What is SEO and How SEO Works?

SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is being applied to drive traffic from the search engines.

Puzzled …? Brain Stormed …? Too much of SEO SEO SEO…!!!

Agreed right ?… it’s very common, the same kind of feeling everyone has in their initial days.

In this article, I will be covering make it clear to your what is SEO and how it works.

It’s essential to know how the searches work and how search engines react to it.

I will make it simple here to understand Search Engine Optimization closely. Because doing something without knowledge of the basics would not make any sense.

So, go slow and learn what are all the Google Ranking factors and build a strategy accordingly. Remember you should be clear, what you are doing.

'Crawling in the right Direction is better than running towards the wrong one'Click To Tweet

Hit the right spot and help you to rank your web pages in search engine for any keywords.

If you are avoiding it, then you are playing with your hard work by just writing too many articles.

What is SEO and How it Works

Driving maximum traffic to your blog could only be possible by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The web traffic which comes through such search engines to your website/blogs called as organic traffic.

Saying traffic means when someone visits your website from another source. It could be,

  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Other Blogs

From where ever your website URL placed effectively, that will drive traffic to your website.

You need to put your effort to bring traffic from all the sources. All are part of SEO and helps in increasing the rankings.

But, traffic from search engines tends to bring high-paying clients to compare to Social Media and any other.

Conversions chances are extremely high because people are actually searching for it.

So to make all this happen we need to optimize our web pages. And this optimization is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How SEO Works?

If we need to get this into simple words. Then we can describe SEO is a process to position our blog or websites to the high rank (probably on the first page of Search Engines) for the specific keywords.

It is every blogger dream, that their pages to be at the top in the search engines. And in order to do this, there are some proper rules of SEO, again don’t think it will happen overnight.

Two kinds of SEO: Best SEO Tips

SEO Flow chart On page SEO – This process is being executed by following the On page rules made by the Search Engine. Saying On Page means whatever SEO rules we follow in the inner web page itself.

There are several rules to do so. We have already described in one of the articles in detail 10 On page SEO points which makes you found in Search Engines. Please go through it.

OFF Page SEO The SEO technique which is performed on the outer web pages, that is Off-Page SEO. There are plenty of aspects to take on to complete this action. A detailed explanation of Off Page Optimization is already done earlier.

Now if you have read the article in detail about OnPage SEO and  OffPage SEO, so now let us get into some more detail and categories of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On page and Off Page SEO Has Three Categories

Let us know the difference in short here.

Basics Of SEO
Source: SearchEngineWatch.com

1. White Hat SEO – This is always considered as a good SEO and highly recommended if you are looking for a long run.

Stay away from the shortcuts as white hat SEO is used for a long-term, it is slow but the results will be permanent.

By using this technique we are following the rules of Search Engines instead manipulating it.

White hat techniques are used to improve the Search Engine Rankings.

So how do we follow this technique?

  • Posted content on the blog/website would be good in terms of quality.
  • Website script Optimization (HTML script should be optimized)
  • Linking our content to some high-quality websites etc.

2. Black Hat SEO – Using this technique, we are not following the rules intending by the search engines. We are completely violating search engines guidelines.

Following Black Hat might give good results initially, but it will not last for a long time. As it is completely unpredictable. And definitely not good at for a long run.

Black Hat SEO Techniques like when someone spams the links, Hidden texts or hidden links, Stuffing too many keywords in the posts etc,  and more.

3. Gray Hat SEO – Grey Hat SEO is a combination of both White Hat and Black Hat. In fact, the name “Gray hat SEO” itself tells the story.

Following this actually we are violating some SEO guidelines and we are following some.

Until and unless the Gray Hat SEO is being dealt with an SEO Professional it is fine. Many companies use this technique, under an SEO Expert supervision to rank their website as sooner as possible to get into the business.

Gray Hat SEO techniques are like buying Links, Paid Advertisements, Duplicate Content, etc.

Creating this article is to understand the concept of SEO in short. I hope this could be helpful to get a proper vision and to realize where to focus on.

I personally recommend White Hat SEO if you are looking for a long run in blogging, trust me following the white SEO rules we will make us learn a lot in-depth and it will be interesting.

As a journey without the process of learning is pointless.

Understanding the actual concept will make you a professional blogger. Though SEO is a huge topic to talk about and several aspects involved in it. And, that might be the reason, it could be confusing understanding its basic concepts. Here is an awesome resource of SEO for Beginners, which would help you digging further and establish yourself in this online arena.

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