Online Marketing, Much More Important Than You Think

Digital marketing has become one of the most important skills to master for businesses in the modern era. Thanks to the internet and how information is shared through different sources of information, like

  • social media,
  • blogs, and
  • informative websites,

the way marketing is done now has heavily changed.

Of course, its effectiveness will depend on the business, its aspirations, and whether it is capable of providing products or services worldwide, or nationwide.

Take for example one of the most famous streaming services you can find right now: Netflix. Netflix has been able to knead a large number of users thanks to its approach, and how it shares its services through several types of media.

There are many types of examples out there. If you are a regular consumer of videos in platforms like Youtube, you’ll notice that many brands and businesses, and even entrepreneurs, share their services and products through video ads.

On Facebook, you can find different types of ads, too. Some come in the form of videos, other as posts directly linked to a website, and even pictures showcasing what’s so great about a product or a service.

Online marketing has changed the way marketing works, but traditional marketing is still relevant. You should consider doing online marketing if you have the budget and you want to build an online presence.

It is a more spread, global method that will help your business sell products in more places. Traditional methods, on the other hand, are more effective if you want to focus your services and products on local customers.

It Is Worth It, Though?

Believe it or not, purchasing things online has become a pretty common way of getting your hands on the things you need.

Nowadays there’s a lot of people owning a smartphone, and studies have shown that over 40% of users browsing through the internet come from mobile devices. It is expected that this percentage increases to 70% in 2025.

With that said, more and more people are using their phones to purchase things online.

Even I wasn’t as willing to buy things online until I started getting food through mobile apps, then I got comfortable with the idea of buying things through the internet. As a home-based worker who loves staying at home, this was a blessing.

No wonder, now after pandemic internet for remote workers is truly a blessing. And those days have gone, when individuals were having slow internets at home. Now its time of high speed internet due to their work at home and video conferences calls. And a speedy internet makes the online purchases hassle free too. This is why online marketing is booming.

Online marketing is all about knowing how to use convenience to your favor. If you have an online store, and you are able to draw attention to it, potential customers will be able to check your products and services without much hassle.

You’ll also build a sense of trust among your customers, and create a relationship based on your product’s performance, and how well treated customers feel when contacting your business and asking questions. That’s why customer service is also important.

Also, another thing to consider is social media. More than 2.60 billion people use social media.

And this number is expected to grow up to 3 billion people for next year. Through a marketing campaign, you’ll be able to personalize your order and decide whether you want to approach social media or not.

If you are still wondering whether is worth it or not after this much information, you should check this article.

Is It Expensive?

Prices vary a lot when it comes to online marketing. It depends heavily on the company or service you decide to hire, the time they will work, and the type of campaign you decide to choose.

Some campaigns require more effort and knowledge than others and their effectiveness is not always certain and may require some time, too.

On average, social media marketing can go from $200 to $5,000 a month. Some campaigns are even more expensive, costing $10,000. Searching Engine Optimization, a type of marketing that focused on drawing potential customers through articles showcase in searching engines like Google and Yahoo, can go from $500 to $20,000 per month.

It’ll heavily depend on what you are looking for, but there’s another alternative. If you got the time, or you want someone from your company to learn digital marketing, you can always get a course. I especially recommend checking this article here to get your hands on a wide variety of courses.

If you decide to learn, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to create your own campaign, and get the most out of marketing services like Facebook, Youtube and Google Ads.

You’ll also get your hands on tools and recommended software to improve your skills. The great thing about doing it by yourself is that you’ll be able to personalize the campaign based on your business products and services and adapt it for better results!

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