How To Effectively Market Your Company Blog

Your company blog will increase your visibility on search engines and even allow you to be positioned as an expert in your field.

It’s an interesting addition to your website that will give you an edge, and many businesses (if not all) have already added this feature.

The question you will presumably be asking yourself is – how do you market it?

Yes, having a blog is an interesting addition, but you will not increase your SEO if you do not know the tricks associated with it.

First, you will need good content, followed by cross-promotion on social media channels and collaborations.

You can’t forget about advertising, as no matter how much organic engagement you do, you will go even further with the addition of a few paid campaigns.

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Mesmerizing Content

You can’t underestimate the importance of high-quality content. This includes everything from the layout of your blog to the individually written articles.

Determine the topics and tone, which will encompass your blog and stick to it. You want your blog to remain professional, and this is how you do it.

Do your articles have hyperlinks to newsworthy articles? Is your blog easy to navigate?

A user-friendly website, one that is compatible with both mobile devices and computers, will also increase the amount of time people spend on your site or re-visit it all together.

As mobile marketing is the trend to follow to draw a lot of eyeballs to your content.

Promoting on social media

Cross promoting on your social media channels, especially your stories, will further help you market your blog.

With your ability to now even add soundtracks to Instagram stories, you can create a compelling post that will lead your audience to your blog!

Remember to make it exciting and don’t be afraid to dabble in some trial and error until you realize what content your target audience best engages with.


Working with bloggers and other individuals that will benefit your company blog will further help establish your blog’s credibility and visibility.

After all, the individual you are working with also has their own audience, and if you agree to cross-promote on one another’s platforms, you are also driving their audience to your website.

It’s important to find the appropriate person for the job and to choose who you collaborate with carefully.

You don’t want to damage your company’s image by working with someone that is not on the same page as you are.


Incorporating a few advertising strategies into your overall marketing strategy will further lead people to your website and blog.

There are agencies who specialize in various forms of campaigns and can offer the best advice and practices should you hire them.

One example is the pay per click campaigns that Click Intelligence uses to drive traffic to the desired website.

Each campaign is different to the next, and you want the appropriate experts that know how to test and evaluate the best strategies.

In order to obtain the web visibility and blog popularity you desire, you need the appropriate marketing strategies.

Simply having a blog, writing articles, and hoping that the articles will market themselves and appear in Google’s algorithms will not work, despite what you may think.

A combination of high-quality content, cross-promotion and advertising tactics will help you acquire the exposure you want.

So, what do you like to add to market your business blogging strategy?


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2 thoughts on “How To Effectively Market Your Company Blog”

  1. Hey Navin

    Really amazing article. Growth hacking is one of the most difficult task out there. If you want to do it with little investment you have to give it time and if it is time sensitive you have to invest alot of money.
    so it become that much harder.
    Anyways thank you for such an amazing article.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Bhawna,

      Glad you liked, as business Blogging is being an must do aspect so should have decent strategy to promote and making it reach to the targeted audience…

      Yeah, I agree if you have enough time to do SEO it’s be going to be fine or else there are plenty of ways how you could do it putting few bucks out of your pocket and probably PPC could useful along with FB and Twitter ads.


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