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Fiverr is an online marketplace for services. In other words, it’s a market where services can be bought and sold. The unique thing about Fiverr is that the price of all services is $5. Millions of people on the internet require some services.

Somebody want to get a sketch made while someone else wants to get a mobile app. Some want a video and someone else website design and some want Facebook page likes.

These people go on Fiverr to find someone to do this work for them. If you could be able to do such things, then Fiverr is a great platform to earn some money by working for them on the free time. Plenty of people Earn Money through Fiverr, by just completing some simple GIG’s.
Let us create an account with Fiverr
Open your browser and type https://www.fiverr.com/

This will take you to the Fiverr home page, where you can create a free account for yourself.
Click on the “join” button on the top right-hand side of the homepage.

A window will appear asking for your “email”.
Provide your email address and hit the “continue” button to join Fiverr.
In next step one more window will appear, asking for the “username” and “password”

choose a “username” which is easy to remember and provide a unique “password” too. 
And click on the “Join” button.
Here we go….!!! your account will be created with Fiverr.
But before using Fiverr you need to activate the account.
Now Let’s see the process of activation
Login to your Gmail which you provided while creating the Fiverr account at the first step.
Fiverr will be sending an activation link to your Gmail

Open the mail sent by Fiverr and click on the green button “Activate your Account” 
It will redirect you to the Fiverr account

Edit your profile and provide all the details.

Enter the name or business name to which the monthly invoices will be addressed.
  • Enter your full name
  • Full Address
  • Country
  • VAT ID – For European users only. For residents in Israel, a VAT ID is mandatory
And Click on the “Save Changes” Button, your account will be updated.

Next step is to click on “Dashboard” button at the top of the web template. It will ask you to complete few required tasks, TO-DOS”

Three steps will be there which need to be completed

  • Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it
  • You can start selling in 5 minutes. You’d be crazy not to try!
  • You haven’t set a security question. Please do so – 
Click on the “update now” button. Upload a picture of yours instead avatar. It will be better for getting work.

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU Add some details about you just like an introduction of yours.
SITE LANGUAGEEnglish (Default)
I CAN COMMUNICATE IN English will be in default, you can add some more known languages by click on the add languages button.

Click on “save changes” to update all the details entered.
Click on the “Dashboard” button again to complete the remaining tasks as well.

Before completing the remaining tasks, let’s discuss what all work we can provide or get in Fiverr

1. You can design a web page or make a mobile app.

2. Create a “video” for some who required it.

3. Give a “voice over (audio)” recording.

4. Some people get videos uploaded on their “YouTube channel” and get tagging done

5. Some people get work done to increase “traffic” to their website.

6. Some folks want to get a “Facebook page” created

And some people want likes for their “Facebook page” or “Instagram” or any other social websites.

    Above are just a few examples to know about Fiverr, actually, their thousands of jobs that can be done here (Fiverr) and each job can make you earn around Rs. 300.

    These services are called as “GIGs”

    We will be able to found thousands of “GIGs” here in Fiverr and for each “GIG” you be paid with $5. Sounds good hah…!!! 

    Good opportunity to earn by doing simple works, and decent opportunity to the job providers as well to get their work done in just $5.

    After completing the work, Fiverr “deducts 20%” of the payment as royalty which is $1 and pays us $4. Which is not bad at all for those who want to work from home, doing simple things.

    So there we go……

    It’s time to find some work for yourself in Fiverr.

    Click on the Fiverr logo in order to search some work. There will be a number of categories to choose from, according to our ability. After selecting amongst the categories, you will find that number of people are displayed offering their services. Those with the highest ratings are displayed on top.

    Now Let’s see how to create a GIG

    Go back again and click on the “Dashboard” button, to access TO-DOS list.
    START SELLING – click on the “Create” button, A new page will be opened, click on “Become a seller”.

    Provide all the details of the GIG, so that the job could be clearly explained.


    GIG Gallery  You can upload few pictures, PDF files etc.
    DESCRIPTIONProvide the details of the work. an overview of the complete project.

    In this description, you should describe in detail the nature of the gig and the services you are offering

    TAGS – provide at least three tags, so that your work can be searched easily.
    Instruction to the buyer– Provide the instructions into it of the work.

    Click on save and continue to get this GIG created.

    Once your GIG created, people will contact you for the work get done.
    After completing the GIG, your will be paid after 48 hrs of submitting.

    Payment Modes

    • PayPal
    • Fiverr Revenue CardThis is actually a debit card from the Payoneer company. The payment will be transferred to the card and you can withdraw the money from the card
    If you don’t have a PayPal account, we can apply for the “Fiverr Revenue Card”

    Once applied an email will be sent to your Gmail from Payoneer to add your account.

    Click on the email sent by Fiverr. Please follow the link to get the Payoneer account created.

    Few things to keep in mind

    • Provide Genuine information about yourself
    • Complete the GIG’s on time
    • If you have any queries on work, we can get it clarified with the buyer.
    • Delivering high-quality work improved your rating or reputation on Fiverr, which is very important to getting GIG’s in future in Fiverr.
    Isn’t it great opportunity to earn some money through Fiverr by just spending a couple of hours, instead of spending time on not so essential things.

    Make the best use of your time…!!! 🙂

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