Best SoundCloud Promotion Tips For Better Reach

With the year almost out, we decided to revisit the various promotion strategies that the members of the SoundCloud community employed over the course.

What got them the most recognition?

What helped their sound reach out to all sides of the world?

Sit back and read through this nifty little throwback guide to find out!

We singled out and covered four of the most popular and most effective promotional strategies that peaked in use throughout the year.

Maybe you have already employed some of them, maybe this is your first time thinking about them, but either way they are tried and tested ways to boost your SoundCloud presence and reputation!

They had each other’s back despite being in the same niche

It may sound a little counterintuitive, the idea of cooperating with people who are essentially your rival, but this relatively new method of promotion has really taken up the pace over the past year.

Artists have taken to following each other online, which caused their own fans to discover the people whom they follow, and they would even recommend to the fans to subscribe to someone else’s content and support a particular individual or group.

This results in a vastly larger number of plays for everyone involved, as well as bringing about a massive increase in everybody’s fan base.

It also allows people to boost their reputation and earn new badges on the platform. You can see those badges at this link.

soundcloud promotion

Employ Power of social media for Greater Reach

Maybe you got onto SoundCloud because you did not feel like wasting your time on Facebook videos, and that is perfectly fine. However, keep in mind that social media platforms are a treasure trove for gathering followers, and the best promoters showed us that.

Social media enables you to reach large numbers of people within minutes, and you can always get your friends in on it to help you spread some good word of mouth about your music.

One important thing is to be regular when it comes to doing online live performances and executing giveaways of your merch, coupons, and the like.

Also, following their example, take the time to make sure that your content is available on several different platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, or even Instagram.

SoundCloud marketing systems on and off the platform

If you are consistently good at what you do and if you maintain the quality of your content, then you can rely on the platform’s inbuilt marketing services.

For this purpose, you would need to join the pro group, and keep in mind that you would need to do the whole thing yourself, from start to finish: establishing your target audience, finding target platforms, sharing the information on your play data, coming up with marketing strategies, and running your own promotions and social media campaigns.

Alternatively, you could save yourself some effort and use a professional service, such as Buy Plays Fast, to help you achieve those goals.

Sound marketing plans in place

Even if you rely on SoundCloud’s ow integrated systems if you are smart, and if you are serious about promoting your art and your potential business, then you will follow the example set by the most effective promoters this year and approach this like a real-life corporate situation devising a good marketing plan, and sticking to it while keeping it sufficiently flexible, is one of the key steps you will have to learn how to take on your road to success.

If you would like to learn more about developing an awesome marketing plan, go to this page: 

When it comes to SoundCloud specifically, you would need to find all of the programs, concerts, and online live performances that are related to your kind of music.

Attend everything you possibly can, an also make an effort to actively participate in them whenever you have the possibility.

Never be afraid to show off your talents and skills. One particularly popular approach this year was teaming up with other musicians and singers, even outside of your primary genre, to make a concert or event of your own.

This allowed people to set up truly large stage spaces and provided unique recordings which were then uploaded to social media or other relevant sites, increasing both the popularity of a given track and the overall reputation of its creators and/ or performers.

Will any of this SoundCloud Promotion matters

Yes, absolutely! Of course, as we all know, trends are changed around like dirty socks, and promotional strategies have to keep shapeshifting to follow after them.

Luckily, though, the four points we discussed above are essentially timeless and forever effective.

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