feel amazed when I see my blogging friends finish reading a new book within a day or two.

Hopefully, soon I will become good at reading books.

Then I will be in a position to recommend a few good books to the blogging community here.

14. You came too far already. But what would you like to achieve in the coming years? (Your Aim)

I’m aiming at making my blog’s traffic and revenue to the next level in the coming years.

I’m also trying to lower down our dependency on Google search traffic.

Google is making too many changes these days. So trying different methods to drive target traffic to our blogs.

With that aim, we created the Facebook Group, started replying to relevant questions on the Quora platform, going to focus more on videos and Twitter to start with.

In the coming days, we will give a try to paid traffic methods as well.

If we can get good results with paid channels, why keep running after organic traffic.

15. What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

When I was doing blogging and job side-by-side, it was too difficult to manage everything.

The pressure to meet job KRA’s, family demands and growing my blog at the same time to name a few.

Since I’m blogging full time, things have become much easier for me now.

I can focus more on my blogging business and at the same time give more time to my family.

Take Away: It’s me, Navin

Wow, those were some amazing tips around Anil. And now we know why bloggerspassion is so successful. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your whole story behind your all the achievement in blogging life.

I realized blogging is all about discipline. Proper Schedule, Proper Content Strategy, Proper SEO, Proper Social media Strategy.

Those who could manage all, would be noticed by search engines and also in the blogosphere.

So, what you think about this blogging interview.

  • What interesting things you have learned and adopt?
  • What do you like about Anil?

Important update, recently Anil Agarwal has introduced an awesome e-book for all levels of bloggers. Keyword Research Made easy. at a discounted price. It’s Worth every penny.

“A Proven System for Generating 1000’s of Profitable Keywords”

This is a kick-ass book for any level of bloggers to start finding profitable keywords for their blogs. Keyword Research is the base of content, should be done right.

If you have any SEO or Blogging related questions, START pouring your thoughts.

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  1. Hey Navin,

    Thanks for conducting interview with inspirational blogger, who show there passion & talent in blogging industry. Really inspire lots of newbie who want to earn online.

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  2. I know very well about Anil Agarwal sir.

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  4. Hello Navin,

    First of all I just want to say that this is such an amazing and informational interview. And many of us follow Anil Agarwal’s blog Bloggers Passion to learn about blogging. You have covered almost all the important questions which are important and helpful also.

    Thank you so much for sharing this great interview with us.

    • Welcome Rupesh to QuestionCage.

      I am glad you liked the interview and truly overwhelmed that, Anil and me could reveal some practical information through this interview. Thanks!

  5. hey Navin

    Just landed here from Fb Group

    Thanks for featuring Anil Sir on your blog. Liked you said earlier you will not asked repeated questions. and you did. Got some new learning from this interview.

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    The flow and hierarchy of questions is really great. Loved it.

    Waiting for more interviews like this.


    • Hi Mangesh,

      Glad you did and liked the interview questions and it’s structure.

      This interview’s intention was the same to educate people how they could run a blog and make it successful over the time.

      Certainly, no overnight promises.

      Nurturing the blog takes time. A blogger need to be ready for it, before starting.

      Anil has shared some excellent tips, which he has learned over the time of his blogging career.

      And sure, I will try to bring in more experts in coming future at QuestionCage. Without a second thought, unique questions with the personal touch will be the motto. 🙂

  6. Anil is an absolute pro, Navin. I am learning much from him as I progress. He is generous, blogs from the heart and is an SEO wizard. I see why he makes a sweet income online. Give freely, be patient, receive easily. Loved this interview.


    • Hi Ryan. Glad to see you back.

      The blogosphere truly needs professional bloggers like you and Anil. Glad I was able to bring both of you at QuestionCage through the interviews.

      You guys are an asset to all the growing and beginner bloggers. There is a lot to learn about your journeys.

  7. Hi Navin,
    thanks for bringing Anil here. He’s one of the bloggers I respect the most and I’m happy to read his interview here.
    I especially like his guidance on getting stuff to rank in Google:

    Excellent keyword research
    10x-ed content

    Nice and something similar to what I do. Except that his process is even more refined, so I can learn from Anil in this area.
    Thank for this interview and hope you many more,

    • Hi Nikola,

      Glad to see you again. Without a second thought, Anil’s experience shows in his work and I do admire him for that.

      Consistently delivering something valuable is not easier, I do understand that, being into blogging from few years now. And that’s what makes someone a professional Blogger like him.

  8. Hi, Navin
    Thank you for having Anil Agarwal on your blog.
    He is such an inspiration for hundreds of bloggers. I personally follow his blogging tips to grow my blog.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. hey Navin.
    Thank you for conducting this interview with pro blogger Anil Angarwal.

    his way of explanation is ultimate.

    he provided more info about different sources for traffic and income.

    me also following his blog and his facebook group. he is more active in the facebook group.

    keep up this awesome work and bring this type of pro bloggers into your interview series.

    • Glad to know about Venkat. And yes Anil is super active on his Facebook Group.

      In fact, I don’t see any other blogger actively and consistently posting value at their FB groups like him as of now.

  10. Hey Navin ,
    Thanks a lot for this interview. Anil Agarwal was one of the blogger who inspired me to start my own blog.
    And when I got into the blogging, the only person with I shared everything about my blog without a second thought was you. Feels amazing to see you together. #keepinspiring

  11. Hi Navin

    Just read the complete post literally.

    First of all thanks for sharing such a wonderful interview.

    The flow of the post is like I am watching a live interview. Keep it up!

    Next What I learn from this interview is

    Provide the value as much as you can, either by posting own content or sharing others

    Organic and inorganic traffic both are important.

    What I like about Anil sir is his helping nature.


    • Hi Amit,

      Wow, nice to hear that you liked the interview. Sure I will try.

      Glad to know about your takeaways from this blogging Interview of Anil. Yes, Anil is humble, helping and hardworking. That’s the Bloggers Passion is being so successful blog.

      Keep the hustle going on!

  12. Hello Navin,

    Thanks for organizing the Anil Agarwal’s Interview. I am following his blog since the first day of my blogging. He is a committed and very versatile blogger. He has great knowledge of SEO and Blogging. Hard Work always pays off and Anil is a great example of this. Thanks for this awesome interview.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    • Hi Navin, glad to get featured on your blog. Amazing questions BTW!

      Hi Vishwajeet, glad to see your comments on my interviews, guest posts and everywhere I publish 🙂 You’re an amazing blogger. Keep up the great work!

      • It was all my pleasure Anil, to have you at my QuestionCage. Glad you have answered the queries so well being so humble.

        Have a more productive and money-making year ahead 🙂

    • Well said Vishwajeet, hard work always pays off. This is why learning from established bloggers are so important.

      One would know what they have gone through, and what it takes to get there. 🙂


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