11 Best Chatbots for WordPress Website: Grow Your Business

The bookshop owner, at the end of the lane where I live, knows my name. Most of the time he can even judge which book I would buy.

Last evening, I visited this cozy shop, and the owner knew I was looking for some quirky stationery and the Latest Edition of A Deadly Education.

Along with this, he tossed a Harry Potter bookmark saying, “just for once.” This “just for once” happens quite often. What makes me loyal to this little bookshop other than the amazing collection is this personal connection that I feel.

Knowing your customer by their names is unquestionably Mom-and-Pop 101.

A lot of business owners realized quite a few years ago that the key to high earning business, especially in physical stores, is offering an experience they can’t get online.

It is to help them enjoy aroma, taste, feel, sound, and have someone who would say “Welcome Back, Sir!” with a cup of tea in hand. Sounds like the good old days of shopping? Well, it is now time to bring this experience to the web.

Wondering how to bring this experience on the web? Well, let’s see.

Does Digital Platform Offer a Personal Touch?


For personal discussions, making calls is the best way. But, one thing that hasn’t lost its significance is, meeting in-person. Contact holds a strong significance even after the development of the telephones.

For a lot of organizations connecting with the customers is an important task. Compared to any time in history, video conferencing has found its application in the customer care domain fairly high.

But what works best to keep your customers engaged on your website, and answer all their queries till the purchase is made (and even after that) are your personalized digital salesperson, Chatbots.

Benefits of Chatbots for Your Business

As businesses move to the digital domain, the process of attracting customers for great sales remains the same, just with more advanced technology.

With digital salesperson to deal with customer queries and motivate them to make a purchase, we have come a long way. A lot of organizations can help you build an intelligent chatbot that would boost your sales.

The chatbot may seem a simple business tool but they have a great role to play in your success. Let’s see what are the advantages of using a chatbot for your business.

1. Work with Your Sales Team

For any lead-based business, collecting customer information is the most significant task.

Chatbots can help you collect information about your potential clients with simple interactions. This information can be analyzed and used by the sales team to convert the lead into a conversion.

2. Segregate the Leads Generated

Collecting data of all the leads is quite a task. Thus, chatbots can help your sales team to save their time and efforts and qualify and segregate the leads according to the priority of response and interest.

3. Persuade Visitors to Subscribe to Newsletter

This is quite a better alternative to push notifications. The chatbots identify the new leads and persuade them to subscribe to your business newsletter instead of bothering them with follow-up texts.

4. Connect Visitors with the Team

The Chatbots can be integrated with the live chat and thus your visitors can be taken directly to the live agent to make sure the customer queries are heard and the lead gets a response to every doubt it has before the purchase is made.

5. Reduce Sales Team’s Workload

Many functions of your sales department can be accomplished by the chatbots thus making it easier for the sales team to strategize the sales process that results in more gain.

Chatbots in association with your sales team can help your business grow several times without any extra efforts or extended support.

Chatbots have been making it quite interesting for the sales teams to manage leads and convert them to buyers. For a high returning business, it is important that your chatbot interacts with your business well.

Choosing the right chatbot can be a hectic task. We discuss here some chatbot software that you can integrate with your WordPress website for high earning business.

Top 11 Chatbot Softwares to Integrate with Your WordPress Website

1. Intercom

It is a flexible tool that you can use as a chatbot or even for live chats. This can be put to use to automate your marketing and engage new customers.

Not just this, train your chatbot to deal with your customers in a conversational tone and build strong customer relations. As many people engage with your website, so rises the sales graph.

The complete idea behind the tool is to give users a personalized experience with the conversation fed to the bot.

This would let you segregate your customers based on their queries and behavior. Thus, they can clearly identify potential buyers and proceed in the same manner. 

The best part is you can integrate the tool with email marketing, Slack, Google Analytics, CRM software, and others. 

2. LivePerson

This is a live chat software that you can integrate with your WordPress website. This can even be used for automated conversation flow through a chatbot.

Live agents can connect with potential buyers, send offers that fit customers’ interests, schedule meetings, make appointments, and whatnot can be done with this chatbot. The features are not limited to this.

