An Open Interview With Ravi Chahar: Owner of

Hi Ravi, Welcome to QuestionCage, glad to catch you for this interview after a long wait and really excited. One should be open to learning new things, and nothing can be better from the established people in their own industry.

Ravi Chahar: Hey Navin, thanks for having me. I am honored to be a part of your blog and the audience you have. It’s always a pleasure to be around the people who really strive to gain knowledge.

Getting interviewed is what every professional blogger fond of. You know the feeling when people want to know about your journey and the ups and downs you have gone through. Glad to be here.

1. Ravi let’s Start with your Introduction

Ravi Chahar: I am a WordPress professional who helps people to run their WordPress websites successfully.

Around 27% of the websites are running on this amazing CMS but most of the bloggers fret because of its technical side.

I teach people to fix every possible WordPress error they can see on their websites. Apart from that, I have a 3.5+ experience in WordPress theme development and customization.

I can develop a WordPress theme from the scratch. The customization of Genesis and Thesis frameworks is also included. I am also an expert in LinkedIn marketing which is one of the biggest professional platforms right now.

Linkedin Followers-ravichahar
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Navin: Yes Ravi you are doing really good in Linkedin with 13K+ followers and that’s really appreciatable.

2. What was that inspiring moment which made you get into blogging and choose it as a full-time career?
Interview with Ravi Chahar

Ravi Chahar: “Well, I am a kind of very lazy person who never wanted to work for anyone else. During my graduation, my friend started a website about WordPress themes and spreading the words about blogging.

Until my 2nd year, I had no clue about blogging but then I started reading, Forbes magazines, Business Today and a few more magazines.

Just out of curiosity, I read the content my friend used to provide. It just struck me to jump into this mesmerizing blogosphere.

We decided to buy a new domain and found BloggingLove which has turned out to be a unique domain name. Whenever people read it, they just fell in love with it.

And it all happened within a month.”

3. How many blogs do you own apart from Blogging love?

Ravi Chahar: I never did a mistake of becoming a multitasking person done by many.

If you can handle one blog properly, that’s more than enough. I have a theory before you even start something, you should analyze its consequences and what’s the current market is asking for.
You can’t just throw yourself in a mess.

There are millions of blogs running on the web right now. But do you even care about reading any?

Until you build an authority blog, you can’t be a successful blogger. I would never recommend anyone to run more than one blog in parallel.”

4. What Satisfies you in Blogging, Money or Fame?

Ravi Chahar: The millennials are running after money right now. That’s the reason the quality of blogging has decreased. People just want money, money, and only money.

But I am a kind of person who strives to have the fame. A ProBlogger needs to be known by his work. No one gives a shit if you make millions and don’t have the fame.

Your money making stories can only be accepted only if you have a strong fan following. I don’t care whether I get $2000 per month or $100.

You may be thinking as why am I living my life as a full-time blogger. Well, I am not saying people should be making money. The point is, the fame is more alluring than a few dollars you earn.

That’s the reason I have successfully made it get featured at SocialMediaToday, BloggingTips and JeffBullas blog.

5. What monetizing methods do you prefer for your blogs and why?
Interview with ravi chahar

Ravi Chahar: People are running after Google AdSense. It’s good to see how people make money through ads. But if you want to build a long lasting money making business, you should start affiliate marketing.

Recommending the tools I use is how I make money. I never recommend any tool without using it. Whether it’s about any web hosting or any email marketing tool, I experience first and then recommend to BloggingLove readers.

Accepting sponsored posts is also one of the ways I play with. Though I accept if and only if the content is related to BloggingLove’s niche.”

6. Traffic is a concern for any blogger, how do you manage to drive some quality traffic? Factors on which any newcomers should concentrate on.

Ravi Chahar: “Traffic generating can be a pain in the head. People want to drive millions of visitors in a few months which isn’t possible.

The best thing is to keep the consistency. I publish every single day.

'Success kisses those who value consistency'Click To Tweet

Use the power of social media platforms. LinkedIn has always been a friend of mine. Use it effectively and you will be having some hell lot of traffic.

Use Twitter, Facebook or any other platform you’re good with. Social signals matter.

Connect with others and make strong bonds. People help each other.”

7. Backlinks play an important factor in rankings, what are the best three strategies according to you build quality ones?

Ravi Chahar: The best way is blog commenting. You can build hundreds of blog backlinks by commenting on other blogs.

Actually, it has many benefits. You can make human bonds and people like to connect when someone comments. You can go for the guest posts but don’t ask for any backlink.

If you’re good in content curation, the blog owner will automatically provide the backlink. Asking for a backlink is unprofessional.

