The Death of SEO? What do you think?

the death of SEO?

For several years, natural referencing has become an essential strategy for any website that wants to find a place in the web environment.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing among others place a lot more emphasis on good quality content in order to satisfy Internet users.

This means that they will be able to have the best results on the search engines so that they can go to the website that deals with the topic.

Suddenly, we are witnessing the war of content and websites even boast recruiting the best Sesotho to enjoy perpetual visibility on the web.

Strategies are multiplying and web marketing professionals do not miss the opportunity to develop other techniques to boost this representativeness.

Hence the intervention of social networks and other very powerful tactics that reinforce SEO in order to provide an increased presence.

In fact, one wonders if SEO is likely to resist the rise of other techniques that remain irrefutable. Some even announce his death to the extent that the new strategies currently represent an incredible force in the process of generating traffic.

SEO Trends

According to surveys, the largest percentage of the number of visits analyzed at the website level comes from search engines.

They appear as indisputable intermediaries between websites and Internet users. Thus, one should not think that these results are obtained on a hand of chance.

SEO: key to the success of websites

It’s SEO! An SEO that has been there, with his very active techniques that allow websites to have better visibility.

On this, many platforms have been able to harvest satisfactory results and develop their activities with the help of this strategy.

Indeed SEO has a particular strength to hoist a website at the top of the canvas while ensuring a perfect representation and sustainable. If you are searching for best-upgraded SEO services to enter the world’s best-trusted SEO services.

It is a very profitable investment because beyond giving you absolute visibility, it allows you to broaden your customer base in order to develop your turnover.

Today, many companies have seen their growth evolved in a big way thanks to SEO that has propelled them above the competition.

It allows a structure to have a better reputation and develop good credibility with regard to Internet users. In fact, its implementation is to create the content of good quality according to the criteria of the search engines that are very strict on this point.

As a result, websites are forced to produce well-structured articles to benefit from good positioning on search results.

Thus, this provision has a double advantage, because it allows you not only to be visible but also to gain the trust of visitors. However, more than one is wondering about its impact in this new era where other platforms like social networks have become the hub of traffic.

Certainly, SEO is threatened to the extent that most websites now use social media to better attract visitors.

Does referencing live its last days?

Is Search Engine Optimization Worth it

Although SEO is a very effective strategy by its ability to provide website traffic of good quality, its profitability is not acquired in the space of a few days.

The process can take weeks or even months for the website to reap the benefits of long work. In addition, its process requires perpetual updates, because the competition is very tough and it is necessary to regularly multiply the contents to resist.

In fact, articles are no longer enough because users no longer have the time to focus on a text that requires both concentration and deep analysis to capture the message.

visual content importance

This is worth the rise of other content such as videos, image illustrations, and sound elements among others. Moreover, an excellent SEO cannot be obtained without the expertise of some web professionals namely a developer, web editor, web designer, etc.

In addition to content-related care, there are other tasks such as website optimization, page structure adjustments, and other techniques to be taken into account in order to facilitate the analysis of search engines.

Research. As a result, social networks intervene and remain as a continuity that perfects the role of reference. At the moment when the latter takes a long time to deliver results, social media advocates speed and interaction for better visibility.

Does this mean that SEO is experiencing its last days? It will be necessary to find a certain complementarity between these two techniques which draw almost towards the same objective.

Indeed, SEO aims for a long-term result, because content can be present on the web for years. It promotes sustainability and ensures a website with a constant and profitable presence.

Thus, other strategies that follow can be considered as additional elements that reinforce the dynamism and efficiency of referencing.

Go through this Infographic by SEO Book before you think that SEO is dead.

death of seo infographic
Image Source: SEO Book

Too often underestimated SEO, images are now in the foreground and are more than ever part of an effective SEO strategy. For this year 2018, Google has decided to highlight the SEO strategy on images. Here are the latest trends.

Structured Image Data

Structured data provides additional information to search engines. These data help Google better interpret and understand your site. They allow to give advantages of details and thus to potentially improve your reference.

So what is the utility of structured image data? In reality, the structured data makes it possible to link the image and the data associated with this image. Well-structured data ensures consistency between proposed SERP image and landing page proposals.

Semantics To Optimize

Like your website, the semantics of your images should also be optimized. The first technique is to fill the alt tag. In reality, Google does not “see” the image of your site, the alt tag is there to allow him to understand what your image represents. Make sure you use relevant keywords that are consistent with your image. For more precision, you can also add a legend, this will help robots to better interpret the images.

The Link Between Content and Image

For 2018, Google said it has increased the relevance of site content for SEO on Google Image.

In a nutshell, having a well-referenced image on Google Image also goes through a site and a landing page themselves relevant in terms of content.

To do this, an adequate keyword strategy must be implemented around the image: provide an ALT tag coherently between the image itself, the content of your site and the semantic strategy of your landing page.

Last September, Google announced privileging images on the latest content.

The Loading Speed Of Images

As the share of mobile traffic continues to increase in total traffic, the loading time of images has become an essential criterion, both in terms of user experience and SEO.

Page load speed
Source: hobo-web

Propose a qualitative image with an acceptable loading time may seem complicated, but a simple trick exists. The establishment of a lazy loading system, which consists of delaying as much as possible the elements of a site that are not yet accessible to the view of the user.

The directly visible elements are thus loaded in priority. A definite advantage in terms of UX. Note: Google has announced privileging images placed at the top of the page in terms of SEO. Make sure to put your strategic images as high as possible on your site.

So, what do you think about SEO, is it that difficult?

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