32 Weird Websites: Do this Website Deserves to be On the Internet?

Have you ever come across some weird websites on the internet? Some are really funny and others are awful too. But, trust me these bizarre, yet cool websites will surprise you and think over if such websites even exist.

Go through this roller-coaster of fun. Doesn’t matter how really bizarre are they.

The Internet is a unique place where we get all useful information. There are some beautiful websites which let you learn a lot. but, you can’t do that all the time.

Certainly fun is a part of life, and I am pretty much sure these wacky websites which I am going to list beneath deserves a visit and you are going to fall in love with few for sure.

I know you watch a lot of cat and dog videos on YouTube. But, this is something else.

Well, view at your own risk, don’t blame me later. 😛

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Most Weird Websites Unique on the Internet

1. Quick Draw

Quick Draw

This is an AI experimental website, where you have a chance to draw anything you would like to. Actually not exactly you want to, but this website will ask you to draw something randomly in 20 seconds. It’s a kind of six drawing challenge at a time. I found this is a great time pass and awesome fun. Flaunt your drawing skills, trust me you will get better at it. The fun part is, you draw and a voice guesses it. I loved it.

2. Endless Horse

Endless Horse

Certainly a weird website on its own. This website will show you the endless legs of a horse. That means you keep scrolling the website down and the length of the horse legs increases on its own. I couldn’t;t find it useful at all. But, very surprised to see such a weird website on the internet. Though, it defines the category.

3. ZoomQuilt

zoom quilt

Here you will find an image, which kept zooming and environment and view kept on changing. This is very strange, as it goes on and on. And despite the zoom-in the function it looks better and even better. Beware of it, you might spend a lot of time unknowingly just watching it. This unique website surprised me all together.

4. That’s the finger


This website shows the middle finger all the time. As you kept moving the cursor towards the hard on the screen, the finger expands and the background color to changes gets darker. Well. we don’t know the purpose, that’s the reason, it is also into the bizarre website list. Yeah, it deserves to be here.

5. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

I liked this one. It loads a ton of images pointing the finger. As soon you move your cursor it loads up a random real picture, which points the finger where your cursor is. To think about it from where it gathers so many images with triggered which moving the mouse. I was totally blown n away going through this. A fun website, and can be a fun time with a kid around you.

6. Bury Me With My Money

Bury Me With My Money

Another bizarre website it is. Here a 2D picture, shaped as human being falls from the top along with some money and says “Bury Me with My money”. Why would some create a website like this? Which has no meaning at all., looks stupid.

7. FlightRadar


This could be completely different from the rest of the weird websites. It shows you all the airplanes flying around the world at one glance. Initially, I thought, it’s just only putting the planes randomly altogether. But you can actually zoom in to see the better view of the location. Zoom in on any particular airplane and you see its moving. This lets this website in a unique website list.

8. Procatinator.com


Cat and Dog Videos are everywhere over the internet. A is responsible to occupy a lot of storage on the internet. This website is about playing random cat videos. There are several videos of a cat with some great music. It could be a bizarre website for others but was fun for me. You will get some control too to change to the next video if you don’t like the played video.

9. CrossDivisions

Cross Divisions

This website does at most nothing. Just a few square gradient boxes kept on moving randomly here and there. And when you click on the screen, the gradient color changes. That’s it. I don’t know why the owner has created this meaningless website. Don’t watch it too much, it can hypnotize you.

10. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood

If you like the rain sound, this website is for you. Once you land on the page, you will see a play button, hit on that. That will play a beautiful and soothing rain sound in the background while you work. And the audio changes as its naturally raining, up and down. I don’t know how this would be useful for you. But, if you are like me, who loves the rain sound and work a lot at home. Playing it on the ground will give you some awesome vibes and refreshing. Well, by the way, the rain sounds are non stop playing in the loop.