The last one is to submit your website on the social media platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and many blog directories.

8. What exactly you do after publishing a post to promote it?

Ravi Chahar: I leverage the content with the social media shares. My first target is always LinkedIn and then I go on Twitter.

Then in my leisure time, I comment on some authority blogs like CopyBlogger, ProBlogger, SmartBlogger and many others.

Facebook is also one of the best platforms to promote your content.”

9. Tools you found very useful for excelling in Blogging?

Ravi Chahar: Grammarly is one of the best tools I would recommend to every blogger. People don’t accept spelling and grammar mistakes.

Use MailChimp as the email marketing tool. If you have a little of web design skills, you can bring out an amazing output with it.

Use any keyword tool like Google Planner, Keyword tool, and Google hints.”

10. How do you find time to maintain a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers?

Ravi Chahar: I am a full-time blogger who works 12 to 15 hours a day. It may vary according to the work I have.

After writing the blog post for each day, I start connecting with my fellow bloggers through social media and sharing their content.

It’s not possible to comment on every blog, so I at least share their blog posts on Twitter.

Facebook has become an effective place for me. I get multiple friend request every day. And if I find the similar interests, I send it.”

11. Your three Favourite Bloggers and Blogs and why?

Ravi Chahar: Frankly speaking, I have never considered anyone as my favorite blogger. People have their own choices.

There are many reputed bloggers you can follow but everyone has his/her own blogging style.

Though I would say, Syed Balki from WPBeginnier is someone I adore the most. That guy knows what people need and he doesn’t bluff in his blog posts. “

12. Where should a Blogger focus on, a long term blog or some event blogs to make money in a shorter period?

Ravi Chahar: You can’t judge anyone on the basis of event blogging or a long lasting blogging.

Some bloggers want to make quick money whereas others want to build a solid blog which can be a social hub for all.

I would go with forging a long-lasting blog. It’s always recommended to provide the evergreen content.

Your event blogging blog will be discarded after a few months. But once you become successful in building a blog which converts, nothing can stop you.”

13. Thanks Ravi for sharing your valuable thoughts. Last but not least what is your Goal?
Interview with Ravi Chahar

Ravi Chahar: I am going to build a blog where people can find every possible solution to their WordPress blogs.

Every should remember only one name, BloggingLove – a place for WordPress bloggers.

I strongly believe in a quote “People have dreams, I have goals.” I will build India’s biggest WordPress blog.”

Navin: That sounds amazing Ravi and definitely you will, as your hard work can be seen in Blogging love. Thanks for joining us and sharing your valuable thoughts. This means a lot and truly inspiring and definitely make everyone learn out of it.

And I do believe learning is a process, which one should not stop. Every human being on the planet can teach you something.

Ravi Chahar can be reached out at Facebook, Twitter, Google+
He has a Facebook Group too, where he helps and shares his knowledge on WordPress related aspects.

Ravi Chahar's Site Built on WordPress

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8 thoughts on “An Open Interview With Ravi Chahar: Owner of”

  1. Inspirational post..motivate the new blogger and got good points for becoming full time blogger.
    great job.. keep it rocking up !!

  2. I’ve been following Ravi for years and he really has come a long way these past 2 years. His new site is amazing and he keeps on pumping out awesome content. I wasn’t surprised to see he works 12-15 hours per day on it. I was really excited for what he accomplished on LinkedIn too. Way to go Ravi!!

    • Hey Lisa, Thanks for going through the interview and glad to know that you are already following Ravi’s blog for a long time.

      It was a pleasure Interviewing Ravi, we can learn so much from the established bloggers, and yes you are right, way to go towards his goals 🙂

  3. Hey Navin,

    Glad to be here.:)

    From the last few years, I have always thought to teach people about running their blog successfully without having any technical knowledge.

    But the problem with today’s era of blogging is that people are getting confused with the bluffing factors.

    They should learn how to build their personal brand instead of searching for instant money making techniques.

    It’s good to see that people are learning. I hope my experience will help them to grow.

    Have an amazing week ahead.

  4. Hey Ravi, I have read your blog, you are writing great content. Keep doing the good work.

    I am also in favour of long term blogging. BTW nice interview, thanks Navin for interviewing Ravi.

    Happy Blogging! 🙂 🙂

    • Hey Neeraj, Thanks for landing and going through the Interview. As mentioned, a brand need to created for long term blog and obviously it’s not going to be created overnight..

      As we can see Ravi has worked really hard on his blog from past 3-4 years. Able able to achieve the success. So patience is the key. Wish you all the luck Neeraj for reaching towards you dreams, and keep visiting. 🙂


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