Review: Perfect Managed WordPress Hosting for You?

Finding good hosting is a tedious task when you have several hosting companies that promise great services. Well, here we are going to review OnRocket aka in detail, which I have been using for months now.

Rocket is a high performance managed WordPress hosting. As of now, they host only WordPress websites. If your website is on another CMS, probably this rocket review is not for you.

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Quick Introduction about is founded by and Privately Owned by Ben Gabler & Aaron Phillips, two seasoned web hosting astronauts. The intention behind this premium managed host is to provide a better user experience (UX), with faster and easy navigation of a website.

The hosting is solely focused on WordPress, so it is tailored to provide the best security and speed. No wonder, WordPress is the largest CMS around the globe.

Why you need a Managed WordPress Hosting –

Undoubtedly Managed WordPress hosting is always better than any shared hosting in the industry. And when it comes to an affordable price, there shouldn’t be any other thought of choosing it. After all your website represents your business.

Realistic WordPress Management – The WordPress CMS requires a better matching platform for optimal performance. It will decide the growth of your website/blog directly. The Rocket management team looks at the server configuration and managing WordPress at its finest.

a) Managed Hosting is Optimized for WordPress

Your optimized edge servers are built to provide guaranteed resources, edge caching, and an optimized stack that will ensure maximum performance.

  • NGNIX Caching and In-Memory Caching – Everything comes Default. The cache module, speed optimizer, powerful security module, daily backup module, essential plugins, and more things are available by default with the Rocket managed WordPress hosting.
  • Guaranteed Resources – All the essential and unheard yet informative plugins and modules were available by default which helped me skyrocket my new blog on the go.
  • Blazing Fast optimized PHP – You can switch PHP Versions (the latest one recommended for faster experience)
  • SSD Drives – I don’t have to mention, solid-state drives (SSD) brought the revolution in the storage industry for a faster experience. is equipped with SSD drives and lets the pages load faster.
  • GZIP Compression – Gzip is well known to compress data effectively.
  • Finely Tuned for WordPress

Rocket’s WordPress stack includes highly optimized PHP with access to multi-versions, access to php.ini, and isolated resources for maximum performance.

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1. Hosting Speed?

Well, I don’t have to tell you, why the loading speed of a website would matter a lot. Search engines like google say it all. A website that loads faster has several advantages.

Experiencing the managed WordPress hosting tells the people that they offer a great browsing experience for the blogs/site visitors. The speed matters a lot for website growth and it is also considered as one of the SERP’s ranking factors.

I’m excited to see the speed of one of my websites that are perfectly hosted on the cloud-based managed WordPress hosting platform. The below screenshot is the real stat of my other blog speed compiled via the GTMetrix test.

onrocket speed test

This is just after installing without not further optimization at all. The site is using all the default things offers.

Edge of the Cloud

a location where all edge the clouds interconnected with ISP’s (Internet service providers). Simultaneously, itis the same location where all CDN’s have their footprints, and to be closer to the end-uses. Hence, faster load times to them, better UX.

OnRocket aka role is to utilize the same footprints and move your WordPress content closer to every single user or reader, without being on their personal network. Make sense right? Multi-Terabit Network

These are faster than the public cloud experience. Simultaneously, rocket has 20+ Edge locations, directly Connected to Visitors

  • North America Edge Locations – Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  • Europe Edge Locations – Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London
  • Australia Edge Location – Sydney
  • Asia Edge Location – Tokyo

Enhanced CDN Performance

CDN and dynamic cache. I haven’t installed any other caching plugin in addition. As I think, it isn’t required anymore as offers brotli compression and a premium default CDN.

rocket cdn

You might have observed in the screenshots already the page size has been reduced to just 569KB and 53 external requests(which can be optimized further too). But, I am good with it, as the homepage loads in less than 1 second, that is incredible.

Server Response time

Well, is on edge cloud servers. You have already checked the speed test above. It’s because of several reasons that let the server respond so quickly.

I performed an online test, and here is the result, the server is responding within 2-3 milliseconds in most of the locations my target audience is. Which is incredible and I was totally got astonished looking at it.

onrocket server response

I have been used, several hosting as of now, for my sites and my clients but the response time was never been the same.

2. Security Matters

WordPress security matters for everyone. As being WordPress’s largest CMS, the website made on WordPress are always the primary target for hackers. Despite that, everyone wants to create a website on WordPress because of its flexibility.