11. Internet Live Stats

Internet Live Stats

You can see at most every live stats here. Whether it could be Internet Users in the world, Total number of Websites, Emails sent today in a second, Google searches today in a second, Blog posts written today, Tweets sent today in a second, Videos viewed today on YouTube in a second, Photos uploaded today on Instagram in a second, Tumblr posts today in a second, Facebook active users, Google+ active users, Twitter active users, Pinterest active users, Skype calls today in a second, Websites hacked today, Computers sold today, Computers sold today, Smartphones sold today, Tablets sold today, Internet traffic today in one second, Electricity used today and what not. It’s a unique website and stands out. I loved it.

12. Move Now Think Later

Move Now think Later

This is really weird to see a huge checkerboard. But not to play chessboard. Haha. Few pieces kept on moving, without doing anything. You seriously have no controls with you. You couldn’t even imagine what was going on when the owner has created it, which provides no value at all to the user. Doesn’t this website really deserve on the internet, it’s not making any point. A Bizarre website made with bizarre thoughts.

13. Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce

Another cat’s website on the list. Of course the most popular category on the internet. With the website name itself if might have gone an idea about the site. Yes, you guess it right, here you will see some cats bouncing around the screen here and there. and guess what you have a control to throw the cats here and there to make it bounce like a ball. We get the intervention clear of the creators, It’s just for fun for a few minutes, don’t expect anything else.

14. Dogs Are the Most Moe

Pet The Dogs

This is another weird website. Here you will see a huge title Pet the Dog along with a dog of course. I observed after 10 clicks on the dog, it starts rotating. And moreover, the more your click on it, the speed increases. About 100 clicks after, it picks up the speed completely like a fan and you won’t even be able to see the shape of the dog. Well, that’s it about this website. Few may find it fun and a stress buster. I know frustration has to go somewhere.

15. You Fell Asleep

I am sure, there are several people who could relate to this website. Quite obvious, we all fall asleep watching movies many times. This website is all about that, you will see a couch and some beer bottles, but a movie playing on the TV. Although, we can relate to it and can bring a smile on our face. But a website for this, might sound and feel weird.

16. koalastothemax

Your mouse movement towards the giant circle will divide it into four, then eight and the number goes on and on. In the end, you will see two tiny circles. In fact, it won’t be visible too. It becomes like pixels. Try this out, it’s Fun.

17. everydayim


We all are self-motivated towards our tasks. But there are scenarios when we need to keep the memories back why we have started and keep hustling. This website can help you with that. As soon as you point the mouse over the HUSTLIN’ text, the audio starts Hustlin… Hustlin… Hustlin…

18. Falling


Another weird and creepy website, where you can find few boxes or probably rectangles in different colors keep falling back with irritating background music. On an honest note, this annoys me and completely started. As the boxes keep falling back with that sick music.

19. Republique Des Mangues

Republique Des Mangues

Mango Mango Mango. I love mangoes. But on this website, you will see a hanging mango and animated rays around it. The rays kept on moving around it, and mango does nothing. HAHA. Well, it’s completely a weird site to look at. And I don’t understand how and why the creator could get a thought to create such a useless website.

20. RGB


Yes, we can call this a weird website. Why? Because it does;t contain anything else apart from a text visible RGB. That’s not it when you point the mouse over the letters, some sound comes as a zombie speaks. LOL. It sounds like Rrrrrr, Gggggggg, Bbbbbbbbb.

21. Passive Aggressive Password

Passive Aggressive Password

Passwords are important, right? No matter what, it’s always good to protect your document with strong passwords. PAP (Passive-Aggressive Password) website can relate to this but adds some personal touch to it. This website throws a unique and funny message every time when you try to enter a password into it. Those who are married, and their in-law’s joke around with them with some sarcasm, will definitely relate to this. Try this instead to understand it better.

22. partridgegetslucky.com


Have you heard of Alan Partridge? I am sure you have if you love music. He is a legendary musician in the UK. You will see a loop video of him, imitating of playing the guitar. You will surely love his actions, and on the other hand, it would sound funny as well. Other folks who don’t love music, might find this a dumbest website for sure.