One can check their order status, determine their account balance, and get details related to queries about billing or payment process. 

When you integrate ‘LivePerson with your WordPress website, it can be used on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

3. MobileMonkey

You can create a bot using their OmniChat technology. They work in web chat, messenger, and even over texts.  You can save your time and money that would be invested in creating different bots.

The bot created is clearly one size fits all and can be used across various platforms.  The customer service team of your organization can respond to any query across any platform, as the box is available in the form of desktop and mobile apps.

You can even integrate with third-party software that may be providing various interesting services such as CRM software, email marketing service, webinar provider, and more.

4. Tidio

This live chat platform is powered by chatbots. You can easily communicate with your customers with the chatbots that are compatible with all devices.

An easy dashboard and a mobile app make it easier for you to respond to customer queries. Automate your responses and design funnels that would only convert leads to customers. 

You can either choose the templates or customize your chatbot as per your business needs. You can hire chatbot development services for eCommerce platforms, email marketing, and help desk software.

5. Quriobot

This is a great choice for small companies with a stringent budget. With a simple drag and drop interface and some quite engaging templates, it is winning the hearts of the experts in the domain.

You can even customize your responses or create several bots at once. 

Let your WordPress website developers work on its styling to complement your website’s color scheme. 

6. SnapEngage

If you run a healthcare website then this software has something really impressive for you in store.  It offers “Health Engage” to ensure secure, HIPAA-compliant chatbots, live chat, and SMS messaging.

Integrate it with Facebook messenger and other platforms to expand your reach. Along with Info-Capture and Answer Bot, you can even create your personalized bot using the custom bot API. 

Sounds like a useful alternative for your WordPress website. 

7. ADA

Tailor your responses and recommendations after analyzing client information, intent, and interests.

This doesn’t require any rocket science and your team can set up everything quite easily. There’s no complex coding involved here. 

ADA can easily be integrated with your live chat for the seamless transition of your customers from chatbot to live agent. You can even integrate it with your team calendar to schedule appointments and bookings.

8. Drift

Combine your live chat with an automated chatbot using the software. You can even integrate CRM services and email marketing services for the easy functioning of your website.

Start proactive conversations with your customers that are engaged with the products or services that you offer. 

Further, you can integrate it with third-party tools such as Zendesk, Help Scout, etc.

This software has a lot to offer but is a bit costly for small businesses. A quick check and review of services can help you decide if it is worth the investment or not. 

9. ManyChat

Integrate ManyChat with your WordPress website and boost sales and reduce cart abandonment rates. This software works with Facebook Messenger to persuade the customer to make a sale.

You can simply welcome new users, showcase your product range, respond to specific keywords, and get a lot more done with ManyChat. 

10. FreshChat

This software lets you build chatbots for WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, mobile, and web. Powered by Freddy’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, it can detect the intent of the customer and engage accordingly.  

This even helps you come up with better answers. The ML technology analyzes customer intent and suggests prospect questions that need to be answered in a better way. 

11. ChatBot.com

The software can simply be integrated into your WordPress website or can be used along with top live chat software. It comes with some in-built templates that aim at different scenarios like selling products, customer service, recruitment, bookings, and more. 

With so much in store, one can simply invest a little time in the bot and come up with data related to your customer base. It can help you analyze data and plan the rest of your strategy accordingly.

The Final Words

With digital presence being a dominant part of surviving the competition make sure you hire a personal, digital salesman who would interact, answer, and persuade the customers to make purchases. 

The chatbots are yet to receive the significance they should get in attracting customers digitally, but the right chatbot can do wonders with its features and functionalities.

So, without much ado hire a WordPress website developer and integrate an interesting chatbot to boost your sales.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical writer associated with A3logics. She has a keen interest in today’s technology. With an eagerness to explore all the advancements the technology has in store, she is generally found reading journals. She has closely worked with the team that provides chatbot development services for e-commerce. A tech geek by nature, in her leisure time, she loves to visit nearby cafes and enjoy some coffee with a book. Catch her here

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