LambdaTest Review: Best Cross Browser Testing Cloud

LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform that helps testing persons and Developers in performing cross-browser testing of their website & other web application on thousands of browsers and operating systems online on Cloud.

Furthermore, the tool allows developers and testers to do analyze their websites on mobile and desktop Browser on the cloud.

LambdaTest helps users to test their website on almost all the latest and oldest desktop and mobile browsers.

User can test their websites on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Yandex.

Take a quick look at this LambdaTest Demo video, to get an idea.

Testing a website is not at all an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and practice. Furthermore, it is also important to identify a bug and then rectify it so that the final result is bug-free.

In order to make the cross-browser testing task simple, the Lambda test is introduced. You can easily use this tool and make the cross-browser testing procedure simple and easy.

If you are thinking about the risk of money, then you will be glad to know that there is a trial facility available at this tool. You can take a trial for the tool and if get satisfied then pay the premium amount.

LambdaTest Tool Features

  • This tool can be functioned at several platforms including desktop and mobile browser, browser version, operating system, and resolution.
  • It is very easy to take screenshots in between the real-time browser compatibility testing sessions
    There is a huge collection of Operating System and Browsers available in this tool including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge, Safari and Yandex.
  • LambdaTest tool supports all types of desktop & mobile OS.
  • LambdaTest automated screenshots feature helps you in taking screenshots easily and quickly.
  • With the help of this tool, the responsiveness of a website can be easily checked.
  • While the testing session, if you find any issue then you can share it immediately to others through the mail without even logging off.

Hence these are some of the best features of LambdaTest tool.

LambdaTest Registration – LambdaTest:

  • Step 1: First of all visit this Link
  • Step 2: hit on the “Free Sign Up” tab available at the homepage
  • Step 3: enter all the details required to complete the Sign-Up procedure

Within seconds, this tab will redirect you to the LambdaTest Dashboard.

Overview On LambdaTest Dashboard:

Real Time Browser Testing:

Step 1: move your cursor towards the left navigation menu and then hit on “Real Time Test” tab.

Step 2: a dialog box will appear in front of you asking for the website URL.

Step 3: the next step is to choose from “Desktop” or “Mobile device”

Step 4: Select “Browser version”, “OS”, and “Resolution”

Step 5: finally hit on the “Start” tab

Now you need to take a screenshot of the current page. You can take the screenshot by using the Camera icon available. Now start making the video of the report bugs in the bug tracking tool provided by LambdaTest.

If you want to make this procedure a bit simpler then you may take help from the third-party bug tracking tool.

Screenshot Testing:

lambda cross browser testing

Step 1: Go to the “Visual UI Test” menu and then hit on “Screenshot” tab

Step 2: Enter the “URL” of the site that you want to test

Step 3: now you will be required to choose from “Desktop” or “Mobile device”

Step 4: next step is to choose “Browser version” that is connected to the “OS”

Step 5: hit the “Capture” tab and you will be redirected to the page having all the screenshots you have taken.

Responsive Testing:

Step 1: first of all you need to go to the “Visual UI Test” menu and then choose “Responsive” menu option available.

Step 2: in the dialog box, enter the site URL that you want to check

Step 3: choose from “Desktop” or “Mobile device”

Step 4: Select “Browser version” related to requiring “OS”

Step 5: finally hit on the “Generate” tab

Following are the bug tracking tools you can use to track the bugs in LambdaTest

Bug Tracking Tools in LambdaTest

Asana Trello
Github GitLab
Meet Paymo
TeamWork Hive
Clubhouse Mantis

LambdaTest Plugins & Extensions:

Today, Cross Browser Testing has become an important part of developers and testing person job. For making the cross-testing procedure a bit easier you must try LambdaTest Cross Browser Testing Tool at least once.

This tool also provides trial facilities so that you can pay only if you are satisfied with the service and experience.

How much LambdaTest Cost You

Despite having such incredible features it is very affordable and a solo plan with annual billing starts right from $15 More different plans that are provided by the LambdaTesting Tool. Those are:

  • Lite plan: Free.
  • Solo plan: $15 per month (Annual Billing)
  • Pro plan: $25 per month (Annual Billing)
  • Monthly Plan: $19 per month
  • Enterprise plan: Customized one.

It is certainly worth a try, which costs almost nothing for you.

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