23. Eel Slap!

Eel Slap

Have you ever slapped someone? I know it might sound weird, but some people does. People like to dominate. Well, enough of serious things, lets come back to the topi. Even if you don’t you must try this website, as it will allow you to slap someone with an eel. Interesting isn’t it? Put your frustration out trying out this website.

24. ouaismaisbon.ch


Not sure what language they speak. But only three words from three folks. Yes, this is a funny website on its own. As you can find three bald-headed 3D Models here, and when you point the mouse pointer on them, they make unique sounds. Not sure what language is that.

25. Space Is Cool

Space Is Cool

Yeah, to answering the website domain name, space is really cool. One could spend a lot of time watching and studying the space in detail for sure. This website will provide you an awesome experience. This cool website will provide you a close look at the entire space, probably not much into detail, but always to view such a view. You could see some magic in the movement, which moves the mouse cursor here and there.

26. Build Shruggie

Build Shruggie

This is a unique website, which has a few pieces of random shaped lines. You need to create something out of it by arranging them together. It could be anything. You can even write your name or create any kind of shape by shrugging all the weird looking lines together. It could be a fun-oriented website for creative people.

27. Can Not Tweet This

Can Not Tweet This

As the website name is explanatory itself. This website has a small tweet button, will be a little away from your mouse cursor. And the button maintains the same distance with the cursor, even if you try to take it close to make a tweet. It won’t let you tweet. This is really a weirdest and meaning less website altogether.

28. Blank Windows

Blank Windows

A very unique and dramatic website. You will see a lot of white rectangles differently sized, placed randomly. I don’t know what you are supposed to do here in this very weirdest website. But, the never endless blank windows, can be seen all over the place. Those will keep on coming up even if you try to move those aside with your mouse pointer.

29. Buzzy Buzz (BAB)

Buzzy Buzz (BAB)

Do you love the sound of the bee? If yes, this funny website is just for you. In this website, a bee flies and goes through an endless journey without any destination to make a fuzzy sound. At times, the background sound may annoy you.

30. MapCrunch


Do you like to travel and use Google Maps? I am sure you might aware of the street view images from Google. If yes, you find this website as a replica of it, though obviously not enough well developed and advance. Though it would be fun if someone has never navigated throughout the world using the GPS system and Street Views. It shows a random location, and you can link on the arrow to move forward and coming backward. Probably we can not say it a unique website but definitely can be considered as a cool website.

31. Ninja Flex

Ninja Flex

Another strange website is Ninja Flex. I found it completely pointless website, though that’s my peronsal thought. Some people consider this as a funny website as well. You will hear some sounds like ” Ninja” and Flex you point the mouse over.

32. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

We have seen an eel slapping earlier, here you will find an eel kind of creature created in 2D will move and dance as you move your mouse pointer. It is too flexible. And when you start trying to shake the mouse pointer very vigorously, a weird noise comes from the background. That’s really annoying. We can’t say why this weird website is on the internet, but the creator of it might have the intention to relieve some stress of hard-working people around the globe. We can just assume. 😀

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Which one is your favourite Weridest Website?

Well, I know there are endless funny and weirds website like this. Internet is populated all over.

Some of these website are a good timepass, definigely some might also can be considered as a useless website altogether.

So, which one you liked the most from the above list?

Did you came across much funny and coolest websites like these, let me know.

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  1. Ahah! It was a kind of fun to read that loud. It is too necessary to filter out stuffs so that one who is putting on his hard work get never disappointed over the one who don’t. Its become necessary to care out for one that is highly deserving and always shows with the great work.

  2. Haha

    It feels good when you get to read about something unique and interesting rather than usual informative posts.

    Good Job!

    Amit Garg

  3. I have never seen such a “Weird and fun post”. Of Course, These websites deserve to be on the internet. So people can relieve themselves and feel soothing for a while.

  4. Very interesting and relaxing to read. I am wondering how did you encounter this kind of websites? I have never been to any of the websites that you have mentioned.

  5. This was a fun and exciting post to read.
    thanks for compiling this estranged list of websites

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  6. Reading this post is really fun and exciting.
    This is a kind of unique idea of collecting such websites.

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