Although, the security things can be dealt with from your backend with multiple techniques. Not rocket science at all. Need not worry about security if you are hosted with, As everything comes default to strengthen the security level for your website.

a complete website security suite, with no headaches of sites being hacked or investing more money on the premium security plugins. Rocket made it easier, as everything comes default, secure and keep you away from hackers reach,

Secure File AccessWebsite Firewall (WAF)
Key Based AccessMalware Scanning
Unlimited SFTP UsersFast Malware Patching
Web-Based File ManagerAutomated Bot Protection
Multi-User ControlsWeak Password Prevention
Brute-Force Protected

3. Elegant Dashboard

The dashboard is important navigation for taking the necessary action faster. The dashboard is pretty clean and awesome. It is user-friendly and could be accessed without any issue as well. Simple and elegant. Perfect UI.

onrocket dashboard
  • Launch WordPress – You can easily add your new site within very few steps
  • One-Click Staging – Create a clone of your website or redesign or try out new themes and plugins without affecting the live site. Once satisfied make it live.
  • Manage Users – Easily manage all the users right from the Dashboard
  • Usage Analytics – Check most of the important analytics like visitors, bandwidth and disk usage, CDN, etc.
  • Manage Files – Managing files could never be easier than this.
  • Access Support – while running out of any issue, you can open a ticket, chat from the dashboard. They respond in very few minutes.

No. of sites hosted in the dashboard and the visitors it’s receiving. Apart from that, you can also find the disk usage and the bandwidth too.

You can also manage the site configuration from there right itself, show in the image. Simultaneously, also navigate to the wp-admin dashboard.

One-click Staging

Staging is something, which people are loving these days. And why this allows bloggers and webmasters to try new themes, plugins and redesign the website layout which affects the live site.

one-click staging

Rocket provides one click staging, which creates a clone within few seconds. Which is a helpful feature for the people who kept on trying new things.

  • Trying New Themes
  • Duplicate your site
  • Try out New plugins
  • Redesigning your websites

That means, you have a full control over your all sites, right from the rocket dashboard.

4. Fast Support and Ticket resolutions

I am surprised to see the customer support response. It looks pretty easy to connect with them without any hassle. The live chat support that they offer on their website seems to be faster than I thought.

support ticket onrocket

I got the response quickly without any wait and all the queries are answered by the owners themselves. Yes, it’s Ben Gabler. This is the must-have facility for a managed WordPress hosting. They deserve it.

Now you might understand the quality of support you will get as the owner itself are taking care of it.

5. Rocket Hosting Pricing

Whenever a person thinks about the managed WordPress hosting, he/she might be stuck with the huge pricing info. Contrary to that, I was happy to see the Rocket pricing info as they offered at a very affordable cost.

It is a reliable and affordable cloud-based WP hosting as per my choice. And starts for as low as $25 with premium customer support. Rocket Managed hosting is easily scalable to the next level with a simple lossless upgrade.

Install Sites131025
Monthly Visits250,000 Visits1,000,000 Visits2,500,000 Visits5,000,000 Visits
Storage10GB Storage20GB Storage40GB Storage50GB Storage
Free CDNYesYesYesYes
Web App FirewallYesYesYesYes
Edge NetworkYesYesYesYes
Brotli CompressionYesYesYesYes

Whom OnRocket Aka Hosting is For?

It is a power-packed hosting solution for any website or blog which requires more power.

  • a start-up website – WordPress is great for small-scale businesses, and makes the journey even easier by making things default. No complication like VPS servers, where you need to manage all on your own. Managed WordPress hosting is great for all scaled businesses.
  • an intermediate or advanced level blogger – Who has more than one website and receives a lot of traffic or probably expecting it.

Doesn’t matter what traffic you receive on your website, the hosting is capable to handle all of the real-time traffic with ease. Thanks to their powerful and optimal servers. Coupon codes

Yes, you can save more money using the onrocket coupon codes while purchasing this powerful managed WordPress hosting.

You can go for a 1-month trial or 3 months at a 50% discount and also a flat 25% discount on annual plans to save more.

Special LinkCoupon
1-month trial account at $1 onlyTry For a MonthQUESTIONCAGE
50% Discount on First 3 months3 months @ 50% DiscountQUESTIONCAGE50
25% Discount – any Annual plansGet Annual PlanQUESTIONCAGE25

Investing on this powerful WordPress hosting is worth of every penny. I had their yearly plan to save more started loving the performance. If you still have some confusions, you can always go with their 1month or 3month plan.

Wrapping Up

I recommend people to choose such cloud-based managed WordPress hosting for their next/existing blogging project.

Even the business could be erected up online with the managed WP hosting without any issue. It is a wise choice to test out managed hosting these days to win the race.

Recently, I have chosen Rocket managed cloud WordPress hosting for one of my blogs and found it very much productive.

Affilaite Disclaimer - The post you are reading might contain few affiliate links, that states if you buy any product clicking on those links I may receive a small commission out of it, no additional cost to you at all. This way you are helping me running this site effectively. I share unbiased view-point from my personal experience. Full Disclaimer

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