High PR Forum Posting Sites: Forums helps in Driving Traffic

Here we are going to look at high PR forum posting sites and importantly the active ones. Forum Posting is quite popular amongst bloggers.

As traffic is a big concern for any blogger either the new one or some established blogger. A new blogger desires to drive at least some traffic to their blog, which is a tough task.

Initially can be annoying, as we are not the only one who has a blog. Competition is all around, which is actually good to improvise and to realize that we are on the right path.

On the other hand, the professional bloggers, who are already built an authority and getting traffic might be easier for them. Because they have already done all the hard work. But maintaining the same traffic is not easier for them as well.

There are plenty of sources to get traffic to the blog or website. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a well know term amongst. On page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
Before getting into these two it’s important to understand the basics of SEO.

SEO, the three letter word can be a really complex to understand, if we don’t get educated gradually. As several things come under this, which can improvise the visibility in Search Engines.

Apart from On page SEO, backlinks are well known in the Off Page SEO. Quality backlinks are not that easy to get at all. As a lot of factors depends on it.

Some of them buy backlinks as well, and that might not be a good practice. As those backlinks might not be relevant to your niche and not a good quality one. And bad backlinks can harm your website as well. In fact, buying backlinks also come under the black hat SEO.

Why pay for some such ones, where you can find some free forum posting site list. Once done with the free registration and you are good to go.

Drive Traffic by Posting on Forums

We are going to discuss, how to drive traffic through some forum posting. The whole world used the forums to register their queries, but bloggers have their own purpose.

Simply go with some top forum sites list, and find the queries of the world in your blog niche, and reply to those and leave your blog link as well.

In case you haven’t written a post, then check out the followers of that query and write an article on the same if the followers are more for that. Forum posting is quite useful as your links going to live there forever.

Here I am not going to share a huge or top forum sites list. Rather better going with the active ones and which are working for me effectively from the past few weeks. Few are below 5 PR sites but don’t underestimate those, it would be helpful to drive traffic.

High PR Forum Posting Sites List

High Forum SitesPage Rank

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12 thoughts on “High PR Forum Posting Sites: Forums helps in Driving Traffic”

  1. What a great post Sir, i was confused about forums posting but these data are so easy and acceptable.. Please do if it possible that share some blog post as soon as possible.
    Thanks for sharing……

  2. Many many thanks for sharing all this site list thats am looking for. Its helping me ass a new SEO worker…I will try all this sites.
    Thanks a lot and keep it up.

  3. Hi Navin Rao,

    Thanks for providing us the list.

    Actually right now I am working on testing website and the niche is competitive so it’s difficult to rank. I will surely follow your list.

    Please share more tips if you can..

    • Hey, Alisha Good To know that you started a website. Almost all niches are being competitive these days. Forum works really well in generating traffic. Best of Luck.

        • Alisha..when it comes to software development and testing, Email Marketing would be the best way to go with. As you would be able to get the targeted audience and I strongly believe some social ads can also work for you. Probably Twitter or Facebook ads.

    • I’m very happy with this article since I was doubting on how to go about create backlinks to websites. Thanks for the good work, I will start using this sites as soon as possible.

  4. That sounds great. Forums helps in driving traffic, we all know that. But you may pay a large amount of money. I think it is better to post on related sites which receive guest post. If the site has a large traffic, or its PR and DR is enough and have a large mount of traffic everyday. This is a good help for writers to raise awareness, earn traffic and share their articles with the world.

    • Hey Murika, Thanks for commenting and expressing your thoughts..

      You are right, There are plenty of ways to drive traffic, Posting on High PR forums is amongst one of them. And there is no doubt, Guest Posts are the most efficient and proven way to drive traffic and getting exposure. And a Blogger should apply all of them to achieve the results.


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