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Search engines are the modern guardians of knowledge. The most popular ones are Google and Bing, their job is to make our lives easier.

They make information in the digital age accessible and they play a significant role in forming opinions. Also, they are responsible for the profits of many companies.

They help websites get more visitors by ranking them higher in their results page. Now, every online page has the same goal, to be the first one in the search results.

How do they work?

These engines use specialized algorithms that scan everything that gets posted online. This makes them kind of like a librarian of the 21st century.

Let’s say that you dropped your phone in water. Of course, the first thing you’d do is take it out and wipe it, and then you see that the electronics aren’t working. You’d probably go to your laptop and search for how to fix it.

Google’s job is to take your request and give you the information as quick as possible. Not just that, the data needs to be reliable and be able to help you in fixing your problem. Click here to find out more.

By doing this, they are helping two sides. Firstly, you, because you’ll know how to deal with the situation at hand.

Secondly, they’ll be promoting the site you visited, because of Google-generated traffic toward it. That’s why for a business to succeed, it’s a great strategy to rank as high as possible.

You probably wouldn’t check the second link that shows up, and neither do most people. This makes the previous statement much more powerful and essential.

How can you rank higher?

First and foremost, the content and the words matter. Search engines have spider-like algorithms that scan through all the words to make sure that the context the same and following the topic at hand.

They focus on word clusters and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Being specific helps in SEO just as much as the content. We’ll look at an example to make it more transparent.

Let’s say that you have a shoe store online. All of your content should be concentrated on that topic.

This means that every blog, page, and call to action should be related to selling shoes. If you write and post something about refrigerators, that would harm the reputation of your site and possibly decrease the ranking of your other keywords that are related to selling shoes. Here is some more info.

Are there other ways to rank higher except content creation?

Content should absolutely be a priority for everyone. But another thing that plays a significant role is the links.

There are two types of links when talking about SEO but we’ll only talk about the ones that matter. Links that are directed towards your website give Google and Bing the information that you’re credible and great at what you do.

The more links directed toward you, the better. But, there is a catch to them.

When people found out about this, they started creating thousands of websites just for orienting links towards their main pages.

By doing this, they abused the algorithms and Google responded by changing the rules.

Now, all links count, but some links have more weight attached to them. If a globally renowned page like NY Times links to your page, that link will help your SEO rankings a thousand times more than getting a dozen low credibility ones.

Are there other finesses that you should know about?

Yes, there are. SEO changes all the time. If you have time, you should definitely spend more time researching the latest trends. If you don’t have the time, getting help from agencies like SEO Belfast will do.

This will help you a lot in ranking higher because new info comes out almost every day.

Currently, there is a trend focusing on title words as well as link words. This means that you should pay attention to the types of words used in your titles, as well as when you link to other sites.

They should be related to the topic you’re focusing on, as well as the keyword. And when you link to other sites, underline two or more words, and make sure they are related to the niche represented on the link.

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