30+ Awesome Blog Directories: Submit Your Blog and Improve Search Visibility

It is a good idea to submit your blog on high DA Blog directories. SEO is the backbone of any website. And blog directory submissions is one of the parts of your off-page SEO activity.

You need to do it right for better search visibility of your blog. And that eventually provides more exposure and web traffic gain to your site.

I am sure you don’t want to miss that all.

Because when I say SEO is the backbone of the site, then driving traffic from several sources is the brain game 🙂

Well, you understood how those are interrelated to improve the search engine rankings.

I am here to provide some good Blog directory sites list, where you can submit your site with ease.

But, before that its important to know how to blog directories work and how it could help you.

What is Blog Directories submission in SEO

SEO is important!

And blog directory submission is one of the techniques within Off-page SEO.

When it comes to explaining this in simple words. Basically, blog directory submission is a process that lets you submit your blog on multiple directories and their database to get more exposure.

Directory Submission Process

All you need to do is submit your blog in the relevant Category or Sub-category to get the complete benefits of it.

Check out all the instant blog posting sites listed below to get started.

Advantage of Blog Directory Sites

Well, there are enough benefits of submitting your websites in such blog directories. Let me drill this down to make you understand better.

1. Get More Exposure

Putting your blog across the wider audience is not a small task. And you might already, understand how important it is, in all the terms.

And as you are adding your blog to the multiple directories database so chances are, more eyeballs on your blog and relevant audiences. As they are searching the directory with the relevant keywords. So your blog gets more visibility.

So, the accidentally landed visitors could be entertained with awesome content and can convert into a regular reader. Made sense right?

Focus on relevant audience always.

2. Get More Backlinks

Yes, apart from building an audience, you get backlinks as well from such blog directories.

I know, it’s often so by people blog directory links are spammy and are not that effective.

I agree it’s not that effective to rank the pages. But see its other advantages as well. And moreover, your blog has a lot of links from here and there.

Creating such links is a good way to diversify those. And diversifying links are crucial in your link building strategies.

Someone monitors and moderates such blog directories. So, not all the directories are spammy too. I have listed the best blog directories in this post and keep on updating those.

Apart from getting a backlink from such blog submissions sites, seldom the readers and engagers also give you a backlink from their blog posts. Make new friends. 🙂

3. Get More Review Requests

As said, more eyeballs to your site. More opportunities.

Not just you, your prospects might also take the leverage of such blog submission sites.

And why not, they get huge database and blog collections at one place to promote their product. So, you could be one too.

If your blog niche is relevant to them, they will reach your out for a paid Review request after trying the product. Resulting you make money and blog growth.

Well, it won’t just fix to review requests. There are a lot of more monetary options. Regular sponsored articles paid Banner advertisement(fixed slot with, fixed price) and more.

It’s all about, helping people find you.

Free High DA Blog Submission Sites

Here are few best blog directories, you can trust upon and submit your log right away.

I know all the mentioned ones are not with high Domain Authority, but the safer ones.

S. NoBlog Submission Sites ListDA
1BoingBoing.net 89
5BlogTopSites.com 52
6EntireWeb.com 52
7Blog Engage 45
8BlogHub.com 42
9On Top List.com 42
11Bloggernity.com 40
12Blogs-Collection.com 35
14SoMuch.com 36
15TopSitesWebDirectory.com 36
161Abc Directory.org32
18Sonic Run 32
19Blog-Directory.org 30
20GainWeb.org 28
21Blog Listing.net 39
22BlogVille.us 26
27Blog Adda 51

Note: The above Blog Directory sites DA could vary. Those are noted while the time of writing this aticle. We will be updting it periodically.

Moz use to keep on making the changes on the Domain Authority Metrics. You can verify the site Authortiy with their tool.

But, all the above mentioned sites are completely free and safe to submit your blogs.

Final Thoughts of the list of these blog directories.

so, are you up to submit your blog on the blog directories and increase the SEO of it.

Well, don’t rush. I know this list is quite intimidating. But, create links slowly, as someone is observing you.

The BIG G.

Create a couple of every week(depends upon your blog indexing) along with another form of links, and you are good to go.

Feed your blog with all types of backlinks to make it look natural. Be it blog directories, comment links, Guest Blogging, Outreach, Using high PR Forums sites and many more.

Link Building is an art. You cannot go wrong here.

Do those links are enough for now, or you want me to add safer ones?

Affilaite Disclaimer - The post you are reading might contain few affiliate links, that states if you buy any product clicking on those links I may receive a small commission out of it, no additional cost to you at all. This way you are helping me running this site effectively. I share unbiased view-point from my personal experience. Full Disclaimer

Man Behind the Blog - Navin Rao

Blogger | WordPress Savvy

Navin Author
A WordPress Savvy, Content Strategist and creator of this blog. At QuestionCage we talk about Technology, SEO, WordPress to make your blogging venture much successful and eventually let the passive money to flow in.

Along with QC, I maintain my personal blog NavinRao.com as well, where I share my experiences and tips only on WordPress.

10 thoughts on “30+ Awesome Blog Directories: Submit Your Blog and Improve Search Visibility”

  1. Hey Navin,
    Your article is very good, that by reading your article, a new blogger can increase DA and PA of your website, So Thanks for sharing awesome list. Very useful list.

  2. Truly helpful Navin,Previously i don’t have any idea about blog directories now i will surely post my blog on these directories

  3. Very useful post with an excellent list of the high PR web directory sites. Submit blog in such type of high PR web directories that will be really an ideal way for increase blog traffic.

  4. Hey Navin,
    This is an amazing guide. I will bookmark it and visit again. I knew about blogflux but never used the others. Will try these for sure.

  5. Amazing post Navin!
    The list that you have presented in this page shows your effort and work.
    Actually speaking, all the works might have both good and evils, it is up to the person how they use it. Taking all the bests and working on it in a consistent way is highly recommended.
    Very nice to read this post.

  6. Hi Navin,

    Very nice work, finding these blogs really is amazing and very rare. The list of sites you mentioned is great.

    Such lists are very helpful to me for blog postings. It is a very natural backlink compared to other methods of link building. Continue to post like this.

    Thank you for that well-researched article.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sai Mithun

  7. Hey Navin,
    Thanks for the great list. The problem with these kinds of directories is they have a high spam score.
    You have done a great job. I checked them and it is good. I am going to submit my blog right now.
    Do you know what? Google always love diversified backlinks. The only thing we have to assure that the backlinks are relevant to our niche. (Cluster)

    Thanks & Regards
    Aria Mathew

  8. Hi Navin,
    awesome list man. I’ve been looking for s list of safe blog directories to submit my blog to.
    All other I found were severely outdated.
    So, thank you for writing this guide. I know I’ll make good use of it soon.

  9. Hey Navin,

    Google algorithm is a lot more complex now-a-days but its a truth that backlinks are the heart of Off-Page SEO.

    And we know very well quality backlinks are one of the most important google ranking factors.

    This list is going to very helpful for us pertaining to SEO.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your innovative ideas with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar


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