10 Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

As technology and generation are enhancing their level, we are growing faster in this modernized world.

People choose online for their career and even grow their business faster than before. And to grow online, you need a shelter for your website, where the files can be hosted.

Thus choosing proper hosting could be vital for the long run. Here, I will show you the reason for choosing a Managed WordPress Hosting solution for your website for a fruitful business online.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is the one where the hosting solution team handles the optimization, configuration and improving the WordPress blog with the help of the expert teams.

It is the most suitable and easy way to host a WordPress blog and leave the rest of the things to the team. It reduces the burden and time spent on establishing a perfect WordPress blog.

Thus, a managed WordPress hosting module that runs on a Cloud Server is known as Cloud Managed WordPress hosting. It is the advancement and trending solution in the hosting arena.

advantages of manged wordpress hosting

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Optimized for WordPress CMS
  2. No worrying about the backend configuration
  3. WordPress site maintenance at its finest
  4. Reduced risk of hacking and malware attack
  5. Integrated cache system and optimized servers
  6. Automatic Backup and mirroring
  7. One-click staging to save your time
  8. Extended support for WordPress related queries
  9. No downtime (fewer in the rare case)
  10. No more crowded/saturated IP sharing.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

There are several managed WordPress hosting providers in the industry, but i am sharing the best ones based on my experience. Using these, you will see a drastic improvement on your website page speed.


With Rocket.net, you get a WordPress platform with Cloudflare Enterprise integration built into it. All WordPress installations are delivered as quickly and as safely as possible with built-in CDN and WAF.

There are plenty of premium features which default included with this awesome hosting provider. Check out my Rocket.net review in detail.

  • WordPress Security Suite (always on security)
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN (worth more than $200+)
  • Malware Protection
  • Free Migrations
  • 2-3x even faster than cloud providers 😇


Coming up with very powerful servers and a free Cloudflare CDN system, WPXHosting is one of the leading platforms that is being designed to give your business websites and eCommerce platforms a cool jack.

The hosting platform can easily withstand huge traffic very conveniently.

The presence of SSD storage for providing 10x speed is one of the other reasons why it is getting so popular these days. One of the best things about this wonderful hosting platform is that it can easily host multiple websites very conveniently.

Moreover, wonderful features like automatic daily backup, free site migration, and SSL certificates are some of the other basic reasons why it is getting popular these days.

Highlight features to know

  • Provides free site migration and SSL certifications
  • Supports multiple domains hosting on single click
  • Ensures guaranteed uptime and faster loading speeds
  • Does not charge any extra for domain names
  • Does not include any Cpanel for easy managing


Kinsta is considered to be one of the best-managed website hosting platforms that ensure users to have optimized managed setups at affordable pricing.

The hosting platform is being featured with a powerful Google Cloud Platform and the infrastructure is also quite easy to navigate on.

The Cpanel is being interchanged with a custom panel that makes the access even much easier. Users are free to enjoy easy WordPress installation and the presence of 24 x 7 live chat support adds more into its value.

The hosting platform is being designed to support one website at a time effectively and it supports free SSL and CDN certificates also.

Highlight features to know

  • Ensured faster uptime and response times
  • Free SSL and CDN certifications involved
  • Ensures users to have a staging environment
  • Provides support to Google Data Centers
  • Ensures users to have 24 * 7 live chat support
  • Provides automatic backup options
  • Cpanel is being replaced with easy to use control panel
  • Does not support multiple website management
  • Pricing is a bit higher but worth it.

Do you really need Managed WordPress Hosting?

If your online business is growing then it is highly suggested that you should choose managed WordPress hosting to push your business further to the heights.

It gets applied to not only the business websites, in fact, the bloggers as well. Who might have started their blogging business through a shared hosting like,

Those are certainly cool and trusted hosting providers for small business, and well known..

Why, do you really need a switch to a managed WordPress hosting?

Well, it all depends on your blog growth that happened throughout the time. If it is started receiving good traffic and you have a lot of content, then probably it’s time to move on and expand your blogging career further.

As a grown-up blog or website needs good quality and optimal performance, to serve the high real-time readers.  And a cloud-based managed WordPress hosting can provide such performance. Obviously, you need to make the call whether to move to managed hosting or stick with the shared one doing some analysis.

There are some good choices you could make from the market to get a managed hosting. I can recommend some Reliable Managed WordPress Providers such as,

Here is the Infographic made by Kinsta on few other advantages of Managed hosting for your websites,


Cloudways is one of the best-managed hosting services that would make your site perform well. It improves the site loading speed as well. The exciting thing is, you can get this managed cloud hosting at a discounted price. Yes, check Cloudways Promo code and get $10 free credit to use the 1-month hosting for FREE.

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