7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins (Free & Premium)

Do you like to listen to podcasts more compared to reading blog posts? Are you planning to launch your first podcast for the readers?

Then how to start with your first podcast on WordPress? This article is going to help you by revealing a few of the best WordPress plugins to start your podcast journey.

What is Podcast & Why they are so popular?

In simple language, Podcast is nothing but an internet radio, owned by someone. E.g. if you are a blogger and share awesome blogging tips, you can start recording your voice while narrating your advice.

Users can listen to that voice anytime and anywhere they are going quickly, besides reading something. You just have to plugin into your earphones and keep your eyes close.

Podcasting has been very consistent with its growth in the past few years. As a matter of fact, the number of listeners is increasing at a rate of about 20% each year. You might also want to know about podcast statistics to get into.

Moreover, in 2015-2017, the revenues from podcast advertising grew by 70% every year.

Not to forget the fact that podcast is also one of the best ways to offer something unique to your WordPress website visitors and connect with them on a personal level.

Top WordPress podcast plugins

While there are a lot of creative and technical things to consider if you want to launch a podcast on your website, you will also need a podcast plugin.

And just like every other thing related to WordPress, there are several podcast plugins available.

To help you pick the best, I have created a list of top WordPress podcast plugins. Some of them are free, some are paid but all of them are super easy to use.

1. PowerPress by Blubrry

If you are looking to create a podcast-based WordPress website, Blubrry offers all the tools and plugins you’ll need.

PowerPress from Blubrry is one of the most popular podcast plugins which allows you to easily add the podcast to your WordPress website.

It allows you to add video and audio podcasts and supports Google and Apple podcasts too.

There is also a simple mode for people who are new to podcasting. The plugin is completely free but Blubrry offers a number of paid add-on features for it.

2. Libsyn Podcasting

Libsyn is a renowned podcasting service and its plugin allows you to connect your Libsyn account to your WordPress website.

With the help of the plugin, you can create drafts for your podcasts, create new episodes, and also schedule your posts.

Your files are stored in the Libsyn podcast hosting account to make sure that they do not take your hosting space.

While the plugin is free to use, you’ll have to pay to get yourself a Libsyn account and its hosting service.

3. Seriously Simple Podcasting

With more than 10,000 active installations, Seriously Simple Podcasting is also a popular WordPress plugin for podcasting.

It supports audio and video podcasting and has a built-in Castos podcast hosting platform for hosting the podcast files on a dedicated platform.

It also comes with a free statistics add-on and comes with widgets and shortcodes for displaying the podcast episodes on your website.

Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin is absolutely free and it also has a growing list of add-ons that are 100% free as well.

4. Smart Podcast Player

The Smart Podcast Player is popular among website owners for its unique features. The plugin has an email capture feature and allows visitors to easily skip forward and backward just like a media player.

There is also a built-in sharing option to help your listeners share your podcasts on their social accounts.

It is a paid plugin that is available in monthly and annual packages.

5. Simple Podcast Press

The next top podcast plugin for WordPress is Simple Podcast Press. Customizable buttons, URL shortener, and Clammr integration to share podcast snippets on social platforms are some of the top features of this plugin.

Moreover, it allows you to add podcasts from a number of popular podcasting platforms such as Buzzsprout, Libsyn, and SoundCloud.

The plugin is ideal for people who want to promote podcasts through their WordPress website. It is a paid plugin and is available in three different licenses- Single, Multi, and Professional.

6. iTunes Podcast Review Manager

If you want to add iTunes podcast reviews to your WordPress website, iTunes Podcast Review Manager is the best option.

After activating the plugin, it’ll check for new reviews you receive on iTunes every 4 hours and will add the same to your WordPress website.

Just like Simple Podcast Press, this free plugin is also a great option if you want to promote your podcast channel.

7. Amazon Polly for WordPress

Amazon Polly allows you to turn your text content into lifelike speech.

This plugin for WordPress helps you convert your text content into podcasts which can then be inserted into your WordPress website.

It also allows you to publish your posts in podcast form right from your website and share the same with people in your podcast directories.

The plugin is 100% free and is one of the best ways to improve the accessibility of your WordPress blogs.


Podcasts can be used in several innovative ways to bring in more traffic to your WordPress website.

Of course, you should have a website to utilize the concept of podcasts. And with such amazing plugins available, launching a podcast isn’t as difficult as you’d imagine.

While the most important features and functionality of the top podcast plugins have been highlighted in this post, try to know more about them to make your decision.

Please feel free to share your feedback and experiences if any with Podcast WordPress plugins by writing a comment below.

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