5 Top Performing Pay Per Call Niches

There are various niches present there for pay per call. You will have to deal with every niche from a different perspective.

Many people agreed on this note that pay per call benefits local trades more than one can imagine if steps were taken in the right way.

Such as hair salons, auto repair shops, plumbing shops, local insurance agencies and cake shops etc. Now it depends on you how you deal with these niches. 

1. Insurance Coverage

In today’s era smartphone users depends upon a comparison shopping engine to get everything at their doorstep and quickly but when someone is going to make a decision towards insurance it should be well thought and taken.

If the customer is seeking out home, health, or automobile insurance, mobile window shoppers have an easy way to transform with Pay per call campaigns.

This is a good move for both advertisers and publishers. The only way to get success in insurance is to have the right kind of customer by your side when planning out this campaign. You may take example customers are less interested in taking insurance when they find simple advertisements.

2. High ticket requirement

Have you ever heard about this profession pay per call even promoted this?

Every day is new and it could be a completely new day for your customer because when they will be searching out for items like Dishwashers, A/C, refrigerators, TVs you could crack a good deal for your trade Pay per call. So, it is also a nice way to take your business one more set ahead.

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3. Domestic and Foreign travel

Travel niche best pay per call niche

There are some market fields that are so simple and easy to tackle for promoting with Pay per call as the travel trade.

As you will be able to notice that the role of the authentic travel agent is getting less.

Whereas the role of the online booking service is increasing day by day.

So, publishers could easily do one thing they could act between travel services and consumers so it is also a nice way of getting ahead for your pay per call.

4. Local Pay Per Call Services

If you will talk about the local pay per call market then you will find out the lucrative sector has turned into a more competitive competition.

There is no fixed niche that belongs to pay per call but it can give you the best result if taken the right way of advertising network so you just need to shift your focus at narrow things rather than only the big ones.

Local pay per call niche

You can go and get connected to cake shops for being a bridge between publisher and consumer you may take more small trades like a hair salon for pay per call, and arrange a meeting.

So that is how your business will work for pay per call. You will have to be active a little more and wise towards your decision.

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5. Upscale consumer goods

If you have a little idea about women stuff then here you will win this trade of pay per call because from women’s handbag to luxurious boots all you could play a role in making good money.

The publisher can earn a lot of money by referring trade to luxurious merchants. So, you will be able to have your commission.


These were some of the best niches to start with Pay Per Call advertisements. You can further use any call tracking software to get the insights from it. These call tracking tips will help you understand the performance of the ads as well.

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