What is Black Hat SEO: Why We Should Not Use It

Search engines help you to keep most of the details accessible. The moment you search for a particular bit of info on the web, few sites appear on high ten searches.

You might wonder why only a few searches are on the top ten while some don’t.

SEO Techniques To Rank In The Search Engines

You will find two main types of SEO strategies typically used by all the websites to rank better.

They’re the white hat SEO technique and the black hat SEO techniques. The white hat SEO technique is considered as more sustainable while the black color hat technique is considered unethical and Google doesn’t encourage it at all.

The majority of the websites uses the white hat SEO method. Link wheel is the primary strategy followed by the white hat SEO strategy and make a good impact on your website.

White hat and black hat SEO technique are opposite to one another. We should always concentrate on the organic SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO: Why we should not use It

Yes, few of the Business websites do use Black Hat SEO because they like to rank their site sooner as possible to get more leads and sales. In such case, they can only rely on Black Hat SEO.

And according to the client requirement, SEO Agencies has no choice instead recommending Black Hat Techniques for prompt results.What is Black Hat SEO

Doorway Pages

Creating some pages on a few particular phrases or keywords to rank well. Multiple pages or domain on the multiple keywords phrase which takes the user to the same destination.

These type of pages are designed mainly for the search engines, not the readers.

Hidden Text

Whenever unrelative texts are links created, and it’s been hidden from the user by matching it with the web page background to drive traffic to their page.

But search engine detects it and ranks their pages as their algorithm cannot detect the color of the links of text.

Ranking with this strategy won’t be sustained for a long time, as the page content was unrelative and the user would not find what they were looking for.

And due to that the bounce rate increases. Moreover, sooner or later search engines realize such activities on the page and resulting pages will be de-indexed according to the search engine algorithm.

Content Scrapping

Any content which is stolen from other website and publish as the way you are the owner of it without taking any permission from the site owner or without any credits.

But it is not safe at all, as there are copyright laws and its completely against the Google guidelines and they can penalize the site.


It is a technique, which used to increase the ranking for a particular keyword which is not related to the content at all.

For an instance, the web page content published completely unrelative in the comparison what it shows in the search engines (Title or description).

At times, it goes to some other web pages which are not related to that keyword phrase at all. This way the user and the search engines both are cheated.

Link Spamming

There could be several ways of Link spamming which should not be used such as, single article submitted to multiple sites, bookmark submission, submitting articles on too many directories, footer links etc.

So the same link used to generate multiple times. Link building is good to increase the ranking but the link should get built naturally.

Keyword Stuffing

When a lot of keywords stuffed into a particular article whether related or not related to the same discussed topic to somehow drive the traffic from the search engines.

Stuffing lot of keywords in a single post meaning repeating the same words again and again which doesn’t give any value to the reader.

It is one of the Black Hat SEO technique Which should not be used to increase the rankings, as the site could get penalized.

Conclusion: The above all mentioned Black Hat SEO techniques should not be used to grow your ranking and website traffic, as mentioned above the results are not permanent at all.

Late but not least search engine realizes it and the site will slide down from the SERP’s and will be getting de-indexed and penalized too.

Black Hat SEO should be completely avoided and the pages should be optimized using the best SEO optimization techniques like On page and Off Page SEO optimization.

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